Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | September 11, 2015

Legal bombshell? Obamacare case may enable Congress to sue Obama over Iran ‘deal’

House GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy (Majority Leader), Steve Scalise (Majority Whip), and Speaker John Boehner. (Image via Politico)

House GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy (Majority Leader), Steve Scalise (Majority Whip), and Speaker John Boehner. (Image via Politico)

On Thursday, Senate Democrats blocked cloture on debate over the resolution to disapprove the non-deal Iran “deal,” or JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action).

The Senate is effectively hamstrung.  As of now, no Senate vote is foreseeable on the disapproval resolution.  The mainstream media are visibly crowing over this as a big win for Obama.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell has vowed to push for a vote again next week.  But there’s no reason at this point to think the outcome will be any different.  Obama has the votes to prevent cloture in the Senate; he needs 41 and has 42.  The vote on the disapproval resolution itself doesn’t look like it will be happening.

(McConnell could invoke the so-called “nuclear option,” and have a simple majority of Republicans change the rule for cloture on this one cloture vote.  In that case, he could reach cloture with a simple majority, instead of needing 60 votes to force a floor vote on the disapproval resolution.  McConnell has consistently deflected calls for that tactic, however.)

A legal option?

But what if, as Lori Lowenthal Marcus outlines, Congress could stall the entire process with a lawsuit arguing that the 60-day clock for Congress to deliberate on the JCPOA never started – because Obama failed to provide all of the relevant documents on the JCPOA’s implementation?

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  1. Question: what keeps you optimistic, OptimisticConservative?

    • Two things, Stalwart Sam: Faith in God, and recognition that the principles we can be successful with haven’t changed.

      Freedom for people of character still works, and we need more of it, not less. That won’t ever change.

      It’s actually a tremendous advantage, knowing what our objective needs to be. Courage and will are frequently problems in the short term, but we don’t have to wonder about the best way to do the important things.

      I wrote when I first started this blog about what “Optimistic conservatism” means to me. It doesn’t mean a Pollyanna attitude about what ails us, as if we can ignore it or be unrealistic.

      It means knowing that if we’ll do the things that work, they’ll work. Here’s the old post, from six and a half years ago…

  2. And thank you for stopping by. 🙂

    Feel free to join us over at Liberty Unyielding, where I do most of my interacting now.

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