Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | April 2, 2014

Change coming to TOC

Eagle light 2Treasured readers, it is with tremendous regret that I announce a suspension of posting here at TOC.  The blogging won’t stop, but there’s a formatting problem, introduced by a recent change in the WordPress software, which is making it all but impossible for me to post items here.  I haven’t been able to fully gauge how hard the squirrels are running in the background at WordPress to do something about this.  But for now, there’s just too much work involved in posting at TOC.  I literally have to go through and reformat everything in a post, from italics and bold to hyperlinks and font.

What I hope loyal subscribers will do is visit Liberty Unyielding to see my posts over there.  You’ll see the same posts from me, along with posts from a dozen other fine bloggers, including my old Hot Air/Green Room co-conspirators Howard Portnoy, Libby Sternberg, and Jeff Dunetz (“Yid with Lid”), along with Renee Nal of Tavernkeepers, the excellent legal-issues blogger Hans Bader, and social-issue mavens Joe Newby, Myra Adams, and T. Kevin Whiteman. We’ve even added some new voices in the last few weeks.   Over at LU, I post occasionally in the “Quick Takes” section, along with the longer blog items you see here at TOC (which will be under “Latest Columns”).  I manage the “Around the Web” headlines for LU during the evening hours as well.  Come check us out.

(Don’t be daunted by the Disqus comments software at LU, BTW.  If you haven’t used it before, it’s quite simple to either log in via a Facebook or other popular social media account.  Or, just create a Disqus account for yourself from the LU page.)

I will be keeping TOC with all its content in place for the time being.  The popular Iran Page will remain available, and of course my other posts on various topics going back to February 2009.  (For fellow writers out there who are still linking to posts from 2011 and before — you know who you are — don’t worry: the posts and the links will remain intact.)  If the new software problem gets ironed out, I’ll update you on a potential resumption of posting here.  I’m not sure at this point which direction I’ll be going with that.  I do have plans to update the Iran page with links to new posts as they occur.

If you’d like to make a seamless hop to the latest TOC (J.E. Dyer) postings at Liberty Unyielding, these links will get you started:

Peace in our time: Navies on the move (1 April)

Russians probably behind Alaska secession petition (29 March)

Video: The best numbers from YOUR $700K climate change musical (29 March)

For those who have been in the Football Follies fan club, rest assured: we’ll have Football Follies over at LU this fall.  Or before.  When do two-a-days start again?

For now: it’s been, as we say in nautical parlance, “one prolonged blast” to take this journey with all of you. We’ll see where things go in the days ahead.  I hope you’ll join us over at LU to continue standing athwart history yelling, “Bring it!”

J.E. Dyer’s articles have appeared at Hot Air, Commentary’s “contentions,Patheos, The Daily Caller, The Jewish Press, and The Weekly Standard online. She also writes for the new blog Liberty Unyielding.

Note for new commenters: Welcome! There is a one-time “approval” process that keeps down the spam. There may be a delay in the posting if your first comment, but once you’re “approved,” you can join the fray at will.


  1. Too bad. I am on a strict internet diet, and liked this format. I avoid conventional websites for the most part. I am going to have to spend eternity with my mind, and there are things I don’t want in it. I have enough trash in it already. I liked the 15th century format and the intelligent commentary.

    • I absolutely relate, JustSaying (as we used to say back in the ’70s). I’m a fan of a quieter blog format myself. I was never trying to “monetize” the blog, which would have required paid hosting anyway, so I was able to dispense with the pop-ups and other ad-related content (along with the “come-on” junk that can be so annoying).

      My plan was to keep TOC going for as long as it kept gaining and keeping readers, which I’m happy to say it’s been doing. Unfortunately, the formatting problem with the new software has just been insuperable.

      WR — interesting that you had to switch to Chrome for the comments function to work. I didn’t realize that was a problem. I’ve had to go back and forth between different browsers to try and manage TOC in the last few weeks, but the comments function wasn’t one that was giving me problems in one browser versus another.

      The fact that you had problems in IE tends to confirm my impression that someone at WordPress really has it in for Microsoft.

      Congrats on your 84. You’ll get yours soon enough. I don’t think we’re going to hit 60 here today, and it’s been raining and will rain again. It’s coming for you.

      JEM (and all) — there will indeed be football. And by golly, we’ll follow the Illini until they stop going down rat holes. Er, rebuilding.

  2. I downloaded Google Chrome to continue reading TOC. IE and word press seemed to be mutually exclusive (at least when making a comment.)
    As long as we have football, I am cool. 84 in OKC today.

  3. Yeah – football is a requirement, although Ineed my Illini football future to look like the BB future.

  4. TOC: Hope you’re able to resume soon. It’s a real pleasure to read your thoughtful and informative postings.

  5. Darkness — do come over and visit Liberty Unyielding (links in the text above). I’ll be posting as usual at that site.

    It’s nice to have the quiet niche here at TOC, and I’m hopeful we can reintroduce it at some point in the future. But the posting will continue!

  6. Curious near incident involving the Turkish frigate Barbaros (F-224) and it’s helo, USS Donald Cook (DDG-75), along with a pair of HAF F-16’s, in the central Aegean. Seems that the Turkish helo came within a hare’s breath of being shot down – by both DDG-75 and the F-16’s.

    Thought you’d like to know – you probably do know. And, probably know more about what exactly happened than I do 🙂

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