Trump jumps shark with insane comment about McCain’s military service


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Gaahhhh.  Feh.  OMG.  No he didn’t.

But…yes, unfortunately — inevitably? — he did.

Trump managed to implode faster than, well, something that implodes really fast.  Come up with your own analogies.  (Post them in the comments section and we’ll have a contest.)

After riding the crest of a wave for three weeks, speaking for Mr. and Mrs. Joe America on the subject of out-of-hand illegal immigration, Trump crashed and burned in Iowa, lobbing a few seconds’ worth of campaign-ending trash talk at John McCain.

Daniel Halper had the story at Weekly Standard (h/t: Hot Air):

Speaking today in Iowa, Donald Trump attacked John McCain for being a former prisoner of war.

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One thought on “Trump jumps shark with insane comment about McCain’s military service”

  1. Trump was heard whispering in private conversation that “John McCain’s only real accomplishments were not successfully completing his mission and losing a million dollar asset (Skyhawk dive bomber) in the process.” Yet to be confirmed.

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