ISIS promptly outflanks Obama’s new strategy, neutralizes Syrian opposition

Overexposed and undermanned.

Iraqis flock to ISIS during conquests earlier this summer. (Image via Tea Party Tribune)
Iraqis flock to ISIS during conquests earlier this summer. (Image via Tea Party Tribune)

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One thought on “ISIS promptly outflanks Obama’s new strategy, neutralizes Syrian opposition”

  1. J.E.: you are so right about this it is depressing. And since President Obama used the word “Somalia” in his speech, perhaps the circumstances warrant the following question: how long will it be until the enemy gets to our forces in Erbil, causing us to abandon a half-hearted and ill-conceived mission ? Once again, will it prove necessary for there to be just one downed helicopter ? Or a suicide bomber ? IED ?

    If this happens, as in Somalia, it will be because an American leader did not set his sights high enough. And that is exactly the message President Obama gave by equating his current intentions with US activities in Yemen and the Horn of Africa: a counter-terrorism operation on the back-burner. Micro-managed from the White House. Film at 11.

    Clearly, the President and his advisers -at least those who have read the script and can follow it – are taking pains to discourage expectations that there will soon be a bombing campaign throughout Iraq and Syria. At the same time, the very purpose of their public statements has been to encourage expectations for some sort of decisive action by the United States. And hence, as my old contracts professor used to say, their pronouncements point firmly in both directions.

    What we can expect at the least, therefore, is that this mission will fail, for the measures to be taken in support of it can at a glance be seen to fall short of what is needed to deal with the problem at hand, which is, the Syrian civil war and the breakup of Iraq.

    I conclude therefore, that US actions will not substantially effect the outcome of these struggles.

    Look you to the future, and see what you see.

    R/s TPH

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