The “Half-McNamara”: Russian attack jet buzzes U.S. Navy destroyer


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One thought on “The “Half-McNamara”: Russian attack jet buzzes U.S. Navy destroyer”

  1. Thank you for this informative and well reasoned analysis. Taking the point you have made regarding the broad question of strategic interests as my point of departure, I would have this to add.

    It is not clear to me that the Obama administration finds there to be any strategic interests implicated by recent events in the Middle East and Ukraine.

    What we are doing in the Black Sea, I do not know. What I would like to know is this: how does the Obama administration feel about the Mediterranean Sea as an area of strategic importance, and what has it done recently to advance U.S. interests there ? And by the way, where is the Admiral Kuznetsov now ?

    The Russian navy runs bi-weekly supply missions to Syria.

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