Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | January 28, 2014

SOTU Live at Liberty Unyielding! Live-blog, open thread, drinking game…


Struggling through without an LU live blog.

Struggling through without an LU live blog.

Tonight’s State of the Union message may be Vice President Joe Biden’s best opportunity in 2014 to enjoy a gentle snooze, but at Liberty Unyielding, the hits will just keep on coming.  The 2014 SOTU will be LU’s first officially live-blogged event.

In the past, TOC has live-tweeted the SOTU, but tonight I’ll be in the arena at LU, paying attention to Obama So You Don’t Have To.

For those who would like to study up on their drinking-game ideas, Howard Portnoy has helpfully posted the suggestions of Generation Opportunity.  Your preferences may vary; please feel free to share.

For your added enjoyment in the interim, a video excerpt from the SOTU of January 1988 is posted below.  Watch for the 1:40 mark, and Reagan’s one-liner from Lao Tzu.

Meet me at LU at 8:45 PM EST for the mic test.  It is possible to get through an Obama SOTU with zest, bonhomie, and a minimum of excruciating pain.  We’ll show ‘em how it’s done.


  1. Sorry. Can’t wait. I’ve already begun drinking.

    • Then I think you’ll be in exactly the right frame of mind, tminus1.

  2. Sorry — Kentucky playing LSU tonight… much more important. Go ‘Cats!

    • We’ll miss you, Urey Patrick. Stop in if you can.

      • I put the Fullers ESB outside. We don’t need no stinking refrigeration at the moment. I need to bring them in before they freeze.

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