Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | February 8, 2014

Lyin’ King: Obama WH v. Russian TV

Whose lies are bigger and worse?

We report, you decide.

Unless you live under a rock in Nepal (and who knows, maybe even there), you probably heard today that one of the lighted Olympic rings in the grand opening display at Sochi failed to light as intended.  It did light within a couple of minutes.  But world media had their photos of the glitch, and ran with them.

They also ran with the story that Russian TV jiggered with the broadcast, cutting away to some prerecorded footage until after the lights had come on properly.  Russian viewers didn’t see the malfunctioning lights; they saw only the eventual, perfected outcome.

The Russian producers acknowledged openly that they had done this, explaining that what was important was capturing the image as it was supposed to be.  They didn’t think it was a big deal.

Where's Walter Duranty when Russia needs him? (AP photo/Mark Humphrey)

Where’s Walter Duranty when Russia needs him? (AP photo/Mark Humphrey)


Was it?  Well, it’s an interesting question.  Let’s compare that editorial choice with the one made by the Obama administration’s science advisor, John Holdren, when he was explaining the “polar vortex” to Americans in early January.

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  1. I’m a poor substitute for Duranty but here goes 🙂

    No big deal bout the rings Optcon, just a technical malfunction. All in
    all, the Olympic opening ceremony, as mass entertainment, was pleasant.
    And, the music was fine too. I’ll take Anna Netrebko and Tchaikovsky over Madonna and Gangsta rap every time. Culturally, Russia may be more “Western” than the Third World overrun US is. Nowadays.

    It’s the US that should be concerned about its lying, For much more than falsely stating facts on climate change.

    For example. The image of the the unlit ring, must be cold comfort for the the likes of Assistant Secretary of State for EUROPEAN Affairs Victoria “wanna cookie?/F@#k the EU” Nuland, and her ilk. Caught red-handed (tut-tut) interfering in the internal affairs of the Ukraine, The rings of Sochi pale in comparison….

    • I second your endorsement of Tchaikovsky and the incredibly lovely Miss Netrebko. And any opportunity to ogle — I mean appreciate — Miss Sharapova is not to be missed.

      I note that some people are getting their panties in a wad over a questionable photo of our dear President and his wife that was posted last year by torch-lighter Irina Rodnina. Apparently, the photo was re-touched to endorse Michelle’s insistence on greater consumption of fruits and vegetables — a banana in this instance.

      I preferred the recent Olympic tweet from chess grand master Garry Kasparov:
      “They are doing Russian history for opening ceremony. To represent Putin coming to power all the spectators will be searched & interrogated.”

      No one is surprised that there are backstage diplomatic maneuvers in the Ukraine situation. It is embarrassing to have our senior diplomat be exposed as a foul-mouthed lying skank, however. Wasn’t she also involved in the Benghazi lies?

      • Sorry. That was OUR ambassador to Ukraine that Nuland the Asst Sec’y of State was cursing with.

  2. Yes, we’re covering ourselves with glory in all kinds of ways.

    The annoying thing to me about the Nuland F-bomb is that the Obama administration is itself so stupid: it seemed to think the EU might do something useful. How foolish.

    The EU without a security backstop from the US is just a high school student council, only with less energy and direction. The EU couldn’t get its act together to address little bitty Cyprus — why would Team Obama think it’s going to play a useful role in the Ukraine crisis?

    Because Team Obama’s stupid, that’s why. Basically, Nuland was having a tantrum because the EU wasn’t taking an actual lead so Obama could lead from behind.

    P.S. I share Vin’s appreciation of Anna Netrebko, if not necessarily the urge to ogle.

    Although I didn’t see a lot of the opening ceremony, I was pleased that there wasn’t a pagan dance-worship segment celebrating the national health system. Russia seemed bent on offering cultural color rather than ecstatic-religious political manifestations. They’ve got my vote.

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