Strategic coalition forming: Russia providing ground attack jets to Iraq

Peace in our time.


Su-24 in professional pose. (Image: Reuters, Shamil Zhumatov)
Su-24 in professional pose. (Image: Reuters, Shamil Zhumatov)

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One thought on “Strategic coalition forming: Russia providing ground attack jets to Iraq”

  1. Looks al lot like an FB-111, and I will bet flies a lot like one, and drops bombs a lot like one, which is probably not coincidental. Let us hope in this case that it proves to be more reliable than the 111, which as you may know, had a record of dropping out of the skies in its early years – usually over Thailand.

    Buying old Russian products is the quickest way for Irag to reconstitute its air force. One has to wonder, therefore, why the al Maliki government did not decide to do this sooner. Obviously, there is a foreign policy dimension to the decision, as his comments made clear. Or should a I say policy dimensions, given its many implications.

    The first to note is a parting of the ways with the United States. And one must ask whether we should not all have seen it coming, and why. Clearly, if the Obama administration had wanted Iraq to have an air force, and sooner, rather than later, it could have seen that it happened. Obviously, it did not. But it also clearly did not care strongly enough to oppose the F-16 contract. No doubt it was happy about that consolation prize for Lockheed Martin.

    I for one, as previously stated, would wish that they had had an air force years ago, so that they could be pressured to stop Iranian shipments to Syria. No chance of that now, I guess.

    As for the future, now look for ISIS to take a back seat to Sunni allies it has gained, in order to avoid the bombs that are about to fly.

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