Covered California the culprit, again

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When last we checked in with America’s Obamacare poster child, state media were crying foul over some cooked numbers from Covered California’s management, and new customers couldn’t get hold of either the Covered California service representatives, or the private insurance companies, to figure out where to send their first payments.

We’re now two weeks into the new year, and the new deadline for Covered California enrollment is tomorrow (15 January).  How are things going?

Culprit alert

In a Pants on Fire Report in November, we noted that all the 2013 policy cancellation letters were being sent out to Californians because Covered California required contracting insurance companies to cancel existing policies – contrary to the “bad apple” allegation made by President Obama against the insurers.

Now we learn, from insurance specialist Ed Persike, that it’s also Covered California policy that has forced hundreds of thousands of worried customers to enter all the information for their insurance through the exchange interfaces, rather than directly with the insurer.

Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser and others have been successfully processing insurance applications for decades. They have been receiving and processing tens of thousands of health insurance applications every single month and medically underwrite them. Doesn’t common sense tell you they would be able to handle an application? Other than the Democrats’ desire to build a political infrastructure, my colleagues and I cannot fathom why each company issuing coverage was not made the primary party responsible for gathering the data and issuing the insurance contracts. Instead, an unwieldy system has been created because elected government officials and appointees felt they were smarter than private enterprise. At this point, it’s obvious they were wrong.

But wait – there’s more (emphasis added):

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