U.S. sends strongly-worded ‘Media Note’ on Russian military actions in Syria

Interesting times.

Obama smirkNow we’re finally deploying the big guns.

We’ve had six weeks of fruitless palaver as Russia built up a military force in Syria, and 48 hours of misdirection and excuse-making from the White House, as Russia put the military force to work bombing non-ISIS targets – some of them linked to U.S.-backed rebels.

When was the joke going to end, and the American response start?  Even some Obama supporters were starting to get nervous.

So it’s a relief to see the administration finally taking decisive action.

Lest you suspect this might not be an actual thing, it’s posted at the State Department website here.

On a serious note, I doubt I need to explain to anyone how very weak and meaningless this gesture is.  But let’s take the trouble to consider one aspect of it, at least.

There is nothing to indicate that the sentiments expressed in the note were conveyed, in diplomatic channels, to Russia.

When you expect your objections to make a difference, it’s customary to present them officially to the nation that’s doing what you don’t want.  You then tell the people you’re responsible to – i.e., the people who elected you – that you’ve done it.

If that has happened in this case, there’s no evidence of it.

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4 thoughts on “U.S. sends strongly-worded ‘Media Note’ on Russian military actions in Syria”

  1. Substantial movement of loony-Sunni (Daesh, Nursa, al-Qaeda, etc, etc, etc,) into Anbar province and SW Turkish holding pens to avoid coming ground offensive by pro-Assad coalition. No word on whether the Daraa lunatics started fleeing to Jordan (or Israel), but some report @500 have surrendered there in exchange for amnesty.

    It’s a great month for civilization (if this keeps up).

  2. OT, forgive me, but I caught some ‘wise’ comments about your piece on the hospital attack Afghanistan and just wanted to lift your spirits a little. (can’t comment there so…)

    You know I’m not particularly in favor of girls in the trenches (I’m ok with girls in the military), but just to show my appreciation for all your service, enjoy the following (view top search result video pls):

    I love a girl in uniform (ok, except maybe for an Iranian one 🙂 )

    Keep up the good work commander, despite our FP differences, at base, I know we’re on the same page. Chin up!

  3. Recent YouGov poll show majority of Americans (mostly Republicans) favor cooperating with Russia to fight ISIS. The Obama administration has ruled it out, Ash Carter confirmed that today claiming Russian strategy is flawed. Flawed, I guess, since it’s also targeting “scholars” like Abdallah al-Muhaysini in ildib (read about him at the Syria Comment website, Tues. 0ctober 6, 2015 run by Prof. Landis). A true. innocent. freedom loving saint, that one is.

    See YouGov poll results at:


    We are in trouble.

    I hope I don’t have to insert the words, ‘real’ ‘big’, between ‘in’ and ‘trouble’.

  4. Although there are certain assertions that I would contest, most points are on the mark here:


    Read it and weep, ye last remnants of what was formerly called ‘the West’ (myself included of course).

    Don’t forget to house a ‘refugee’ family (that, by pure coincidence, usually consists of four able bodied 20 to 30 year old Muslim males), in your kids, away at college, and now spare, bedroom.

    God, I pray Vova wins this one…..

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