Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | July 19, 2015

Trump jumps shark with insane comment about McCain’s military service

(Image via

(Image via

Gaahhhh.  Feh.  OMG.  No he didn’t.

But…yes, unfortunately — inevitably? — he did.

Trump managed to implode faster than, well, something that implodes really fast.  Come up with your own analogies.  (Post them in the comments section and we’ll have a contest.)

After riding the crest of a wave for three weeks, speaking for Mr. and Mrs. Joe America on the subject of out-of-hand illegal immigration, Trump crashed and burned in Iowa, lobbing a few seconds’ worth of campaign-ending trash talk at John McCain.

Daniel Halper had the story at Weekly Standard (h/t: Hot Air):

Speaking today in Iowa, Donald Trump attacked John McCain for being a former prisoner of war.

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  1. Trump was heard whispering in private conversation that “John McCain’s only real accomplishments were not successfully completing his mission and losing a million dollar asset (Skyhawk dive bomber) in the process.” Yet to be confirmed.

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