Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | June 15, 2014

Team Obama: ‘It’s too politically sensitive’ to evacuate the U.S. embassy in Baghdad


Awfully interested in victory over Americans, ISIS is. (Image via MEMRI, from ISIS rally after the fall of Mosul)

Awfully interested in victory over Americans, ISIS is. (Image via MEMRI, from ISIS rally after the fall of Mosul)

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  1. This is most troubling. And I think you are right. The Administration is now sensitive to criticism – overly so, if you ask me, and is more concerned than it should be that its actions, past, present, and future, be seen in a good light. I have had a feeling for some time that this is what drives decision making in the White House, as if the results of the upcoming midterm election were really all that matters to it. Hence the posturing, the hesitation, the reluctance to act, and the emphasis on making bullet proof public statements.

    What do I mean by “posturing” ? Well here are three presidential examples from recent history. To paraphrase:

    1. ‘It is my considered judgment that American interests would not be served by becoming militarily involved in the Syrian civil war. But if the Assad regime were to resort to the use of chemical weapons, that would be another thing.’

    2. ‘I believe it is time to arm Syrian rebels, and I look forward to working with Congress to see that this is done.’ [suppressed laughter]

    3. ‘The United States is prepared to come to the aid of Iraq militarily, provided Prime Minister al Maliki will form a “national unity government”.

    A national unity government consisting of what, may I ask ? Those mp’s who showed up for his last quorum call, when he asked parliament to convene to approve emergency measures ? Or just him and Moktada al Sadr, talking on the phone ??

    Posturing is when you take up a position for appearances sake, to which you have no commitment. These three instances, I believe, fit the description.

    Conversely, the Obama administration is loath to evacuate the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. That is a dreadful idea, is it not ? It has dreadful connotations and conjures up unhappy historical parallels. But it is time this be done, and in the White House situation room, they know this, if for no other reason than to give all these hundreds of State Department employees something useful to do, while Iraq is torn apart. And so, they have done this, and called it a “prudent reassignment”.

    What all these people will be doing in Amman, Basra, and Irbil, I have no idea. But then, I have no idea what they were doing in Baghdad, in the first place. Working on the F-16 project, I guess, and things like that. Maybe trying to get al Maliki to “form a national unity government”.

    Why did we have the largest foreign embassy of any country in all the world, and in Baghdad, in the first place ? Because it was the most productive and useful place to do business; or the least ?

    So yes, I agree. Get all those people out except the Ambassador and his essential staff, a cook, an electrician, and a regiment of Marines. You see, we should not just throw it away. It cost a lot to build.

    And while I am on that subject, if there is any point to defending any American assets, interests, or individuals remaining in Iraq, then perhaps some thought ought to be given to taking and defending Balad Air Base, since this is a facility critical to everything we have sought to achieve in Iraq since withdrawal of our forces.

    (I can just see ISIS fighters rifling through F-16 service manuals and computer guides.)

    I am willing to bet that President Obama and his advisors are sorely tempted to do this. But what would they then say ??


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