*UPDATE* Sonasoft, IRS email contractor; Lerner email connection fades, Obama link remains

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Diabola ex machina.
Diabola ex machina.

New post up at Liberty Unyielding.  Enjoy!

*UPDATE*:  Sonasoft posted a statement on its website on Tuesday evening (about an hour ago as of this update posting), in which it clarifies three important things.

1.  The company never had access to or stored or otherwise manipulated IRS emails.  IRS emails were handled and stored at all times on servers in IRS facilities which were not managed or maintained by Sonasoft representatives.

Comment:  This is what I assumed to be the case (see discussion in the comments section), and what reader NW Conservative, among others, affirmed.

2.  Sonasoft’s contract was with one division of the IRS, the Office of Counsel.  According to Sonasoft:

“In regards to the IRS as one of Sonasoft’s customers, it is true that one Division within the IRS was Sonasoft’s customer from 2005 to 2011,” clarified Andy Khanna. “This Division was the IRS Counsel. The main branch of the IRS did not use Sonasoft’s software for its operations…”

Comment:  This would mean that Sonasoft’s services were not implicated in the email archiving practices that may or may not have affected Lois Lerner’s emails.

3.  The IRS Office of Counsel used Sonasoft’s email replication software, SonaExchange.  Sonasoft did not provide archiving software under the IRS contract.  Sonasoft again:

“To further clarify, no Division within IRS ever used Sonasoft’s email archiving software. Only a Division within the IRS used any Sonasoft product and that was our email replication software, not our archiving or backup software. ”, said Andy Khanna.

Comment:  Fair enough.  Looks like the Sonasoft inquiry may be a dry hole in terms of figuring out who did what with the Lerner emails.

That said, it is absolutely classic that investigating the Sonasoft tip turned up an Obama crony connection anyway.   There’s one under every rock.

2 thoughts on “*UPDATE* Sonasoft, IRS email contractor; Lerner email connection fades, Obama link remains”

  1. The whole Sonasoft thing might be a red herring. I think I heard Koskinen say the backup contract was with the Office of Chief Counsel. Lerner’s operation, exempt organizations, was not part of Chief Counsel. Chief Counsel is a small, semi-autonomous office that is more or less independent of the Commissioner. Lerner worked under the Commissioner, not the Chief Counsel. I used to work at the IRS many years ago, so I understand the structure. Chief Counsel may have very well had their own servers separate from those of the IRS.

    1. Elmo Glick — thanks for the comment. I was researching this earlier, and then Sonasoft very helpfully came out this evening with a press release clarifying what the company’s relationship was with the IRS. I’ve updated the post at Liberty Unyielding, and include the update in its entirety, with the link to Sonasoft’s statement, in the main post above.

      Again, thanks for posting your observation.

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