Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | October 4, 2013

Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 6

So, FWIW, I thought the officials’ call on the possible “fumble” play was the correct one, Texas-at-Iowa-State-wise.  And (as a lifelong Sooner fan) I’m hardly inclined to favor Texas on those matters.  Got nothing against the Cyclones either; in their grudge match with Iowa, I always root for them, just because they’re Big 12.

In any case, it’s only Friday morning, and already we have a Controversial Call for the week.  Life in the FBS.  Texas, in the final minute, 31-30 over Iowa State.

Tulsa, which beat Notre Dame 28-27 on 30 October 2010, will host C-USA West rival Rice on Saturday afternoon, and the way both teams are playing (each lost a lot of seniors last year), it ought to be pretty much a pick ‘em.  This will be Tulsa’s C-USA debut for 2013, remarkably enough.  All the pain up to now has been out of conference.  Time to buckle down and see if the Golden Hurricane can salvage some season.  Mild 60s and perhaps a little damp from morning showers, on Skelly Field in Chapman Stadium.

Oklahoma, which has surged to #11 after beating Notre Dame, will have the chance to off a Big 12 rival on Saturday evening when the Horned Frogs come to town.  Sooners are giving about 9 in the line, which is realistic.  That said, TCU’s got some offensive tools, and the Sooner D can be spotty on the execution.  Oklahoma does look a little hungrier this year than I’ve seen them for a while, which is a positive sign.

Oklahoma State has de-surged to #21 (counter-surged, if you will) after the inglorious loss to West Virginia, but at least will be at home and hosting Kansas State, which hasn’t exactly been a king-slayer this year.  We note with mild interest that two of the three invading teams in Oklahoma FBS ball this weekend come trailing purple.  Rice, of course, is blue and white, and just a titch fey-looking with that stylized R.  In any case, all things being equal, the Cowboys should roll over the Wildcats.  But things do have a way of getting out of equilibrium, especially with the bipolar OSU D, so we’d watch that 13-point spread with some wariness.

Navy and Air Force kick off the Saturday FBS action at 11:30 EDT in Annapolis, with Navy favored in the line, somewhat unaccountably, by 11.  Air Force was pretty darn respectable against Nevada last week, even with the third string QB behind center, and Navy was shut down effectively by Western Kentucky.  So we wouldn’t take the points on this one.  Coach Niumatalolo (Indian name: “Needs a nickname”) has his work cut out for him.

Army will be at Boston College, and we note that the slum-dwelling Eagles are only giving 11 or so.

Virginia Tech will be hosting ACC foe North Carolina in Blacksburg on Saturday, kicking off noon-thirty-ish.  In any other year of the last decade, given the Tar Heels’ really unimpressive play to date, we’d expect to see a bigger advantage for the Hokies in the line.  But it’s 2013, so the Hokies give of 7 looks round and safe.

Finally we get to the Friday night action, in which TOC fave Nevada will be at San Diego State to face off with the Aztecs in a Mountain West clash.  Cody Fajardo, with knee brace, will be taking the snaps for the Wolf Pack.  Pack gives 6 in the line; unless the mediocre Aztecs can take Fajardo out early, we think the points are a good bet.  Clear, dry as a bone, 60s, with incipient Santa Ana winds at game time (which will be late – 6 PM PDT/9 PM EDT – for East coast FBS fans).

Illinois has a big date in Lincoln on Saturday, squaring off with the Cornhuskers in a Big 10 cross-division bout.  Both teams come in 3-1, improving, capable of surprise, and alive in their respective divisions.  Huskers are giving 8 or so.

Around the Top 10, #1 Alabama hosts Georgia State (Sun Belt), which comes in 0-4 and promises to give Saban & Co a useful scrimmage opportunity.  Tide gives 54.  Oregon, #2, heads to Colorado (motto: “We take a pounding!”), spraying points like confetti.  39 at latest tally.  Overranked #3 Clemson will be visiting in the Loud House, giving 14 to the Syracuse Orange, which, having lost to Penn State (narrowly) and Northwestern (badly), while beating Wagner and Tulane, is not exactly a tower of power so far.  #4 Ohio State will be at #16 Northwestern giving 6.  #5 Stanford hosts a slowly climbing Washington, now #15, with a give of 7-ish.  Both Top 10 teams could make some hay of a big win tomorrow.

#6 Georgia won’t have a lot of latitude to prove its mettle over garbage-sucking Tennessee.  For some reason, the ‘Dogs are only giving 10.  #7 Louisville gives 31 at Temple.  #8 Florida State hosts ACC rival #25 Maryland, and we suspect the 4-0 Terps will beat the 16-point Seminole give.  They’ve been playing some pretty reasonable ball to date.  #9 JohnnyAgs have the week off.  #10 LSU (now underranked, we feel) heads to Mississippi State to give 9 and buy time with a win.

Other notables:  let’s just get this one out of the way:  de-ranked Notre Dame will be playing re-ranked (#22, this week) Arizona State in the Jerry Dome in Arlington, just because they’re Notre Dame.  Golly, might the Arsh beat the Sun Devils and get back in the Top 25?  Ooohh. Aahhhh.


A replica of the Little Brown Jug on display at Michigan. (The original, which carried Coach Fielding Yost's water, is kept in storage.)

A replica of the Little Brown Jug on display at Michigan. (The original, which carried Coach Fielding Yost’s water, is kept in storage.)

#12 UCLA, which we kind of follow because they’re not the Trojans, beat the Youths already, 34-27.  They could have been more impressive, for a team ranked #12.  Frankly, we think half the SEC and a good quarter of the Big 12 or ACC would wipe the floor with the Bruins.

In garage-sale junk action, darned if Minnesota won’t be at #19 Michigan to play for the Little Brown Jug on Saturday.  Wolverines give 19, and we admire their fans’ optimism. (We do fear Goldie will go trophy-less this season, garage-sale-junk-wise.)  BYU, meanwhile, will be at Utah State tonight to see who hauls off the Old Wagon Wheel.  And New Mexico hosts NM State for the Maloof Trophy, awarded to the winner of the long-running (1894) Rio Grande Rivalry.

In Div III, Rose-Hulman hosts HCAC rival Hanover in Terre Haute on Saturday afternoon.  The Fightin’ Engineers have battled to 2-2 and are currently sitting pretty in the standings, just behind powerhouse Franklin and HCAC-leading Mt. St. Joseph.  (Franklin, which beat Earlham last week 80-7, is expected to switch conference ranking with Mt. St. Joe after the two teams meet on the 12th.)  Hanover comes in 0-3.  Warm – 80s – and cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms in Cook Stadium.

Christopher Newport gets a chance to test-drive that Div III #22 ranking in Fayetteville (NC) on Saturday, colliding with the Methodist U. Monarchs at 1 PM EDT.  Methodist comes in 2-2, having defeated Southern Virginia and Guilford, but lost to Emory & Henry (badly) and Maryville.  Captains have the edge in this one, but it’s going to be hot (low 90s) and muggy, conditions the Monarchs, who play more often in the afternoon, are probably more accustomed to.  Good luck to the Captains!

Deer Creek hosts 5A foe El Reno in tonight’s high school action.  It’s Homecoming for the Antlers, and a good chance to win a game as well, with El Reno posting a 1-3 record to date.

Putnam City will be at Tulsa Edison this evening, facing a tough opponent.  Edison’s a perennial 6A powerhouse and comes in 3-1 (the one loss to Sapulpa) to PC’s 2-2.

PC North finally bagged a win last night, topping Moore (now 1-4, 6A) 31-23 at home.



  1. 1. How bad are the shorthorns?
    2. The Wyoming RaRa has quieted around here after the Texas State debacle.
    3. I wondered if The Manchurian President would stop the service academies from playing football even though the athletic departments are privately funded. Someone found a backbone. Excellent!
    4. How bad are the shorthorns?

    • Watching Nevada/ SDSU

      • Uh-Oh , 72 yd TD run Aztecs.

  2. Was wary of mentioning Wyoming.

    Nevada didn’t exactly start slowly. But SDSU started faster. Wolf Pack needs to punch some run, if they can.

    Dang. Big T/O for Aztecs just now. I sense another quick score coming.

    BYU cruising over Utah State in the 4Q. Looks like the Cougars will have the Old Wagon Wheel for another year.

  3. Deer Creek just absolutely slaughters El Reno, 70-0.

    Edison leading PC 17-10 in the 4Q.

    Fajardo drops the ball AGAIN. Not his night, for sure.

  4. Oy to the FREAKIN veh. This game is getting hard to watch.

  5. Game suddenly more watchable now. Memo to self: keep in mind Nevada’s penchant for 4Q shenanigans.

    • I see the Aztecs pulled it out in overtime.
      In other news: 51F this morning in OKC after cold front moved through. Lots of thunder starting about 2 am.
      First cool weekend tradition started soaking last night. Walt’s World Famous Red Beans are starting to heat up as I write. Dead fatty meat and lots of secret spices will be added during the day.
      Daph hates all forms of legumes. Will be a bit of a Love Hate buffet during the OU/TCU game.
      Horned Frogs D is very stout. Running game will suffer.
      I wonder what Lane is doing this morning?

    • In the modern football lexicon, “defense” = a powerful creature of medieval mythology. Some people believed that you could “play defense,” meaning to turn the creature to good purposes, with magical spells and incantations.

      • Mack is trying the mystical approach even as we speak.
        OU/Texas will tell the Tale.

  6. Congrats to the Okies on the chilly front. I’m with Daphne on the legumes. Not a fan. But I bet it smells good.

    Although there’s not precisely a Lane-Cam, AFAIK, we do understand that Lane might find his home foreclosed on by USC, under a contractual agreement from when he was hired. So I’m sure the paps are lurking in Manhattan Beach to get that moment of eventhood on camera.

    The Greater Los Angeles TV viewing area: Land of TMI.

    Heh. Navy takes lead with a TD. Finally.

    • I bet Tennessee fans everywhere
      are showing empathy for Lane.
      L O L !

      • The home thing is too sweet!!!

        • Almost makes me feel sorry for the guy. Hope he has a major interest in a car dealership or something.

  7. Army kicking some Eagle tailfeather at the moment. 17-14 over BC. Who’d-a thunk?

    VT over NC 14-7 last we checked.

    Getting to see some Illini here for a change. Not real rewarding so far, but there’s time.

    Navy running pretty well, up 14-10 in the 3Q.

    FSU pounding the Terps. Disappointing.

    • Congrats to the Midshipmen!

      • Navy Blue and Gold!

  8. How much worse can this FSU-Maryland score get? At least Georgia State put up 3 on Alabama.

    Huskers definitely running all over Illini. Pellini just looks like that kid in 4th grade you always wanted to sit as far from as possible. Lose the sloppy sweats, Bo. You’re a head coach now.

    Army’s back within 4 of Boston College with a few minutes to go in the 3Q. Knights have done all the scoring since midway through the 2Q. Maybe they’re not done yet.

    • OSU starting to slop around again. It is obvious the Cowboys are more talented, but they look very young and inexperienced.
      Stadium looks pretty cool on a beautiful day.
      I guess Oregon designed the Halloween uniforms?

  9. Tulsa just looking sloppy.

    OK, I think my head is now around the fact that this year’s Tulsa team is not the team last year’s was.

  10. No vis on the OSU game from here. ABC’s giving us Minnesota-Michigan. Communists.

    • 17-14 Pokes at the half. K-State missed an easy pic on the goal line.
      Snyder was incensed.
      Same player personal foul on the next play. Gave OSU a 1st down at about the 3.
      OSU QB throwing the ball to KS
      On a regular basis.

      • KS fumbled 4 times in the 3rd. They lost 3. OSU by 2 start of the 4th.
        Both teams look terrible.

  11. Pokes must be behaving stupidly again. Score looks brain-dead from here.

    Tulsa and Rice slowed by bad leg injury to a TU offensive lineman. Looked pretty ugly, hauled him off in an ambulance. Rice has Cody Green’s number anyway. TU just not getting much started offensively.

  12. Bulldogs not terribly impressive versus Vols.

    Miami (Da U) not terribly impressive versus GA Tech.


    • Agree 100%

      • KS trying to give the game away. OSU doesn’t want it. 21 yard punt by Pokes.
        Tulsa lost the heart of their team. Hard to recover in one season. Even Bama is not the same team this year.

        • TD KState, going for 2. About 6 left in the 4th.
          Personal foul by Pokes kept the drive alive.
          KS 29 Pokes 23

          • Hang on Pokes 30
            KState 29. 1:56 drive.

            • KS turnover.

  13. Undeserved win by OSU.

    Would be happy to see one by Tulsa. Stop throwing plays away like they’re free to a good home, guys.

    OK, it goes to O/T in Tulsa.

    Unbelievable Vols TD.

  14. ABC gave us the last 4 min of the KSU-OSU game. Ghastly uniform situation for the Pokes. At least it wasn’t those neon-gray duds. Halloween freak-show though. Must agree.

  15. Well, phooey. Rice TD takes it in O/T.

    Dogs-Vols slog in O/T 31-all. Unexpectedly.

    Here’s one: current throwing leaders for the week are Halliday for Washington State (478 yd) and Goff for Cal (464 yd). Playing each other. Obviously, neither team brought a D. WSU is the visitor and at least has an excuse.

    Sooners playing like they’re ahead already, draping themselves over a lead and shooing the opponent with a lazy foot.

    • OK, technically, Sooners ARE ahead already. But a FG isn’t really like being ahead. Given the OU penchant for snoozy lead-tending.

      • See, this is my point. Sooners annoy the poo out of me. “Ho hum. Guess that down series didn’t work out. When’s juice-and-cookies break?”

        • Brutal game. May be the best D OU sees this year.

  16. Just gotta love it. Halliday and Goff both over 500 throwing yards now. Hilarious.

    • OU wearing on the Frogs D. I think 13 might be enough.

  17. Now trying not to jinx ’em by appreciating the drive they’ve put together.

    All righty, TD the old-fashioned way! Good job, Sooners.

    • I am going with Vodka and cake. Trying to tone down the beans aftermath.

      • Okay, it took 18 to win. Shorthorns, yeah.

  18. Ka-wow, Cincinnati drops New England 13-6 in the rain.

    Div III update:

    Rose-Hulman 38-14 over Hanover.

    Painful loss for Christopher Newport in Fayetteville. A 24-21 edge-out by the Monarchs. Captains will bow out of the Top 25 for now.

    So, not all happy happy joy joy, Div III-wise.

    The Putnam City (Original) final was indeed a loss to Tulsa Edison, 17-10.

    Dallas tees up for a beating by the Broncos here in a few.

  19. Was really disapointed with the Illini – couldn’t watch, had to listen while traveling over the weekend. The wind was bad which hurt us more, but I really felt that Nebraska isn’t all that great and we could at least make a game of it.

    We are still far off.

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