Welfare as ‘transitional living’ … at Disney World

Transition therapy.

Most transitional place on earth.
Most transitional place on earth.

Sheila Jackson Lee, as noted earlier today at Liberty Unyielding, wants to change the term “welfare” to “transitional living fund.”

That’s apparently Ms. Jackson Lee’s contribution to celebrating the 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty.  And I say, let’s go with the flow.  Trying to “win” this war by eliminating “poverty” clearly isn’t working.  So let’s keep our transitional living funds, declare victory in the War on Poverty, and all go to Disney World.

That, it turns out, is what some impoverished citizens of Maine have been doing with their transitional living funds.  They’re also going to Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

No doubt – no doubt – they’re in these places for job interviews.

Californians have, of course, been the undisputed 50-state champions of transitional-living-fund spending across state lines.  At a stratospheric $69 million from 2007 to 2010: well, can’t touch that, transitional-living-fund-wise.  The top out-of-state venue for poverty-stricken, transitional-living-fund-wielding Californians?  Las Vegas.  $11.8 million spent by starving California children, much of it at casinos and co-located ATMs.

But don’t miss the $12,000+ spent by California’s most down-and-out at the Ala Moana shopping center on Oahu, or the $2,000+ withdrawn by desperately poor Californians from ATMs on Lanai, the home of little more than a handful of high-end resort hotels.

As Larry the Cable Guy might say, that’s some transitional living, right there.  And I think maybe I should just start some transitional living myself.  And then go to Disney World.

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5 thoughts on “Welfare as ‘transitional living’ … at Disney World”

  1. I realize this is not pertinent to your topic, but I walked past a television with Obama speaking.
    He is making a “Promise” about “Promise Zones” Period.
    If you like your Promise Zone, you can keep it.
    It is hard to imagine…….. Everyone pick your own one liner please.

    1. Please forgive me, I can’t stop. One of the Promise Zones is The Choctaw Nation here in Oklahoma.
      The Nation owns and operates 7 casinos,a manufacturing business,
      a management services company, 13 travel plazas, 12 smoke shops,
      a printing company, and a document archiving business.
      They employ more than 6,000 people. This is from the Choctaw Nation website.
      I think it is wonderful. Solid business planning and clear, hard headed business judgement.
      The Prez is going to show these folks how it’s done. Maybe the Kenyan could get a part time job with these folks and work his way up from complete fool.

  2. Yeah, I saw that about the Choctaw Nation promise zone in Oklahoma.

    So, I guess, if you like your casinos, you can keep your casinos? Will they get to keep their smoke shops and travel plazas too? I mean, casinos are one thing, but those smoke shops and travel plazas are killing the planet.

  3. Most of the “transitional living” taking place is going from heavily dependent on government transfer payments to completely dependent on government.

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