TOC radio interview with “Talking Treason”; audio link

TOC radio spot.

Readers, I had the pleasure of doing a radio segment on the 17th with Kender MacGowan and Mike Kilgore of “Talking Treason” online radio, in which we discussed the Bundy ranch standoff and several other topics (including the Iranian warships).  A great pair of liberty warriors, and a great time had by all.

Audio of the 17 April broadcast is now available here.  My segment starts just after the 21-minute mark.  Enjoy!

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  1. I loved your article in Liberty Unyielding about the solar industry’s link to the Bundy ranch. I’m glad you clarified and debunked the Chinese connection which unfortunately is still widely disseminated in alternate media. I wish you would research and write about the land grab that has been going on in Clark County NV which is mirrored in many other places across the US but which seems to be specially aggressive in that stretch of land in southern NV. The fact that 51 out of 52 cattle ranchers have been run out of business there, and the Bundys are the last ones standing is well known. What I have not been able to find, other than a couple of anecdotal references, is more specific info on the fate of those other ranchers, the circumstances of their livelihoods’ demise, the subsequent court cases they obviously lost, etc. I have heard many other things like the BLM buying the ranchers out (after regulating them to death), irregularities with the titles to the lands surrounding the BLM owned land in the Bunkerville area, Harry Reid buying a lot of land in that area, the BLM and Clark County buying water rights all over the area, etc. but I don’t know what truth there is behind all these rumors. If you don’t have the time to tackle this subject I wonder if you could point me to sources of information where I could verify or debunk some of these rumors. Thanks!

  2. Jose Zapatero — welcome, and my apologies for the delay in responding to you.

    I was working over the last week on the post below, which I think starts to answer some of your questions. They were my questions too, and I was able to dig some things up in the course of researching the question of how, exactly, environmental regulatory policy has been encroaching on property rights.

    The pattern of assault by the regulators and activists has been repeated in different parts of the country. I really labored to keep the focus on Clark County, and specifically, the area of the Bundy Ranch. As you’ll see in the post, I was able to find some good, if general, documentation of the process that was kicked off by the desert tortoise designation (as a threatened species) in 1990. There’s a rough tally of the number of ranchers whose grazing rights were actually bought out.

    There will be a part III post in which I look at some of the Harry Reid connections. There may never be a way to get to the bottom of them all. Reid is kind of a systemic virus in Nevada. He’s under every rock. It really is kind of amazing. In researching it, you learn quickly that it will pay off to just look for a connection between whatever the topic is and Harry Reid.

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