Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | October 18, 2013

Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 8

A pox on this Thursday night football.  #10 Miami (Da U) has already been thoroughly non-dominating in a narrow 27-23 victory over suck-monster North Carolina, and the weekend hasn’t even started.  We think Virginia Tech can beat Miami in November, if the Hokies bring their A game.

Tulsa has the week off, and a darn good thing.  The next game will be at Tulane on the 26th.  The Green Wave ain’t beanbag this year, uncharacteristically turning in a winning 5-2 record overall, and leading C-USA West with a 3-0 conference record.  The odds will probably be pretty much in pick ‘em territory, and since neither team plays this weekend, that’s not likely to change.  We always enjoy seeing the two schools with their tiny contingents of fans in the big, echoing space of the Superdome.  The Hoos in full holler down in Hooville.  Right now, we don’t see any national TV coverage of the game.  Don’t know if that will change.

#18 Oklahoma – and they’re being kind, over at the AP Top 25 Poll – will be in Lawrence to meet the Jayhawks on Saturday.  Poor old Kansas may actually be unable to beat the tailfeather-dragging Sooners, who give 21 in the line.  The Jayhawks come in 2-3, with by far the worst offense in the Big 12, so the Sooner D should be able to stop them.  We’ll see if the Bellpasser can refrain from randomly throwing the football at Kansas linebackers and corners with gay abandon.  Jayhawk D isn’t the worst one out there, and does have 7 interceptions to its name so far.  Cold front with freezing precip moving through tonight, but it should be clear and mild for game time tomorrow.

#21 Oklahoma State has a tough match coming up, hosting TCU in Stillwater on Saturday at 11 AM CDT.  Pokes give 7; we might take a few more points than that, but not many.  Same weather forecast as for Kansas basically, with the cold front having moved through and leaving quiet, mild conditions in its wake.

Navy, 3-2 and coming off a really nasty fall to Duke, will be at Toledo on Saturday.  The 3-3 Rockets give 10; they looked respectable in their early losses to Miami and Mizzou, and won’t be a pushover.  Army is a 2-point dog heading to Temple, which may be 0-6 but has found a way to score on better teams this season.  Air Force has the week off, and will host Notre Dame on the 26th.

Virginia Tech, having surged to #19, takes the week off as well, preparing to host Duke next Saturday.

Nevada is back in action Saturday PM, squaring off with rival Boise State on the Smurf Turf in Boise.  Boys Estate has lost a step from its glories of a few years ago, coming in 4-2 and 2nd in the Mountain West Mountain Division (behind, get over yourselves, Wyoming, because of the Pokes’ 2-0 conference record, to the Broncos’ 2-1.  Heh. We’ll see how much longer that lasts).  Fajardo, by all reports, is back to 100% for tomorrow’s game, and the Broncos have lost their top-rushing RB to an injury.  But the Bronco D’s edge is likely to tell as the game wears on.  Look for the usual random explosions from the Wolf Pack offense, and some kind of shenanigans in the second half.  Broncs give 23.  50s and clear but not too windy on the Blue Field of Death.

Illinois will host classic Big 10 rival Wisconsin, which currently lurks at #25 in the AP, in a 7 PM CDT nightcap on Saturday.  Badgers give 14, which is probably about right.  Wyoming hosts Colorado State and gives 6.

Around the Top 10, Alabama hosts Arkansas, giving 29.  Sure, why not.  Oregon hosts Washington State, giving 39.  Tell us something we don’t know.  Overranked #3 Clemson hosts #5 Florida State, and we’re calling this one Game of the Week, for obvious reasons.  ‘Noles give 3, and we’re betting with the bettors on that.

#4 Ohio State hosts Iowa, giving 17.  Oddly, no derelict junk will change hands in this one.  #6 LSU lines up against Ole Miss in the Magnolia Bowl, and the Tigers could do themselves some good with a convincing win (especially if Clemson gets upended).  The winner totes off a boring old trophy rather than something useful like a kitchen tool or a spittoon, but we’re glad to be able to feature a rivalry this weekend.

So much classier than a blinged-up Arsh wand. (SI/CNN photo)

So much classier than a blinged-up Arsh wand. (SI/CNN photo)

#7 Texas A&M hosts Auburn and gives a reasonable 13.  #8 Louisville has another “Huh, could be interesting” match tonight with Central Florida, which comes in 4-1 and to date has beaten Penn State and held South Carolina (motto: “The Other USC”) to a narrow 28-25 victory.    Louisville could use a good, stomping win in this one, but may not get it.  Cardinals give 13.

UCLA debuts in the Top 10 this week, finally getting a little respect as the new #9 – and we’ll see how deserved it is in Saturday’s marquee Pac 12 match-up at new #13 Stanford.  The Rose Petal may have succumbed embarrassingly to the Youths last week, but they still pack a punch.  Local (Bruin) fan interest will find itself somewhat calibrated by the outcome of tonight’s NLCS Game 6, with the Dodgers trailing St. Louis 2-3 in the series.  Blue’s a-burnin’ in the northern reaches of LA.  (Sadly, TOC’s Reds bowed out way early.  At that point it was looking pretty well fated, after their painful September Slide.)

Among other notables, we are proud to announce that Colorado (motto: “We take a pounding!”) is actually giving 20 in the Buffaloes’ Saturday match.  Sure, they have to be hosting Charleston Southern (FCS, Big South) to do it.  But the Buccaneers come in with a 7-0 record, having beaten Appalachian State and Norfolk State, neither of which is a pushover, as well as VMI and the Citadel.  Good luck to the contestants.  (And no, we don’t know if the two teams have ever played before.  We doubt it.)

In the What. EVER category, Notre Dame will host USC in their annual face-off for the Jeweled Shillelagh, which frankly is a really fruity game trophy, but which a lot of crazed fans get all hyperventilated over.  Yeah, yeah.  We’ll be watching it here.  Saturday night football.  Not like there’s anything else on.  Arsh give 3, but we think that’s silly.  They’re not that good.  Chilly 40s in South Bend at game time, and the rain may not be over for the kickoff.

In Div III, Rose-Hulman has the week off.  The Engineers will be prepping for the 26 October home stand against Franklin.

Christopher Newport hosts Maryville College’s (TN) Scots on Saturday night, and faces a challenge in this USA South match.  The Scots come in 5-1, topping the USA South standings and on a 4-game winning streak since dropping one early to Emory & Henry.  The wins include a 35-26 bout over Methodist, CNU’s one loss to date.  The 4-1 Captains will have a slog to knock off the Scots.  Should be a good game.  More fall fan weather in Pomoco Stadium:  upper 50s with showers at game time.

Deer Creek slaughtered Western Heights last night to open our prep action for the week.  In spite of a couple of missteps to date, the 5-2 Antlers are 7th statewide in the 5A standings, and 2nd in 5A District 2, behind Guthrie.  Sure enough, the Antlers will host the Guthrie Bluejays next Thursday, 24 October.  Big game.

Putnam City (The Original) lost at home last night to Broken Arrow, which as always is circling the top 5 in the state 6A class.  PC Pirates drop to 2-5, and are unlikely to make .500 on the season, as they still face Bixby and Jenks in the final weeks.

PC North advanced to 3-4 with a 50-0 shutout of U.S. Grant last night.  Congrats to the Panthers!



  1. OU vs The Tator Tots in the Sun Bowl? Maybe Wyoming favored to beat The Sooners in Shreveport?
    I am sure that Bob has already instituted a Corporate Review Process featuring a memo to all position coaches requesting up-dates on any procedural up-dates that were requested since their loses last year.
    The coaches will be required to return their updates in full before the next debacle. Can you say Baylor?
    The really sharp upwardly mobile coaches will have their memos written and printed before the game. All they have to do is hit send afterwards. There will be a dinner for the memo with the best excuses. It will be held at Bob’s new really really big house. You know, the one he earned by winning so many games against weak teams and dropping games to below average/average teams and getting blown out by above average teams.
    Thanks for reading the first edition of The Bitter Review.
    Next week, we will attempt to prove the correlation between Spineless Republican Reps and how Bob makes below average sound good to everyone.
    Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you are.

    • You see why it’s so important to have other teams to write and prognosticate about, even if it’s just Tulsa and, like, LSU.

      Anybody else catch that exciting game last night? (And by “exciting,” you know I don’t mean the Dodgers debacle.)

      Central Florida came back from a 28-7 deficit in the second half to snatch a 38-35 victory over #8 Louisville in the final minute. Fun, fun football, unless you’re a Cardinals fan.

      Very frankly, the VA Tech D would have had Louisville for lunch. It will be interesting to see the Cardinals in the ACC next year. But it was good entertainment for a brisk fall evening.

  2. Annoying Cowpokes. Throwing intx on the first possession.

    • And a few more as well – but look to be getting safely in control now.

  3. All righty. If the offense can’t score, let the special teams git ‘er done.

  4. I am expecting Wisconsin to cover unless the winds are way down and Illinois can pass – because Wisc can’t. But boy can they run. So if Illinois cannot pass to hang with them, covering for Wisc will be child’s play.

  5. Oh wow – OSU what kind of throw was that?

  6. Just call him the Walsh One Man Anti-Scoring Machine. Conservatively, OSU would have at least 10 more — and probably 14 more — points right now, if not for the 3 interceptions.

  7. Agreed, JEM, on the Badgers’ (relative) lack of a passing game this year. If they were in the SEC, they’d have a healthy throwing game and a lousy D. In the Big 10, it’s kind of the reverse.

    Navy led Toledo early but Rockets have come back to a 10-7 edge. No real surprises in any of the early action, although the Gamecocks might want to open that lead over Tennessee if they want to surge upward again, ranking-wise.

  8. Good thing OSU can Play Football Stupidly and still be up 17-0 on TCU at the half.

  9. Spurrier’s boys have some work to do, down 17-7 to the Vols at the half. Starting to look like they’re not all that, this year. They’ll need an epic turn-around in the 2nd half to hang in at #11.

    Navy back on top of Toledo 14-10.

    Temple 14-0 over Army as the 2Q starts.

    9 minutes or so to the kickoff between Colorado (motto: “We take a pounding!”) and Charleston Southern.

  10. Looking grim for Navy, down 31-21 in the 4Q.

    The Other USC has repaired its deficit with Tennessee. 21-17 Gamecocks, with a quarter to go.

    Buffaloes not stampeding Charleston Southern just yet, but leading 8-3.

    Wyoming down 14-0 to Colo State at the moment.

    Comedy of errors in Stillwater. 5 total interceptions and 2 lost fumbles so far, between the two teams.

  11. Couple of cliffhangers going! Tennessee might pull it out here. Navy forcing OT on Toledo. Wheeeeeee!!!!!

  12. Vols bag a big one, 23-21 over the Gamecocks.

    Toledo takes it in 2OT, 45-44 after Navy botches the PAT.

    Hey, anybody notice Minnesota over Northwestern, 20-17? Goldie rules!

    Wyoming not in good shape, down 24-7 to CO State last we saw.

    Yep, the Sooners are Playing Football Stupidly, already down to Kansas by 7.

  13. Saw the Tennessee finish – Spurrier outsmarted himself!

  14. 4th and 13 , can Little Johnny pull out the game with time running out…….ah no.
    State of Alabama 2 – A&M 0.

    • I hope Nevada hangs 50 on the Tator Tots.

      • Good first half for the Pack, but they had their typical 3d Q meltdown. I think they have an open bar for the team at halftime. Sometimes it wears off by the 4th Q. We’ll see.

  15. Ok – only down by 11 at the half – some remote amount of hope to cover.

  16. Ok – so much for that!!

  17. Tigers (LSU) making it interesting, at least…

  18. Never a good idea to count Nevada totally out … but I don’t think the Pack will be hanging half a hundred on the Tater Tots tonight.

    Ole Miss moving the ball… LSU’s got 25-30 yards to stop ’em.

  19. Didn’t see CO St 52 – Wyoming 22 coming. Condolences.

    FSU stomping the snot out of overranked #3 Clemson.

    Wisconsin performing as expected over Illinois. Not getting the game here, as usual.

    LSU doesn’t stop Ole Miss. Playing time-out here before the FG attempt. Dot dot dot

    • Daph very quiet.

  20. Looks like Ole Miss will tote off the Magnolia Bowl trophy tonight.

    Guys with the Gatorade can’t find the coach.

    Sadly, Christopher Newport fell to Maryville 30-17.

  21. Big triumph for Oklahoma today: not the dumbest or most embarrassing outcome for a ranked team. Boomer Sooner!

    Other notables: Vandy, of course, edged Georgia 31-27.

    Arizona State kicked #20 Washington all over the field. 53-24.

    BYU finally won the Cougar throw-down in Houston. By a whisker: 47-46. First time meet for those teams, incidentally.

    Not a BIG surprise that Stanford knocked off UCLA, which will now proceed smartly back south of the Top 10.

    Colorado 43, Charleston Southern 10.

  22. OMG – The Red Sox just hit another slam!!!!!

  23. Certainly no reason to keep watching the ACC game. Kind of want to avert my eyes at this point.

    O-Ducks haven’t covered yet.

    Baylor hung 71 on Iowa State. Hey, it’s a prime number. Sooners play the Bears in Waco in 2 weeks.

    Can’t get real interested in the ALCS, but at least it’s not that unseemly slaughter going on in Clemson.

  24. One more out…

  25. Whole Boston bench ready to rush the field

  26. Another pennant for the Red Sox…

  27. Sox and Cards rematch for 2013. Good on Boston

  28. Wow, LSU was completely unprepared for Ole Miss tonight. This new website has been put up by a conservative blogger.

    My FCS 9th ranked McNeese beat it to 2nd ranked Sam Houston 31-23.

    Boy did FSU stick it to Clemson good, that could have been the biggest route of the day.

    In politics, Louisiana’s 5th congressional district held a special election today to replace retire Rodney Alexander. In an open “Jungle” primary two R’s will be in the runoff with one of them coming out of nowhere to beat #3 a Dem by 3 pts. Green Party had one candidate who receive 0.48% of the vote and the two Libertarians split 0.98%. Hookers and hookahs though veiled doesn’t sell well to voters very well up there. Strict Baptists are considered moderate SoCons up there.

    • Thanks for the update, ckla. Hope it’s good news about the 2 Rs in the runoff (i.e., that at least one of them is a true limited-govt conservative).

      Congrats to McNeese! That’s a big win over Sam Houston.

      Less said about LSU the better, for now.

      • This went up right after LSU’s lousy play vs. Ole Miss..

        Check the bottom of the page. Joe Aleva is LSU’s AD.

      • The surprise contender had nothing really going for him other than being friends with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, and $250K of his own cash. I see the favorite, Riser, who has something like a 95% conservative rating as a state legislator taking this one easily in the runoff.

  29. And I think the U can beat Tech if it brings its A game (meaning Morris doesn’t throw interceptions.)

    As a Miami fan, I can tell you we are a year or two away. We’re not that good….yet.

  30. The Toledo Rockets did not play “Miami” this year. They played “Miami (O)”, or Miami of Ohio. There is only one Miami.

  31. Welcome, bethesdadog. Apologies for the delay in your comments appearing. You’re “approved” now, and all comments should appear promptly henceforth (unless you use a different screen name or email address, in which case the process restarts).

    You’re quite right about Toledo not playing Da U. In the text, that should have been “Florida,” not Miami. (Toledo lost to the Gators in week 1.) I know, I know. Don’t hit me.

    And I agree, Miami can certainly beat VT. Should be a good game on the 9th. That said, I don’t foresee FSU being stoppable this year, ACC-wise. Still, Coastal Div winner will get a better class of Booger bowl.

  32. I have considered your admonition to have more than one favorite team . Cal not withstanding, I will pull for all Egghead Schools.
    I think Egghead, therefore I am an Egghead. Sorta.

    • Okay, early Egghead Report: Davidson is 0-7 on the season. They lost to Marist Saturday 42-14.

  33. You know you’re gonna be on your own with that Egghead thing, WR.

    I do note that MIT will be playing Maine Maritime and the US Coast Guard academy in November. So we may deign to notice some Egghead ball in the Football Commentary Service.

    For ckla — meant to pick up McNeese this past week.

    I’m waiting for someone to want to follow Presbyterian. Maybe I’ll just add a weekly Blue Hose update. Not sure if that counts as Egghead or not.

    • Well the Baptists put it on the Presbyterians in the opener in Winston-Salem. I used to smoke both of them as a foolish young man.
      PBterians 2-4 on the season.
      I will check on Catawba College another time. (Catawba Indians/ Catawba River)

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