Hypocritical Cuomo administration gives waiver to Glock-carrying official

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This one deserves every easy shot there is.  Back in early January, there was a burst of media reporting on Jerome Hauer, commissioner of New York state’s Division of Homeland Security, who carried a Glock 9mm to work in violation of state law – which prohibits the carrying of guns in the work place, except by authorized law-enforcement officials.

Notably, Hauer didn’t just carry his Glock; he pulled it during a conference presentation in 2013, when he needed a laser pointer, and used its laser target designator for that purpose.  (Reportedly, he managed to alarm some visiting Swedes, as well as the people sitting across the table from him, with that maneuver.)

Today, the Daily Caller reports the rest of the story.

Reporters began asking questions about Hauer’s habit of carrying his gun to work, only to be stonewalled by the Cuomo administration.

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2 thoughts on “Hypocritical Cuomo administration gives waiver to Glock-carrying official”

  1. I love it! I’m gonna use my laser sighted pistol as a pointer at my next lecture, then ask, “Are there any questions?”

    OK, maybe I won’t, as it violates about a dozen gun safety rules, especially the way this bozo did it,.

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