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Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 10


Tulsa community outreach rep, being cute.

Tulsa community outreach rep, being cute.

Admin notes:  Don’t forget to fall back this weekend.  Annoyance is authorized, if not encouraged.  It can’t possibly be week 10 already.  And we’re freaked out that North Texas beat Rice last night.  Mean Joe Greene played there a really, really long time ago, but the Mean Green has been pretty pathetic in more recent years.  Well, congrats to ‘em.  An array of fan fotos is appended this week to liven up the proceedings.  The original inspiration was the Baby Belichick photo that rolled through my Twitter feed a couple of days ago.  Some folks have too much time on their hands, and we, personally, are grateful for that.


Wyoming Cowpokes.

Wyoming Cowpokes.

The University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane, which beat Notre Dame 28-27 on 30 October 2010, hosts the U-Texas San Antonio Roadrunners (a C-USA West rival) on Saturday, giving 3 yet again but who knows.  At least the TU team isn’t the “Coyotes,” because that would just be too much of a jinx in this rebuilding year.  UTSA comes in 3-5 to Tulsa’s 2-5.  It’s homecoming weekend for Tulsa.  Should be sunny and 60 or so for game time, at least.  Very nice.

#10 Oklahoma won’t play until the 7th, when the Sooners head to Waco to take on #6 Baylor.  Big game; more in a special early edition next week.

Incredibly cute OK State fans.  (Just sayin'.)

Incredibly cute OK State fans. (Just sayin’.)


#18 Oklahoma State heads to Lubbock Saturday for a confrontation with the #15 Red Raiders.  The line has Texas Tech giving 1, so of course it’s pretty much a pick ‘em, which sounds right.  Both teams are fast and funny.  Look for lots of scoring and bravado.  Could be a fun game.

Big game alert:  Navy at Notre Dame, 2:30 PM CDT.  Annual classic!  Navy gets whomped every year!  Yippee!  No bric-a-brac (but there’s some other gratifying rivalry action this week, so hang in there).  The LOL-#25 Arsh are giving 15. 

Army will be at Air Force for an official pick ‘em, kicking off quite early (10 AM Mountain) on Saturday.  An Army win could keep the Knights’ hopes alive for the Commander’s Trophy; Air Force has already lost to Navy.


Baby Belichick who started it all.

Baby Belichick who started it all.

Virginia Tech meets Boston College for the early set on Saturday at noon in Boston.  Hokies give 4 in spite of their depressing turn last week in Blacksburg.  BC is 3-4 and pretty bad this season.  We hesitate to advise taking the points, because the Hokies can always beat themselves black and blue.


Nevada heads to the People’s Republic to take on Mountain West rival #16 Fresno State, and we regret to report that the line for this late game (7:30 PM PDT) has the Wolf Pack as a 20-point dog.  (We regret even more to report that we consider that fairly reasonable, given the Bulldogs’ propensity for zestful scoring.)  Nevada just may invade that spread, however.

TCU hosts West Virginia for a 2:30 PM kickoff on Saturday.  Horned Frogs give 12-ish.

Illinois will be in Happy Valley for a meet with Penn State.  The Nittaly Lions, coming off their nasty loss to #4 Ohio State, give 11 for this one.  We’re pretty confident they’ll cover.

Littlest Hokie fan, doing The Hokie.

Littlest Hokie fan, doing The Hokie.


#13 LSU and Wyoming both have the week off (more below).

Around the Top 10, #1 Alabama also has the week off.  The Tide and the LSU Tigers will be preparing for their epic rivalry collision next Saturday.  #2 Oregon and #5 are off as well, with their big game looming on Thursday evening (the 7th), competing with OU and Baylor in an FBS head-to-head the programmers may or may not have seen coming, back when they were laying this out.

But there’s plenty of excitement on tap for this Saturday, with #3 Florida State hosting #7 Miami (Da U) in their rivalry match at 8 PM EDT.  Is there any hope for the Hurricanes to finally put a dent in FSU?  The oddsquad has the Seminoles giving 21 – interesting, considering the teams’ proximity in the rankings.  Sure, FSU can cover, and Miami looked lackluster last week.  We think the Hurricanes will play tough and make a game of it though.  Calling this one game of the week, for obvious reasons.

Illini in training.

Illini in training.


#4 Ohio State will hit speed-bump Purdue in West Lafayette on Saturday, spraying points like crazy (32 at last count).  Take ‘em.

#8 Clemson, probably still overranked, will have little trouble with the pathetic Yahoos of Virginia in Charlottesville.

#9 Missouri hosts Tennessee, which did a good beanbag impression last week at Alabama, but knocked off South Carolina (motto: “The Other USC”) the week before.  Not counting the scrappy 4-4 Vols out for the time being.  Tigers give 10.

A few Storied Rivalries come riding this week, starting off with North Carolina at NC State (motto: “They have a football team?”) for the aptly named North Carolina-NC State football rivalry.  Tar Heels give 5, but alas, no interesting bronzed junk is involved.


Tiger fan gettin' his roar on.

Tiger fan gettin’ his growl on.

#21 Michigan will be at #22 Michigan State to play for the Paul Bunyan Trophy, which is not to be confused with Paul Bunyan’s Axe, one of the really great rivalry awards.  The Paul Bunyan Trophy is just a statue of Paul Bunyan (although it does depict him with an axe, and wouldn’t look out of place in a respectable Great Northwestern den).  The #22 Spartans are being backed by 5 points over the Wolverines in the line.

#24 Iowa will be at Wisconsin to duke it out for the Heartland Trophy.

A few misguided Californians care that USC will be up at Oregon State tonight.  We wouldn’t mention it, except that the Red Sox have already won the Series and there’s no other FBS ball on the tube this evening. No disrespect to Beaver fans.

Horned Frog-ette, dressed to cheer.

Horned Frog-ette, dressed to cheer.


McNeese State will be across town in Lake Charles playing Southeastern Louisiana U. on Saturday, and this one’s a biggie.  The 7-1 Cowboys and the 6-2 Lions are 1st and 2nd, respectively, in the FCS Southland Conference; after beating Sam Houston State last week, McNeese has surged to #4 or #7 in the FCS rankings, depending on which poll you go with.  So now’s the time for the Pokes to perform.  SLU’s wins haven’t quite matched the opponent quality level of McNeese’s; the Lions’ losses were to TCU and (now FCS #20) South Dakota State.  Just a tad chilly for kickoff, clear and mid-upper 60s.  Should be a good game.


In Div III, Rose-Hulman hosts long-time rival Mt. St. Joseph (of Cincinnati) for a 1:30 PM conference match on Fall Family Weekend.  RHIT comes in 4-3, MSJ 5-2, but the Lions are typically a step above the Fightin’ Engineers on the gridiron, and things are no different this year.  Partly cloudy and 50s for the kickoff in Terre Haute – fine fall football weather.


Another Wyoming Cowpoke.

Another Wyoming Cowpoke.

Christopher Newport squares off with LaGrange College (LaGrange, GA) at 6 PM on Saturday in a USA South conference bout.  The Captains are 5-2 going in; the Panthers are 3-4, but have a lot of close losses and a penchant for scoring.  Should be an interesting game.  Clear and 60s for kickoff, but a soggy field after rain on Friday.

Deer Creek, still licking its wounds from last week’s loss to Guthrie, will host District 2 rival (and Mom’s alma mater) Northwest Classen this evening.  The 5-3 Antlers are still in the hunt for a playoff slot, and need to down the 4-4 Knights to better their prospects in the 5A sweepstakes.


Wolf Pack faithful, ready to howl.

Wolf Pack faithful, ready to howl.

Putnam City (The Original), 2-6, is playing for Pirate Pride at this point.  They might actually win tonight against 1-7 Muskogee in Pirate Stadium.  4-4 PC North hosts 3-5 Lawton Eisenhower, also tonight.  Weather in greater northwest OKC/Edmond: clear, chilling rapidly after sundown to the 50s in the stadiums.  Perfect fall night in Oklahoma.


  1. This cowpoke has been hanging her head low the past couple of weeks. I may have to become a Sooner fan.
    The photos you have added just brought me back to life.
    Love the fan shots, thank Goodness for time on someone’s hands.
    It is a beautiful night for PC football, and the worlds famous light show brought to you by The PCN marching band.
    Our neighbors grandson is a QB at Deer Creek.
    Signing out from OKC.

    It is always a pleasure reading your blog J.E.

  2. Always glad to lift poke’s spirits, Daphne. Don’t be shy about joining Sooner Nation though… 🙂

  3. One. HECK. of a kick in that VT-BC game just before the half. 56 yards!!!!!!! A watching Hokie Universe everywhere went insane.

    Now, let’s have a little less target practice with the foot in the second half, OK, Hokies?

    Army and Air Force actually getting to score. So cute.

    How does the Illini coach keep his job?

    • Patton couldn’t win at Illinois.

  4. Penn State won’t cover – they may win – but won’t cover!!

    Got a chance in OT – GO Illini!!

    • Oh well.

  5. Hokies driving me insane.

    Illini were hanging in there… Nittaly Lions just scored to deal the final blow. Ugghh.

    Air Force tops Army 42-28. Navy sitting pretty for the December win.

    Tulsa game not on the tube (at all, apparently. Looks like the Roadrunners’ Indian name is “Chopped Liver”).

    Feeling obliged to suffer with the Mids through the Notre Dame match here. Kickoff momentarily. At least there’s the battle of the Michigans to check in on. WVU-TCU. Georgia-Florida.

    Ah, football on a fall afternoon, with an extra hour coming up. Life could be worse.

    • Obama is still President. It can be worse.

  6. I need six TV’s for the 2.30 slot.

    • Georgia O line blows up Gator D on opening drive.

      • …and twice. Bulldogs have somebody’s number, at least for the moment.

  7. Well, that didn’t take long. Arsh up by 7.

  8. Prep update:

    Deer Creek pummeled Northwest last night 59-0.

    Putnam City actually managed to lose to Muskogee 33-23, evening both teams’ records out at 2-7.

    PC North lost badly to Lawton Ike, 47-7, and falls to 4-5 on the season.

  9. Navy option actually moving the ball. Notre Dame D still adjusting.

    • I’d love to see Navy march down and score to finish the Arsh off.

      • Just a little more speed and that reverse would have been a TD instead of loss of ball on downs.

  10. Well Virginia Tech’s season is functionally over. They will most probably lose to Miami, and they might even get a Senior Day game kick in the pants by the Mary-land Turtles.. The best that the Hokies will do this season is 8-4, 7 and 5 is more likely, and it could even drop to 6 and 6 if they, heaven forefend, lose to the Wahoos at Scott Stadium.

    Logan Thomas’s draft stock just disappeared. The offense just hosed all over the defense for short fields and 17 to 24 points (depending on some opinions on a few things…) Thomas’s two fumbles and 2 picks, one a pick 6 pretty much ends his draft prospects, regardless of what the talking heads say to keep the conversation alive.

    There is much work to be done in the style of coaching, the way the plays are called, and the level and depth of execution capability from the bench.

    One can only hope that Frank Beamer retires this season, and Tech somehow by some miracle can still hold on to Bud Foster… but my guess is Bud is gone at the end of the season. He has said he doesn’t want the HC position, and if he ever gets to be one, it will be for someone else.

    It’s time for a big do-over.. a new era… and a new dynasty build on the tremendous legacy of Frank Beamer and the first Hokie Era. (Before Frank we were the Fighting Gobblers…) Sometimes it’s just time. Frank… trust me… it’s time.


    • Thomas may be worth an “Oh, what the heck” draft. Coaching can sometimes work wonders. Despite the pain of losing his job at SF, Alex Smith should send a thank-you card to Coach Harbaugh, as Smith enjoys his undefeated start to this season in KC. Smith would never have gotten that chance if he hadn’t turned his career around after Harbaugh came in.

      But finding the right coach can be risky. Talk to USC. Or Arkansas. Or Notre Dame (although they seem to be doing better now.) Talk to Nevada, which found out Coach Ault was actually a lot better than we gave him credit for.

  11. TCU offense suddenly alive with Pachal at QB. 17-3 early 2nd over WV in Ft. Worth

  12. Don’t even want to talk about what’s going on in Tulsa. Golden Hurricane apparently imploding, down 24-0 near the half.

    Logan Thomas needs some coaching, but he throws hypersonic cruise missiles and he’s got heart. His penchant for turning the ball over is his downfall. Of course, if he had an offensive line that would perform the same from one play to the next, that would help him learn to throw smarter.

    Hokie D not its more stellar self today. They usually don’t allow that many bust-open runs.

    Florida needs to visit Dr. Scholls for some arch supports. Haven’t seen the Gators caught this flat footed for a while.

  13. Tech looks like OU down in Dallas. The game in Norman took something out of them.

    • The Midshipmen gave as good as they got.

    • Okay Tech gets a pick and decides to take the game seriously.

      • Team speed in Fla St/Miami game far superior to Tech/OSU game.

  14. Good grief is Southeastern putting a walloping on McNeese tonight. 41-7 halfway through the 4th quarter.

  15. Well the NCAA weekend isn’t a total waste for me..

    Christopher Newport’s defense shut down High Flying Lagrange down on Georgia.. for a 13-10 squeaker.. A win is a win.. and next weekend is CNU Homecoming.

    Captains are probably not going to win the Conference this year, but are well on their way to a convincing winning season, and maybe a seeded entry into the FCS Division III Tourney…

    Go Captains!!!

  16. Congrats to the Captains! Somebody has joy in Mudville this weekend.

    Shockingly, that includes Rose-Hulman, which trounced Mt. St. Joe 34-0. Wowsers. Good going, Engineers.

    Tulsa never could rally against UTSA (new motto: “Not chopped liver!”). Another one in the loss column, 34-15. Tulsa still has enough of a shredded rep in C-USA that the Roadrunners will consider this a quality win. 2013 is fading fast for the Golden Hurricane, however.

    So close for TCU trying to surmount West Virginia. Mountaineers prevailed 30-27 in the end.

    McNeese State did indeed succumb to SLU with a final score of 41-7. They’ll trade places in the Southland standings. McNeese will proceed south accordingly in the FCS rankings.

    We here at your Football Commentary Service saw that Hail Mary by Nebraska only in later replays. An exciting moment, obviously. One gets too old for this sort of thing. The past keeps intruding on the thoughts, as in: Imagine Nebraska needing a final-minutes Hail Mary to beat Northwestern. Huh.

    Of course, Oklahoma State picked apart the Texas Tech D and took home a big win on the road. Texas Tech picked apart the Oklahoma State D too, just not quite as much.

    On to Sunday football.

  17. Oh, and much as we might want to forget it: Fresno State over Nevada 41-23. Didn’t get the game on TV here, for some reason.

    Well, and FSU pulled away from Miami (Da U) to make it 41-14. Not unexpected, of course.

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