Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | February 8, 2014

U.S. pairs skater wears costume with shoulder holster

It’s a James Bond-themed long program (video at link), for Marissa Castelli and Simon Shnapir, the U.S. national pairs champions who are competing in the Sochi Olympics this week.

Early in the program, Shnapir throws Castelli for a quadruple Salchow (a very tough move – no other pair attempts it – which the two skaters have yet to land in a U.S. national competition).

But according to Twitchy, the Twittersphere wonders something else about the pair’s upcoming appearance in the long program.  Will NBC’s Bob Costas (Putin’s latest romantic conquest) be able to handle the suggestive visual created by the Shnapir shoulder holster?


To Russia, with holster.

To Russia, with holster.

We report, you decide.  This author gives the holster a big artistic and philosophical thumbs up.  We live in a world full of small arms.  They are extremely useful for important purposes.  For self-defense, they beat a saber, a bow-and-arrow, and a homemade bomb all to smash.  Either you “own” firearms, or firearms own you.  Simon Shnapir casually sporting a holster says “ownership,” which is just where civilization should be.

Meanwhile, …

See the rest On the QT…


  1. Bond? Russia? Is the girl Tatiana Romanova? I may have to watch.

  2. How about all the live coverage of biathlon on NBC?

    In 2010, I had to watch online livestream of biathlon at 3 am.

    • Hey, it may be like watching paint dry, but at least it’s live!

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