U.S. airlines expected to comply with Chinese ADIZ rules


According to the State Department, the United States expects our airline carriers will comply with the ADIZ rules laid out by China in the Notice to Airmen announcing enforcement of the ADIZ.

As with the distinction we are observing with respect to Iran’s right to enrich uranium, our acceptance of the ADIZ rules does not mean we agree with them, according to the State Department formulation.  It just means our civilian airliners are complying with them.

Japan and South Korea are taking a different tack.  Japan continues to urge her national airlines to defy the ADIZ requirements announced by China.

South Korea is planning to announce an extension of her ADIZ.  It will have a bigger overlap with China’s after the extension.  Seoul is also urging the national airlines to defy the Chinese ADIZ:

The Seoul government has also told its national airlines not to identify their planes to China as Beijing demanded all airplanes do when flying in the ADIZ.

According to Japan’s defense minister, Itsunori Onodera, on Saturday, China did not scramble jets in response to a Japanese flight through the ADIZ, as announced by the Chinese.

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3 thoughts on “U.S. airlines expected to comply with Chinese ADIZ rules”

  1. Team Obama Changes Course, Appears to Accept China Air Defense Zone

    I’m shocked, shocked to learn that the Obama administration would cave to the Chicoms! First the Israeli’s. now the Japanese and South Koreans. Well, Obama is consistent.

    “Top Obama administration and Pentagon officials signaled a willingness to temporarily accept China’s new, controversial air defense identification zone on Wednesday. Those officials expressed disapproval for the way in which the Asian power has flexed its muscles, and cautioned China not to implement the zone. But they also carved out wiggle room in which the United States and China ultimately could find common ground on the issue, indicating that they may be willing to live with the zone for now — as long as China backs off its demand that all aircraft traveling through it check in first.

    “It wasn’t the declaration of the ADIZ that actually was destabilizing,” said Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, America’s highest-ranking military officer. “It was their assertion that they would cause all aircraft entering the ADIZ to report regardless of whether they were intending to enter into the sovereign airspace of China. And that is destabilizing.”

    That’s a change from just a few days ago, when U.S. Vice President Joe Biden demanded that China take back its declaration of the zone.”

    Obama’s women reveal his secret

    “Cherchez la femme,” advised Alexander Dumas in: “When you want to uncover an unspecified secret, look for the woman.” In the case of Barack Obama, we have two: his late mother, the went-native anthropologist Ann Dunham, and his rancorous wife Michelle. Obama’s women reveal his secret: he hates America.”

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