Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | July 2, 2014

BREAKING: Protesters in southern California block arrival of illegals


On the front line in SoCal. (Image: Desert Sun)

On the front line in SoCal. (Image: Desert Sun)

New post up at Liberty Unyielding.  Enjoy!


  1. J.E., do you know who (if anyone) organized the protest? Was it spontaneous like Benghazi? (ha, tongue in cheek) I heard nothing of this until I read about it today. We need an email blast or flash text alert that gets 1,500 there within an hour. I would have showed up. Know of any groups with lists I/we could join? We need citizen action and mobilization because the fight we have is not only on the border but with our anti-American President.

  2. Welcome, cogitarus. I don’t know who organized the protest, although I don’t think it was just spontaneous. I knew yesterday was the day the first busloads of illegals were supposed to go to the BP station in Murrieta, and was checking online for updates throughout the afternoon. That’s how I found the first reports, about an hour and a half before the LA and SD news affiliates started reporting on the protest.

    There’s a townhall meeting scheduled in Murrieta this evening. The city website says it’s at 6:30 at Murrieta Mesa High School. It will undoubtedly be packed to the rafters and I’m not sure I’ll be able to get in, but I’ll try to go.

    The Temecula Murrieta Tea Party is pretty robust; I’ve covered some of their rallies in the past. If they were connected with the protest yesterday, however, it wasn’t overtly.

    Incidentally, later reporting estimated the number of protesters at more like 300 (as opposed to 150).

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