TOC speaking engagement 18 November in Los Angeles

For readers who will be in the Los Angeles are on 18 November, I will be participating in a panel event on Iran that evening, for the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors.  This is the wonderful group I have done a few engagements for over the last several years.  CJHS president Doris Wise Montrose does a great job promoting awareness on issues relating to U.S. and Israeli security, as well as American liberty, national strength, Western ideals, radical Islamism, and the resurgent problem of anti-Semitism.

The panel on the 18th, entitled “Iran: The Timebomb,” will feature Rick Richman and Elan Journo, accomplished writers and analysts whom it is a great privilege to join.  The flyer for the event is reproduced below.  It will be held at 7:00 PM at the Luxe Hotel at Sunset Blvd. and the 405 freeway in Brentwood.   Click on the flyer here or in the right-hand margin to go to the event website and register.

Iran panel invitation

The other notification for TOC readers is that video has been posted of my talk on “The Reagan Strategy,” which I gave for CJHS for the first time in June 2013.  Technical difficulties prevented posting of the video from that presentation.  But Doris Wise Montrose was able to have another presentation of the Reagan talk recorded, when I gave it to a local Republican group in October.  That video is now posted at her website.  You can check it out here.

If you can’t make it to the 18 November panel in person, the video from it will be posted at the CJHS website afterward.

I hope to see you there!


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  1. Wish we could be there, but we’ll be on the road somewhere between Fbg & Las Vegas. I know you’ll do great! Hugs & kisses! Ray

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