Nuke talks: Why Iran doesn’t need or want an actual deal

Peace in our time.

Obama MunichThere have been some excellent editorial pieces written in the past week on the nuclear negotiations in Vienna.  As is to be expected, given that the “deal” gets worse by the day, they are uniformly pessimistic; see Melanie Phillips, for example (apologies for the paywall), along with Charles Krauthammer and Joseph Klein.

Informative articles raise troubling questions about any potential “deal,” like “The Secret Side of the Iran Nuclear Deal” (Eli Lake and Josh Rogin).  Clauses in the “deal” that will never be made public are not a reassuring feature.

That’s especially the case when Obama and Kerry are claiming that they are ready to walk away from a bad deal, while at the same time the Obama administration is preparing to put intense political pressure on Democrats – calling up a Soros-funded dark money group, in fact, as an arm-twister – to back Obama’s play.  Administrations don’t usually anticipate having to put political guns to people’s heads for good deals.

Indeed, the full-court press on Congressional Democrats while talks have been extended (again) and there still is no “deal” – not even a scare-quote facsimile of a deal – makes Team Obama look pretty darned determined to ram something through, as opposed to looking principled and ready to walk away.

The Iranians aren’t fooled, in any case, by the Obama-Kerry claims of being willing to walk away.

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