Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | September 27, 2013

Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 5

This Thursday night football is just making us nervous, here at your TOC Football Commentary Service.  It always seems to put us behind the 8-ball.

So Tulsa, which defeated Notre Dame 28-27 on 30 October 2010, has already lost for the week.  We even forgot to tune in until halftime, so we missed the good part, when Tulsa scored 14 points and was tied with Iowa State.  The second half was pretty much little-kids’-soccer for the Golden Hurricane.  The defense is eager, but remains young and on the learning curve.  Cyclone D had Cody Green’s number in the second half.  Final: Iowa State, 38-21 over Tulsa.

Virginia Tech topped Georgia Tech last night, in their annual ACC rivalry match.  The Hokies were just better enough, 17-10, although frankly, neither team was having an inspiring night.

Better football is on tap Saturday for drought-starved Sooner-State fans of FBS ball, even if it is all being played out of state.  #14 Oklahoma will be in South Bend to take on #22 Notre Dame.  The line seems to show a moderate Sooner give of 3 or so, which looks realistic, other than if you factor in the Sooners’ propensity to get stupid, at random, in the first half of the season.

Blake Bell has been permanently awarded the starting QB job, as we understand it, after his strong performance last week against a much weaker team.  We’re not as optimistic about his or his line’s performance against Notre Dame.  But we’ll see.  It’s week to week for the Sooners this year.  And it probably says something profound about FBS ball that they’re ranked #14 in spite of that.

Speaking of profound and FBS ball, #11 Oklahoma State will be at West Virginia for what promises to be a wild, high-scoring game.  Poke give is 19, but we suspect the Mountaineers will find a way to edge up on that against the kind-n-gentle OSU defense.

Navy will be in Bowling Green to face off with the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky, and the Mids are likely to do better than their 3-point give.  Yes, WKU rolled over Morgan State (MD; FCS, Mid-Eastern Athletic) last week, 58-17, but they lost to South Alabama the week before, and badly to Tennessee the week before that.  The Hilltoppers have one of the worst defenses in FBS versus the run; with quality wins over Indiana and Delaware, and high rushing totals, Navy has the edge for Saturday.

Army visits Louisiana Tech (new motto: “Finally in a conference that makes sense!”) on Saturday, and it’s a testament to their mutual suckage that the Knights give exactly 1.

Nevada will be hosting Air Force, with the Wolf Pack giving 10.  We don’t see where a definite call has been made yet on whether Fajardo will play, but freshman Tyler Stewart did quite a creditable job against Hawaii last week – and Air Force is down to its last viable option with a third-stringer, QB-wise.  So the 10 points sound like a pretty safe bet to us.

TCU is back in action hosting neighboring SMU, in the battle royal for the Iron Skillet!  It’s not quite the incentive that a Milk Can is, we admit, but when you think about it, who doesn’t hanker after an Iron Skillet!?  The Horned Frogs give 19; we think the Mustangs will play tougher than that, but probably not by much.

Wyoming will be at Texas State giving about 7 in the line.  Yes, the Cowboys have played the Bobcats once before, bagging a 45-10 win in 2011.  Texas State knocked off C-USA’s Southern Miss to open the season, however; rolled over Prairie View A&M; and looked relatively respectable in a 33-7 loss to Texas Tech last weekend.

No pieces of old junk will change hands when the Fighting Illini host Miami (OH) on Saturday morning.  Considering the Redhawks’ way-losing record, however, the Illini give of 25 looks pretty solid.

Speaking of bric-a-brac, this is Floyd of Rosedale’s weekend of glory.  Iowa will be in Goldie’s House for the annual Fight for the Bronze Pig (which the Hawkeyes will be bringing with them, on the off chance that Minnesota might win it away from them).  We are gratified to observe, at any rate, that trading the bronze pig is more sanitary than what Iowa and Minnesota used to do, back before the mid-1930s.  In its earliest era, their rivalry centered on the exchange of a live pig.  Sadly, the last living Floyd of Rosedale died of cholera, after which the schools made one of those risk-averse modern-era policy decisions, and switched to the bronze effigy.

Hawkeyes give 2.  Moving on to the Top 10, this weekend sees #1 Alabama hosting #21 Ole Miss for their ancient rivalry game, and giving only 14.  #2 Oregon, hosting Cal, gives a reasonable 37.  Overranked #3 Clemson hosts Wake Forest (give, 29).  #4 Ohio State hosts #23 Wisconsin, and we’re interested to see the Buckeyes being backed for only a 7-point give.  Seems a little low from here.  The #5 Stanford Bright Begonia will be at Washington State giving another unaccountably parsimonious 9.  Seriously, it’s not that intimidating to visit in Pullman.

Floyd of Rosedale on display at the Minnesota state fair

Floyd of Rosedale on display at the Minnesota state fair


#6 LSU at #9 Georgia has strong potential to be game of the week, if the Bulldogs will hold up their end.  Georgia fans are backing them for a 3-point give, which any lifelong Sooner fan appreciates, although we do give the Tigers the edge in this one.  #7 Louisville has the weekend off.  #8 Florida State, at Boston College to knock off another ACC rival, gives 23.  Texas A&M, hanging in at #10, heads to Fayetteville to give 15 to the Razorbacks in their rivalry game.

Among other notables, central Florida teams will be taking a licking at home on Saturday: South Florida hosting #15 Miami (Da U), Hurricane giving 17; and Central Florida hosting #12 South Carolina (motto: “The Other USC”), Gamecocks giving 7 (take the points).

If Temple and Idaho have ever played before, we can’t find a record of it.  Owls will be at Vandals giving 7.

If you like your Friday night football, BYU will host Middle Tennessee tonight – first-time match for these teams – and San Jose State hosts Utah State.

In Div III action, a 1-2 Rose-Hulman will be at Manchester (IN) on Saturday to take on the Spartans.  Conference rival Manchester U., 0-3, has been pretty bad this year (although everyone in Heartland Collegiate loses, as Manchester did last weekend, to the Franklin Grizzlies, currently ranked #14 in Div III).  Sunny and low 80s for the 1:30 PM kick-off.

Speaking of ranked teams, our very own Christopher Newport bows into the Top 25 with a ranking of #23, after the Captains’ win over Shenandoah last week.  Congrats, guys, and don’t get cocky.  CNU has this weekend off, and will visit USA South rival Methodist U. on 5 October.

On the prep gridiron, Deer Creek tees it up at 5A rival Carl Albert High in Midwest City this evening at 7:00 PM CDT.  The 2-1 Titans lost to Southmoore (6A) in their season opener, but come off decisive wins over Coweta and Duncan.  The Antlers will be trying to shake off last week’s loss to Edmond Memorial.

Putnam City (The Original) has already dropped another one, falling 17-7 Thursday night to a tough 4-0 Sapulpa squad.  Pirates are now 2-2.  PC North, 0-3, will be at 6A foe Edmond North this evening.



  1. OSU Cowboys take first honors. I liked the official blocking for Stewart on the TD scamper.

  2. YESSSS!!! OSU pick, Justin Gilbert.

  3. NOOOO-OOO!!!!! WVU pick 6.

    Did we SAY this one would be wild-n-woolly?

    It may be too exhausting to keep the decorative sound effects going.

  4. I wasn’t aware that Miami of Ohio was that bad. They may punch one in here at the end of the third, but Illinois pounding them 43-0.

    If anyone out there is a Purdue fan – I feel your pain. Gonna be a long year – and you may not win a single Big Ten game.

  5. Thanks for the update, JEM. It has certainly looked lopsided from here, although of course, we’re not getting TV coverage of the game in these parts.

  6. They’ll be really amiss in Stillwater if they don’t throw the Pokes’ defensive secondary a ticker-tape parade after this game. With floats and a parade queen. Those guys are really outdoing themselves.

  7. Round-up:

    Illini hung half a hundred on Miami (OH). 50-14, and it wasn’t that close.

    TCU looking good for the Iron Skillet!, if not for the point spread. 31-10 over SMU as the 4Q ages. Memo to Mustangs: there are several Wal-Marts in the greater DFW area. Easier ways to get hold of an iron skillet.

    South Carolina (motto: “The Other USC”) not as dominating as expected over Central Florida. 21-10 right now with most of the 4Q left.

    C-USA’s East Carolina whaling the TAR out of North Carolina, 35-17. Hmm.

    Navy up 7-3 on WKU in the 2Q. Hilltoppers starting to wear down a bit against the Navy run but pretty effective so far.

    Oklahoma State lucky to still be within 3 of WVU. 24-21 Mountaineers in the 4Q.

    Rose-Hulman edging Manchester 20-19 as the second half kicks off.

    LSU-Georgia, OU-Notre Dame, Iowa-Minnesota kick off in 15 or so…

  8. Apparently, OSU and WVU are playing in some alternate universe where the field goal kick never works.

  9. Exit question: how many rounds are the Cowboys going to pump into their own feet?

  10. Well, this is certainly more fun than that unspeakable Oklahoma State game.

    • I.e., watching the Sooners score twice off turnovers in the first 2 minutes.

  11. Georgia, as expected, making a game of it.

    • Surprisingly LSU has no ground offense and being gashed by GA’s running game.

  12. For watching football games, some of us may need this…

    • Boy, no kidding, huh? This LSU-Georgia thing just won’t quit. Tigers come back swinging (41-37… for the next 60 seconds anyway). Rowr!

  13. Somehow, I knew that wouldn’t last long. Dogs come right back in, what, 3 plays?

    • Lack of a ground game for LSU in 1st half is all the difference.

      Who’d have thought that the SEC would become the “Shootout Conference?”

      • No kidding. And that’s it — LSU’s out of options. Dogs prevail.

        Don’t worry. ‘Bama and Ole Miss are upholding the honor of the SEC as we speak. Don’t bother ’em with offense.

        • Bama is definitely weaker this year, than the last several, on both sides of the ball. Georgia is definitely a strong team this year.

          As for LSU, lots of mental mistakes in both O & D lines today. Rasco, DE, in particular.

      • Noted as well that that crossing route sure was working for Mettenberger, at least in the second half.

        Didn’t see much of the first half. Spending quality time with the Sooners. They looked better than I expected. They’d be justifiably ranked a good 5-6 slots higher if Bell’s aim were more accurate. He’s doing a decent job but still making those dangerous heaves into traffic.

  14. Dog fans at brink of insanity as Mettenberger dumped by the Georgia D. A minute and change left.


    OU and Notre Dame looking downright sedate, Sooners cruising 35-21.

    Navy lost to WKU. 10-7.

    Wait — LSU back across the line for a big 1st down.

    Army up 21-6 on LA Tech (new motto: “Finally in a conference that makes sense!”)

    Iowa totes Floyd back home after handing Goldie his head, 23-7.

    Tiger fate hanging on 4th and 10 with 50-odd seconds on the clock…

    • Sorry, fat fingers on the Navy score. 19-7. Apologies to the Hilltoppers.

  15. Rose-Hulman thumps Manchester 44-30. Awesome, dudes!

    We regret to report that Deer Creek lost to Carl Albert last night, 42-24.

    Edmond North rolled over PC North 28-0.

    • Wasn’t Carl Albert, a German engineering firm, along with DeDietrich, caught supplying modular chem weapons plants to Iraq in the 1990’s?

  16. Bama is once again not so impressive at least thus far against Ole Miss.

  17. Hey TOC, thought OSU was going ahead and then I check later and lose by 9. Ouch. What happened?

    Oh, and can we now just leave ND unranked for the rest of the year? They aren’t all that good this year.

  18. My McNeese State Cowboys of the Southland Conference lost to Northern Iowa of Missouri Valley Conference in a big way today.

  19. I’m down with leaving the Arsh unranked.

    OkSU was using its lower extremities for target practice today. A few flashes of brilliance, but otherwise a whole lot of dropped balls, unexploited opportunities, missed kicks, and general sloppiness from the Stillwater Pokes. (Seriously, how many receivers does Walsh need wide open before he’ll decide to throw to one?)

    I’m stunned that you don’t recognize Carl Albert’s name, ckla. He was Speaker of the House in the 1970s. Every third thing in Oklahoma is named after him now.

    I forget the exact dates, but he was Speaker during Watergate, at least. Came from Oklahoma’s “Little Dixie” in the southeast corner of the state. Practically Louisiana, in other words.

    Many thanks for the update on McNeese State. Although I’m sorry the Cowboys lost.

    For Cousin Vinnie (and anyone else watching Air Force at Nevada, which quite honestly is more exciting than ‘Bama-Ole Miss): definitely a changed vibe when Fajardo is out on the field. Not the level of playmaker Kaepernick is, but Fajardo exudes experience and judgment. You can just sense the offense getting its balance and settling down.

    • I do remember Speaker Albert, but there was another by that name, or at least close to it in the 90’s from Germany, and of course DeDietrich is the Alsatian equipment manufacturer specializing in high alloy and chemical glass lined equipment for lethal and high corrosive service such as that used in pharmaceutical, herbicides, pesiticides and chemical weapons.

    • Check out the end of the Nevada/Air Force game. The sequence of events makes a completed Hail Mary look routine. Anyway, the Wolf Pack survived by several near-miraculous events, 45-42. After this one, the Nevada Coach probably thought he could turn water into wine.

  20. USC fired head coach Kiffin as soon as the airplane returned home after a 62-41 drubbing by the Sun Devils in Tempe.

    • Many think that it is Karma. Kiffin didn’t exactly wow people before he was made head coach at USC.

      On another note, it was interesting to find that Haden & McKay work together at USC. They worked together throughout their football careers and were a widely publicized QB/WR duo even as far back as high school, though not so great at Tampa Bay, a winless team back then.

  21. Shhhhh… be vewy quiet… is it safe to come out yet?

    Big firestorm here with the Kiffin firing. The Black Helicopters of the Trilateral Commission were going overhead in formation… old ladies fainting down at the Wal-Mart…

    OK, enough with the haha. In truth, you could have heard a pin drop, and then everybody went back to what he was doing. Who DIDN’T see Kiffin’s pink slip coming?

    My theory: he doesn’t pay nearly enough attention to his coiffure for a head coach in LaLa-Land. When old Pete Carroll was on the sidelines, every time we got a shot of him, he was fiddling with his hair. Seemed to work for him.

    That Nevada-AF game was extremely entertaining there at the end. And LSU-Georgia was hard to top. Glad the Wolf Pack made off with another one, however inelegantly.

    On to Sunday ball. Dallas will have its hands full with San Diego, which has played 3 games so far that could have gone either way. 1-2, but all 3 games hard fought and decided by 3 points.

    Redskins and Steelers might actually have a chance to debut in the “W” column today. Wethinks the Steelers are due and will prevail over the Vikes. Not so sure about the ‘Skins but we give them a fair shot versus Raiders.

    Anybody giving the Giants a shot at KC? (Heh.)

    Dolphins at Saints should be pretty good this evening.

    Saw some of the Niners-Rams on Thursday. Two great QBs. Kaepernick not looking his absolute best, I thought, but his second-best is still pretty good. Would love to see Sam Bradford get a complete offense to work with.

    C-kla — you could be right about that other Carl Albert. I certainly remember the DeDietrich kitchen appliances from living in Europe. For whatever reason — Naples was just one giant booby hatch — their stoves were very popular among syndicate thief gangs.

    • Big oops for me. Haden did not play with McKay in the pros. I followed them after reading a high school football mag article about the two in the summer of 1970.

      The two main manufacturers of this type of equipment are Pfaudler & DeDietrich. I assessed resale value of much of this in the fall of 2002 after it had been decommissioned/decontaminated when an Iraqi born research chemist at the location had come forward that he had been sending info to Saddam who had his family as hostages. He had been asked to do “more.” I was out in Cali liquidating a flat panel manufacturing plant for the same company at the time. People don’t realize how involved petrochemical companies and their research has contributed to microcomputer revolution with chemicals, materials, manufacturing processes and even protype computers and screens decades ago.
      BTW, a chemweapons manufacting plant could easily fit in an 18 wheeler van trailer or even 20 foot container. However this would not include storage of feedstock and production.

      • Yeah, McKay caught Steve Spurrier for the Bucs. Man, that was a long time ago.

        Very interesting background on the DeDietrich oeuvre. In general, people don’t realize how involved the petrochemical industry is in almost everything. There would be nothing simple about “shutting down” the oil industry. It’s so much more than motor fuel.

        Always a good reminder, as well, how closely involved the advanced nations and their industries always are with brutal dictators.

  22. Incidentally, I’m sure we haven’t seen TMF around because he and the Missus are over in London UK for the Steelers game.

    • I wish… But it would have been 6 yards and an iffy OT short of total fun.

      Steelers are seriously in trouble. They are old, their offensive line has continuing problems, and the Defensive design doesn’t match its personnel anymore. Troy is a HOF first rounder… time to hang them up… They need new everything, and Big Ben is starting to be really slow plodding, slow release Ben. He’s always held the ball too long.. and that was sort of a joke. Now it isn’t. But he has no deep speed burner threat to stretch out the Defense, and his running game hasn’t materialized since the Bus parked.

      The Redskins winning was evidently allowed by the Fates as Army’a win threatened to suck up all of the weekend football karma (how’s that for a clutural mixed metaphor?)

      Nozzomuch the Gints… who stink worse than their digs this year.

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