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The big day: Super Bowl XLVIII


The one and only Jerry Kramer, Packer great OL, surges in Super Bow I (Jan 1967).  (Photo credit: Bill Ray, via

The one and only Jerry Kramer, Packer great OL, surges in Super Bow I (Jan 1967). (Photo credit: Bill Ray, via

Come on, curmudgeons, out of the woodwork.  Football lovers and haters, connoisseurs of offense, aficionados of The D, followers of Peyton, devotees of Marshawn, Sudden Fans of Richard  S. (and who isn’t?), AFC Lifers, dyed-in-the-wool NFC boosters, those who just love the pizza, wings, chips, and beverages – come one, come all, for the TOC Football Commentary Service Super Bowl Open Thread!

It’s going to be all about the great collision of the butt-kicking Seahawk defense and Denver’s Patented Peyton Express.  Immovable object meets irresistible force.  (Well.  Swarming, wiggly, shut-up-and-sit-down impenetrable object meets zoomy, pole-vaulting, take-that-and-I’m-gonna-go-accept-my-trophy-now force.)  Watching these guys jostle on the corners could form the basis of a drinking game all its own.

But let’s not shortchange the Seattle offense and the Denver defense.  They’ll be on the field some of the time too, and we can expect they’ll make for quality viewing.  At least.  Marshawn and Russell aren’t exactly chopped liver.

Bonus cultural observation:  Pete Carroll spends a lot less time fiddling with his hair on the Seattle sideline than he did when he was coaching at USC.  Is that because he’s not in LA anymore?

Game time:  6:30 PM EST on Fox, with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman (confession: my favorite booth team).  45F, breezy, partly cloudy with a slight potential for drizzle at MetLife in East Rutherford.  Broncos still giving 2.5 in the line.  Lay ‘em if you got ‘em.

In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves.  A little trivia to help while away the hours.  Answers at the links.  No fair peeking.

Seattle Seahawks

1.  In Seattle’s first playoff game in 1983, which division did they play in and what team was the opponent?

2.  What Seattle Hall of Famer played in college for Tulsa?

3.  Which team did Seattle beat for their first regular-season win?

4.  Who is the Seahawks’ all-time leading rusher?

5.  How many division titles have the Seahawks won in their history?

Denver Broncos

1.  Name the Super Bowls John Elway started in.  Which other NFL quarterback has started in the same number of Super Bowls?

2.  Name the starting linemen of the famed “Orange Crush” 3-4 defense, adopted by Denver in 1976.

3.  The franchise played its first season in 1960.  In what year did the Broncos have their first winning season?

4.  Peyton Manning is the second Broncos QB to have started for two different teams in the Super Bowl.  Who was the first?

5.  Who is the Broncos’ all-time leading receiver?

Super Bowl Trivia

1.  How many teams have won the Super Bowl under three different head coaches?  Name the teams and coaches.  Bonus points: name the Super Bowls.

2.  When was the last overtime in a Super Bowl?

3.  What was the longest run from scrimmage in a Super Bowl?

4.  Who is the only Super Bowl MVP to come from the losing team?

5.  Name the four teams that have never appeared in a Super Bowl.

Let the countdown begin.



  1. I can’t take the hype anymore, I’m going to need three Tylenol before the game starts

    • You may want to. There’s a good chance this game won’t be the Snooze Fest we so often see with a Super Bowl.

  2. Registering my exceptional umbrage at the fact that the Fox signal has been lost via my cable service here. AFAIK, it’s still 22-0 after the pick 6 at the 4-minute mark.


    • That was an act of mercy by the cable guy.

      • It certainly was. When I got the signal back, it was 29-0 and Denver was dropping the ball again.

        Who knew? I was sort of tepidly rooting for the Seahawks, because NFC, but we’re talking tepid here. Definitely thought the Broncos would be a lot harder to beat.

        Those who bet on Seattle are feeling pretty smart right about now.

        Congrats to the Seahawks. I hope everyone enjoyed the commercials. (I did get to see Scarlett hawking SodaStream — an ad no one would have even remembered if Oxfam hadn’t forced her to choose between it and SodaStream — and the Go Daddy ad with all the beefy guys running to the tanning salon. One was probably sillier than the other, but I haven’t decided which.)

  3. The old adage that defense wins championships has been proven once again.

    Watching the game was painful after the 1st quarter. So, I missed most of it, turning to some work with TV on and muted in the background. Everytime I watched the game, Denver turned the ball over. Kind of difficult to complete passes with pass rushers tipping the ball and secondary stuck onto the receivers.

  4. They say this was the most watched S Bowl ever. Really? I would have thought the test pattern would draw a bigger audience in the second half.

  5. I once invited Rubin Carter, NT on the Orange Crush defense, to come to a softball game. This was years after he retired. Said he couldn’t play softball because he couldn’t bend his knees. The result of 11 years in the NFL. One end was Lyle Alzado, whom I also met later. Now trying to think of the third guy without googling. Not Rich Jackson…

    • At end I believe you would be thinking of Barney Chavous, bethesdadog. (Paul Smith at DT is also included in the answer as he started in the front line in some 1976 games.)

      Very good recall, however, and thanks for playing. If you click on the section titles above, you’ll see the answers to all the trivia questions.

      Cool story about Rubin Carter.

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