Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | April 25, 2014

Naval round-up as peace continues to break out all over

New post up at Liberty Unyielding. Enjoy!


  1. Good news, I guess. Thanks.

    I see no reason to question the reliability of the news report that Adm. Kuznetsov is returning to its home base in the Arctic, in light of its attribution to a formal announcement by a Russian naval Captain.

    Good luck and a safe voyage to it. I hope it does not have any trouble like it did on the way down.

    By the way, I wonder if you or any of your friends have viewed the “You Tube” video of its progress south in the North Sea, taken from the bridge, with a view aft to its flight deck, and trailing destroyer escort.

    It is worth noting for a few reasons.

    First, it is not an official release. It is merely a casual posting by a seaman. That may mean something to you. Its says something to me about how casual service may be at times in the Russian Navy. You can hear the seamen chatting away complacently in the backround over the muted roar of gale force winds.

    Second is the fact that the video is not really of the carrier itself. It is of the destroyer, laboring to keep up with it in the heavy head-long seas of a terrible North Sea storm. It is really harrowing to watch, as the poor ship plunges deep in to the oncoming swells and rises out of them, struggling to make headway. This is a real testament to the courage and fortitude of Russian sailors.

    Thirdly, note all the black smoke coming down from the stack of the Kuznetsov and barreling aft down the flight deck. I thought I read somewhere that it had had a conversion back some years ago to natural gas powered engines. Good gas powered engines or turbines do not make smoke. They are supposed to burn clean. Maybe I am wrong about this. Maybe that conversion never occurred. Or maybe they kept the old engines as a back up. In any case, it seems that this ship still burns fuel oil.

    Your discussion of the geopolitical implications of its movements require no comment. You have said it all.

    As for that ocean-going tug, I can come up with only one rational theory. The next joint exercise being planned by the Russian Navy is with the Cubans and the Iranians. In the Gulf of Mexico. And the tug has already been stationed there, in case any ship should suffer a breakdown. Either that, or there is a Russian submarine already operating in the area. They have been known to break down. Or call it, as you say, another operationally inept demonstration of political intent.

    New London, NH

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