Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | January 28, 2014

Israel and Kazakhstan to hold joint military exercises

If you don’t think this is interesting, you might want to look at a map.  (See the LU post at the link below.)  Anything that may involve Israeli aircraft – military aircraft, or aircraft bearing military or military cargo – flying into Central Asia bears noting, of course.  The new defense cooperation pact between the two countries will include weapons sales as well.

The Bug Pit summary reminds us of a previous instance of military cooperation between Israel and Kazakhstan in 2006-7.  Kazakh officials were charged with corruption in connection with some of the consequences of deals from the period.

But good relations between the countries have continued, and in September 2013, Israel launched her “largest and most sophisticated” communications satellite from the Baikonur cosmodrome in southern Kazakhstan (still operated as a base for the Russian space program).

In 2012, Israel and Azerbaijan signed a $1.6 billion arms agreement (which, of course, would also entail flying things from Israel to Azerbaijan).

See the rest On the QT…


  1. I would guess that Borat might have played a role in making this deal between Israel and to Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan……seriously, I’m not making fun. This is another fascinating report from your serious, and terrific, blog. Israel is apparently relentless in seeking new diplomatic, trade and military opportunities where it can find them. I’m trying to figure out all the potential geopolitical benefits from a relationship with and even a presence in Kazakhstan. How far from Iran? Intelligence opportunities? I wish I knew more about how Israel can take advantage of this.

    • Heh — I of course thought of “Borat” as well in composing this. Probably would draw more clicks if I had used a Sacha Baron Cohen image.

      The map (at the LU “On the QT” link) holds the key. Just keep in mind that there’s more than one way to slip bombs and such into Iran, and that an airplane flying between countries can carry all kinds of things. And let your imagination do its magic.

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