Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 9

Fremont Cannon week!

There was Thursday night football, and even a nice cliffhanger between Marshall and Middle Tennessee State (the latter pulled it out 51-49).  But the real action starts tonight and seriously peps up on Saturday.

Tulsa, which beat Notre Dame 28-27 on 30 October 2010, gives 3 to the Green Wave of Tulane in their meet in the Superdome on Saturday.  That may be a tad optimistic for Tulsa; we view this one as a pick ‘em.  Both teams have reasonable health on their side.  Tulane’s program has been by far the weaker of the two during their C-USA years, but the Wave has been quite respectable this season, and Tulsa is still, er, rebuilding.  Still, the motto here is Roar, Hurricane roar!  If you happen to have local Cox access, you can view the Hoos trying to be heard as they cheer noiselessly in the cavernous space.  You’ll see a few fans decked in green on one side, a few in blue on the other, and a whole lotta empty seats.

For rankings, we switch this week to the BCS, not because it’s better but because it’s what matters down the road.  #15 Oklahoma hosts #10 Texas Tech for a 2:30 PM CDT kickoff, and of course gives 6-ish, Sooner fans being what they are.  Are the Red Raiders really #10?  Saturday will tell.  The OU D is well capable of shutting down the high-octane Tech passing game, if they’ll show up and do it.  The question, as always, is which Sooners will show up.  If we get Doofus Dudes tomorrow, it’ll be lights out by the middle of the second quarter.  The Bellpasser continues to struggle (but we like him.  We really like him).

#19 Oklahoma State will be at Iowa State for the early kickoff (11 AM CDT).  Cowboys give 12 to the cellar-dwelling Cyclones, and are well able to cover.

Navy hosts Pitt on Saturday at 1 PM EDT, with the Panthers giving a measly 4.  4-2 Pitt’s not completely horrible this year; Navy, at 3-3, sits atop the standings for the Independents.  Army has the week off.  Air Force will host Notre Dame for their ritual face-off at 3:00 PM Mountain.  The Arsh give 20, and with Air Force’s offensive woes, we wouldn’t argue.

Virginia Tech, we are proud to say, is at #14 in the BCS ranking, with a good prospect of holding on in the bout with Duke in Blacksburg on Saturday.  3:30 EDT kickoff for this one; Hokies give 13.  Duke is one to watch out for, of course.  The Blue Devils have been a cluck-spoiler before.  ACC Coastal has the potential to be reasonably competitive this year; VT can’t afford a loss, with Miami (Da U) on their heels.  Could be a good game.

The Fremont Cannon, in good hands.
The Fremont Cannon, in good hands.


There will be some other Game of the Week for general pigskin aficionados, but here at TOC, we always get down for the annual grudge match between Nevada and the scabies-ridden Rebels of UNLV.  The Wolf Pack will host this year, kicking off in Mackay Stadium at 3:05 PDT.  Rebels are a well-deserved 6-point flea-bitten dog, and there’s a rumor about rabies too.  (We are duty bound to note that UNLV comes in 4-3 to Nevada’s 3-4.  Nevada’s had the tougher schedule, however, with losses to UCLA, Florida State, and Boise State.)  The winner makes off with the Fremont Cannon, which, let us just say, is a really excellent game trophy.  (Nevada is the current owner.)

Big match down Texas way, as the TCU Horned Frogs host Texas on Saturday afternoon.  (They’re nailing things down in Fort Worth as I type.)  This one’s pretty much a pick ‘em, with TCU favored slightly – by 2 – in the betting.  Texas had the week off after drubbing Oklahoma; tomorrow will tell whether they’re for real or not.

Illinois hosts Michigan State in Champaign, with a 2:30 PM CDT kickoff and a Spartan give of 9.

Wyoming (4-3) will be at San Jose State (3-3) for a tough Mountain West bout.  The teams are pretty evenly matched, all things considered, but the Pokes come off a painful loss to Colorado State.  Spartans give 8 in this one.

#7 Miami (Da U) shouldn’t have much trouble with Wake Forest in a 12 PM game in Sun Life Stadium.  Hurricane gives 24.

We regret to report that LSU came in at #13 in the BCS, after the highly regrettable showing last Saturday against Ole Miss.  The Tigers won’t bring heat to the rankings with their game tomorrow, hosting the Furman Paladins (3-4, FCS, Southern).  The Paladins come off a big win over Appalachian State, and beat Presbyterian in week 3 and the Citadel in week 4 (although who doesn’t?).  Perhaps that’s why LSU gives only 47 in tomorrow’s game.

Around the Top 10, #1 Alabama hosts Tennessee, giving 28.  We figure Tide will roll, but just may not cover.  The Vols have been surprising this year.  #2 Florida State gives 31 hosting North Carolina State (motto: “They have a football team?”).  #3 Oregon hosts the #12 Bruins and gives 23, which is probably pretty safe.  Eugene is not the place to try to beat the Ducks.

#4 Ohio State hosts Penn State for this year’s iteration of their Storied Rivalry.  Do the Nittaly Lions have a prayer?  Naahh.  Buckeyes give 14.  Sudden #5 Missouri looks to prove its mettle, squaring off with #21 South Carolina (motto: “The Other USC”) at Faurot Field.  Home-field advantage should give the Tigers a boost; the bettors are iffy, though, making the Gamecocks only a 2-point dog in the line.

#6 Stanford heads to #25 Oregon State, giving a parsimonious 4, presumably because of the Beavers’ rep as upset-meisters in Corvallis.  Baylor, having surged to #8, won’t get a comeuppance from Kansas, even in Lawrence.  Bears give 35.  Clemson, probably still overranked at #9, hits the field in College Park to take on Maryland, giving 16.

In other games of note, Boys Estate will be at BYU for a quality Friday night game, with the Cougars giving 7.  Idaho will meet Ole Miss for the first time ever, heading to Oxford a Saturday evening game.  Rebel give is 41.

Not much going on in the Garage Sale Junk business this weekend, sadly.  Meanwhile, in FCS action – a returning feature this week – McNeese State will be at Nicholls State on Saturday for a Southland Conference bout.  The McNeese State Cowboys, at 6-1, are perched atop the conference standings, and coming off a gratifying 31-23 win over conference rival Sam Houston State.  McNeese State, picturesquely situated in Lake Charles, LA, is our kind of place, not only having been a one-time rival of Tulsa (seriously back in the day), but also having a couple of really, no-kiddingly butt-kicking rodeo teams.

Not that there are any flies on Thibodaux, LA or Nicholls State, for that matter.  The Colonels come in a respectable 4-3, tied with three other teams in conference.  They may not have a rodeo team, but the captain of their men’s basketball team has his own clothing line.  Not kidding.  According to the Nichollsworth:

Jeremy Smith… New Orleans native, was tired of wearing other people’s clothes, so he decided to create a clothing line.

He calls it CXVIII.  Interested customers can check it out at the website,

Sunny and mid-70s at game time (3 PM CDT) in Thibodaux.

In Div III, Rose-Hulman will meet its fate hosting Franklin on Saturday at 1:30 CDT.  Franklin (IN) College’s 4-2 Grizzlies are ranked #18 in Div III; their early losses were to #1 Mount Union and frequent Top 25 lurker Butler.  They’ve slaughtered their Heartland Collegiate opponents in the last four games, and are likely to roll grimly over the Engineers.  Still, you can’t beat the awesome football weather for kickoff in Cook Stadium: partly cloudy and 60-ish.

Christopher Newport will be at Greensboro (NC) College on Saturday night for a USA South collision.  The Captains have slumped to 4-2 and 6th in the conference after last week’s loss.  But they whomped NC Wesleyan 20-8 on the 12th, whereas 2-5 Greensboro beat NC Wesleyan for the first time ever last week (they’re pretty excited about it), and had to pull it out 44-42.  May give a crude feel for their relative levels of play.  Greensboro hosts at the Grimsley High School stadium, where the cold front will rule tomorrow evening: 40s and clear for the 7 PM kickoff, moon waning gibbous.

MIT, which we are now following as our contribution to the Egghead Football Hunt (hey, they’re Engineers), will be at Western New England University on Saturday.  MIT plays football in the New England Football Conference (NEFC); laying out its other conference affiliations would be exhausting and confusing, as befits Engineers.  Much of the NEFC has split off in 2013 to play football in the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference, which is just another way that Div III football is a lot like the Baptist churches of yore.  The rump NEFC has 8 members, including MIT and its opponent this week, Western New England.

MIT comes in 3-2, having defeated Pomona-Pitzer, Becker, and Nichols (the latter a most satisfying, 48-0 conference win).  Western New England will host in Springfield, MA, and comes in 2-4, with the wins over Maine Maritime and Union (NY).  The WNE team is the Golden Bears, and they seem to play about as well in their conference as their big brothers in Berkeley do in the PAC-12.  Fabulous weather for the 1 PM EDT kickoff: mid-50s and cloudy, with rain expected for the evening.

Deer Creek kicks off at home with 5A District 2 rival Guthrie at 7 PM CDT, and they can use the home-field advantage.  The Bluejays come in 7-0 and seated atop District 2.  Antlers are 5-2 and need this win to stay alive for an automatic playoff berth.  The key for the Antlers will be stopping unstoppable Guthrie RB Kai Callins, a 4-star recruiting target who has racked up over 100 yards in six of the last seven games.

Putnam City (The Original), 2-5, will be at Bixby this evening, with little likelihood of pulling out a win over the 5-2 Spartans.  PC North heads south to take on Norman North, and we’re mildly conflicted on this one, since a niece is a Norman North senior this year.  Timberwolves are 5-2 to the PCN Panthers’ 3-4, and in general are a better team, so they’re likely to take the honors tonight.  Generally 50-ish and clouding up for Oklahoma football this autumn evening.  (Sigh.)

49 thoughts on “Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 9”

  1. Okay, I am thinking of adding Guilford College (Greensboro type Quakers) to my Egghead Report, thus we combine pacifism and Mensa types.
    Quaker D: stand there and hope for the best?
    I bet Sgt. York would have been a real hitter.
    PC North should stay on the bus.
    Take Tech and the points.
    I must say, your report is comprehensive to say the least.
    Shameless comment on Greensboro, N.C. I was born in a Jewish hospital there. It was torn down years later. My mother reminded me of that often when I was young.

  2. I didn’t know MIT had a football team. My own alma mater (Northeastern), used to have a football team, but no longer. A Title IX casualty I believe. I was actually on the MIT campus last week. I saw Michael Barone speak there. He was promoting his new book and spoke about, as one would assume, the nature and trends of electoral politics throughout American history. Interesting if not riveting stuff.

    1. Ritchie, you sound like a promising consumer for The Egghead Report.
      I need your SSAN, your bank routing number, account number and a valid credit card number.
      Our website is down, but send your info before midnight tonight so you don’t forget.
      Mr Barone is a very thoughtful guy.

      1. Why don’t you just buy a list with that info from NSA, WR?

        I’m shocked, shocked that RE didn’t know MIT had a football team. But he proves my theory that there’s always, ALWAYS a personal human-interest angle.

        Speaking of which, I wasn’t born in Greensboro, but I was born in a hospital that was torn down afterward. Granted, it was rebuilt and runs under the same name today. St. John’s in Tulsa. 21st and Utica. But basically, they did have to break the mold after my debut.

        Okie Pokes up 14-0 on the Cyclones.

      2. Hi Walt. My Soc Sec # is 694-93-5676. My bank routing number is 021000546. My bank acct # is 943020732. My cc number is 4367010183257743 (Visa). Are we missing anything? Just let me know before the midnight deadline. I’m here to help.

        I too wasn’t born in Greensboro (we have something in common J.E.). I did some critical grueling research for 4 minutes on the Internet and determined that my hospital of birth (Richmond Hospital) was bought by a bigger hospital corporation. Melbourne Australia is the location, so a quick drive-by to check it out to confirm if my research is accurate would be, shall we say, a daunting task.

        1. Ruby thanks you for your financial info.
          All of her children are very happy. They live alone you know.

        2. I assume you have Life Lock, RE? Or that these are just random numbers from a RanNum Disgronifier?

          Just checking.

          1. Picking up on what you indicated earlier J.E., Walt can confirm all those numbers with the NSA. Angela Merkel’s cell phone number is available too if one is interested.

      1. Boo. Good thing the game is on Fox Sports, otherwise some chump PAC-12 match would preempt it in these parts.

  3. Cowboys running away with it now.

    What I want to know: WHAT’s going on with Miami (Da U) and Nebraska? Both on the short end to weaker teams, with only moments to go.

    Been checking in on the Hurricanes, and they just look sluggish and disorganized.

    Not getting the Nebraska-Minnesota game here.

    Pitt hanging on over Navy 13-7 in the 3Q.

  4. Don’t know what hit the Huskers. Miami got their Wake-up call late. Probably just a little depressed about losing their sugar daddy boosters and being on Probation.

  5. Collective “Phews!” from Miami and Navy. Nebraska never did recover.

    Annoying game delay for Oklahoma and TTRR.

    Virginia Tech needs an injection of some kind. Dithery after a seemingly nice start.

  6. FSU has put 35 on NC State in the 1Q. Oy.

    Prep update:

    Deer Creek succumbed ungracefully to Guthrie and the Callins Express last night, 28-3. Boo. Hiss.

    PC Pirates fell as expected to Bixby, but kept it respectable. 24-20.

    In the Whaddaya Know category, PC North knocked off Norman North 31-21. Panthers surge to 4-4.

      1. Sorry for the delay on the eggheads report. Software problem.
        You can call in. Ruby is standing by.
        Tech QB is as bad as Bell.

  7. Eating in a hole in the wall near campus corner.We wish you were here.
    Egghead Report: sorry about VaTech.

  8. The Hokie Blues on parade today… as Virginia Tech’s offense fails to show up for the game, and Logan Thomas proves that he’s a tight end…

    We drop out of the top 25, and will never again appear there until major coaching changes are made. The Defensive effort was super, most of the Duke points were scored because the offense couldn’t complete the job. The score should have been 17 to 6 Tech. But alas, when you don’t have a quarterback you don’t have a Red Zone offense that can actually get the ball into the end zone consistently. With Thomas unable to hit drag, middle crossing, and out routes, it is exceedingly difficult to get a receiver open in the end zone for long enough to freeze him into place for a point to point throw.

    The season is now functionally over. We’ll still get a Booger Bowl in December, I think, but now is the time to tell Logan Thomas that there were serious mistakes made with the advice and teaching that he received. His NFL draft stock just plummeted past “maybe you can walk on” status. The offense would be best served to go ahead and get Leal working with the first team, and maybe pull up one of those new kids for some reps.. Move Thomas off to Tight End/H-Back… and end the delusion that he is a good quarterback just in need of some “coaching up”.

    He just isn’t, and keeping him in is no longer the best option. With Leal in we might just pick up two wins, but the way the current offense is playing, we are headed right for 6 and 6 or 7 and 5… before bowl season.

    Thomas looked lost, and was completely ineffective… just like his coaches.

  9. Well, there may be hope for VT at the end of this tunnel. It was a narrow, painful loss. But there aren’t so all-fired many up-movers from today’s action that the Hokies have to drop out of the Top 25 entirely.

    Not sure I see things changing all that much. Miami will plummet somewhat. Texas Tech will drop. Oklahoma will presumably climb past VT. But Texas A&M will climb further, wethinks. Hard to know what to do with Clemson. Shrug and keep watching. VT clocking in around 19-20, maybe. OK State and Louisville moving back up after solid victories.

    Glad I don’t have to be the BCS computer. At least 1-5 (probably) won’t have to change. (Guess the Gamecocks could still pull it off against Mizzou, but I’m not holding my breath.)

    Thomas has a heck of an arm and more experience now. He could use an acrobatic “marquee” receiver. Hokie D continued to look pretty solid.

    Meanwhile, the Sooners got it done. OU 38, TT 30 — that’s how spell “relief.”

  10. Joyless Mudville corner:

    Tulsa ended up losing in an uncharacteristic 14-7 defensive battle with Tulane.

    Pretty ugly 42-3 win by Michigan State over the Illini. Illinois defense is just soft against the rush. The linebackers don’t seem to be watching the ball. We got the game here — a rare event — so I was able to watch some, especially once OK State had put it away over Iowa St. Dang, the Spartan QB had his leisure in the pocket. Well. Work to do.

    Incredibly, 44 wasn’t good enough for Wyoming against San Jose State, which posted 51.

    As expected, Rose-Hulman was trounced 64-14 by Franklin.

    Haven’t seen the CNU score yet.

    In the good news column, McNeese State rolled over Nicholls State 55-30.

    MIT edged Western New England 17-14.

    1. Yeah – no run defense at all. I think most HS teams could drop a few hundred yards on my Illini’s rushing defense.

      At least I was forced to do a boatload of outdoor work – prepping for the cold weather to come – so I missed it. I figured we wouldn’t score against MSU’s defense. At least I got that part right!

  11. Not that we’re forgetting the battle for the Fremont Cannon, incidentally. But sadly, it goes in the Joyless Mudville corner. My goodness, what an annoying outcome.

    We’d much rather be chowing down at a hole in the wall eatery in Norman than thinking about it.

    1. The scurvy Rebs captured the cannon. They will haul it South, where they will paint it a glittery, flashy Vegas red. Nevada got outplayed in the second half again, and had a disturbing number of first down procedure penalties.

  12. Christopher Newport University Captains.. 42… Greensboro 13…

    Waiting for the big story.. just an excited announcement on the CNU Athletics page… But someone on my side of the score sheet won today…..

  13. Egghead Report:
    Stanford 20
    OSU 12

    Cal 17
    Washington 41

    Northwestern 10
    Iowa 17

    Vanderbilt 24
    Texas A&M 56

    Davidson 13
    Jacksonville 56

    U of Chicago 6
    Pacific 21

    Princeton 51
    Harvard 48
    3 OT

    Penn 28
    Yale 17

    Brown 42
    Cornell 35

    Cal Tech Fencing featured 2 first place wins. The saber rounds were nail biters.

    Bryn Mawr Badminton Season opens in 2 weeks. Many returners from last years outstanding team. The opener will not be televised.

    How about the Ole Ball Coach huh!!!!!!! Tigers fall on chip shot field goal.

    Thee Pacifist report for Thou:

    Guilford Quakers 28
    Randolf-Macon 21

  14. Dang I missed this entire post and thread. Must have been all the work (NOT) that I was doing. 😉

    Thanks for mentioning the other MSU! Ha!

    You may or may not be surprised to know that the two counties with the highest cattle census in the nation, at least until around 1980, were Cameron and Vermillion parishes (as we call counties in Louisiana). Both are just south of Lake Chuck. Marshland provides great lush winter grazing and annual spring roundup for shots, trimming of horns, and branding occurred before the start of hurricane season and after the herds were rounded up and driven north to higher (10 or 15 feet above sea level) ground. No wonder that a perennial high school championship contending rodeo team was from Sulphur, LA just across the river from Lake Chuck with many of that team also being stalwart high school defensive players. Some of these were sons quite wealthy sons of ranch/oil barron owners, & some sons of ranch hands. Also, South Cameron High School, had a pretty good team, even though it was a very small school. Not surprising, those rodeo team high schools also had some great high school wrestling teams, not a huge high school sport in Louisiana. South Cameron was virtually unbeatable for decades even competing against all the large schools for the state title in an open class for such a small sport here.

    In the spirit of competing only to win a trophy, a few cowboys got together to enroll in college just to bring home the trophy two years in a row in the late 50’s. Most of the stars of the team just went back to ranching after the second trophy. Cotton Kinney being the star of the team, then got into the rodeo stock raising business.

    Thus, Cowboys is a perfect mascot from such heritage.

    1. One would think that Nicholls would have a decent rodeo team as well, with lots of high school rodeo types from the nearby coastal marshes. However, the school is an almost suburb of New Orlean (less than 1 hr drive) with kids who could not get into Tulane or Loyola but did not want to live at home. Friday and Saturday nights were dead there after about 10PM due everyone going to NOLA to party the rest of the night. It’s definitely “Yat” territory. Yat from “where y’at” in a Brooklynesque accent being commonly used by descendents of Itallian immigrants in NOLA. The school used to have a pretty good tennis team though, recruiting furrners to play.

      FYI, Nichols is the former plantation of one Jim Bowie who willed this particular plantation of his fto be for a school of higher learning. It took a few years (over 100) for the school to be formed, first as a junior college.

    2. I think some of those cows were counted twice. Particularly the dead ones.
      We need to verify the absentee ballots for sure.

      1. Many of the landowners opted to get rid of the large herds by the early 90’s. Some liked to ranch so now maintain only breeding stock to sell.

        All of those cows were shipped to Amarillo for fattening up. The climate down this way isn’t good for cattle except having green forage during the winter. Dead cows were gotten rid of quickly with a couple of old tires (burns hotter than gasoline or diesel) and some diesel to start the funeral pyre. Keeps whatever may have ailed them from spreading.

        I don’t think that there are any cows in New Orleans. 😉

  15. I’m not surprised about the Louisiana parishes and their cattle count, ckla. As you say, the marsh land is great for grazing. The further west of the Mississippi you go, the more land it takes to graze the same number of cattle.

    Sounds like the rodeo scholars of yore had their priorities in order.

    1. I may have said this before but out in some desert area the land is actually fertile if only there were water. Case in point the land around the site where Phelps Dodge had a copper smelter Playas, NM & south of it. There is a large aquifer underground close to the surface thus not so much energy to lift it up into irrigated areas. What I saw was thicker and higher than a rice field ready for harvest, and a lush green as well.

  16. Thanks to WR for the Egghead Report. Yeah, Spurrier’s little flock kicked it up a notch in the second half. Tigers had been killing themselves with turnovers anyway.

    Baylor will probably reap the rewards from yesterday’s Top 10 miscues. Not that everyone doesn’t kick Kansas around like an old beat-up soccer ball. But the Bears brought heat, unlike some of the narrow Top 10 victories, and the BCS computer always likes big yardage to go with big scores.

    Of course, Baylor’s next opponent is… the Sooners. In Waco on Thursday evening, 7 Nov.

    Texas over TCU, 30-7. Horns finally find their mojo?

    Detroit lays one on Dallas as the 1Q closes. Sigh.

  17. Always grateful that the Dallas D is occasionally good for SOMETHING. That Sean Lee is one pickin’-off kind-a guy.

    Otherwise, the Poke D spells Nemesis “R-E-G-G-I-E B-U-S-H.”

    1. I growed up (keeping with the western theme) just across the border in Vinton, LA. It got very old hearing the “We’ve been robbed.” year in and year out from the TX side. Thus, I am biased against Dallas. They have the players BUT not really a team. Lots of fans calling for the Princeton fellow to be fired, each of the last few years.

  18. Speaking of cattle grazing. I land in Denver 7am tomorrow. Driving an EPA hating Ford dually crew cab back through SE Colorado to OKC .
    Each head of cattle needs about an acre to survive.
    I am sure the radio stations will be sublime.

    1. The radio stations WILL be sublime, as long as you like country and Christian talk.

      I was out that way in June, taking the northern route through the Panhandle to get from OKC back to SoCal. Can never get enough. What a great drive. Not much variety in the radio programming, but you get used to it.

      There IS a classical music station out of Raton (on FM right around 90), which seems to broadcast from up on a mountain top or something, because you can get it through much of northern New Mexico. Lo and behold, it broadcast a performance of the old Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel opera during the afternoon of my drive into Eagle Nest, NM. Blast from my childhood past. That was a Christmas staple for us when I was a kid.

      The Panhandle is really, really dry. I’ve never seen it so brown and dead. Still, it’s a great drive. Enjoy!

      1. Between the Texas border and Minneapolis is there anything other than Christian talk radio? I say that tongue in cheek but it sure seemed over 50% in 2010.

        FYI, I do like to listen to local A.M. stations while driving just to be a sense of the local populace.

  19. BTW – As predicted… Virginia Tech drops out of the Top 25 in both polls. That’ll drop them out of the BCS poll/Calculation too.

    From here on, they play

    BC in Chestnut Hill – odds even on that one Tech’s offense is so bad BC actually has a chance to win.

    Miami in Miami… I can hear the bell tolling from South Beach – and its coming from an Art Deco tower. Miami is not really very good this year but has had a tour of cupcakes and notsohard teams to play. Tech’s odds drop to 1 in 3 chance to win.

    Then we come back home to Lane (which is no longer full, and no longer intimidating) to take on Maryland… fear the turtle!… Tech’s partner and sort of sister school (Maryland and Virginia Tech share the Veterinarian School at Tech) We are again at best 50/50

    And then off to Scott Stadium for a dance with those fabulously gay Cavaliers… Which we actually have a a 3 in 1 chance of winning.

    Tech will finish the regular season out of the running for the ACC title, and probably at best 9-3, more probably 8-4, and could be 7-5.

    It will be either the Belk or Russell Athletic Bowls again this year.

    Slacks and Sweater or Gymshorts and Tee Shirts Bowl… humm


    1. Should be the Russell Athletic Supporter Bowl — er, cup.
      At least the Hokies still have a chance for respectability if they can get going.

  20. Well, but… Hokies still got 20 votes in AP and 53 in USA Today. Respectable after the ugly loss. It won’t mean nothing to beat Miami on the 9th, which remains quite possible.

    Hilarious evidence of the human sentiment factor: Notre Dame surging back into the Top 25. Give me large break.

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