Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | September 21, 2013

Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 4

Oklahoma will be without FBS football this weekend, a rare condition for which there is no known cure.  The FBS teams will be out of action until next week.

Tulsa, which beat Notre Dame 28-27 on 30 October 2010, is back on the gridiron on Thursday, 26 September, hosting Iowa State.

The #14 Sooners will travel to Notre Dame on the 28th.  #11 Oklahoma State will be at West Virginia on the 28th.  More on those match-ups next week.

Incredibly, Navy also has this weekend off.  The Mids will spend it plotting their strategy against Western Kentucky next weekend.  Army plays host to Wake Forest on Saturday at noon, in what is pretty much a toss-up, odds-wise.  (OK, the Demon Deacons have a slight edge.)

We are relieved to note that Virginia Tech will host C-USA’s Marshall on Saturday at noon Eastern.  The Hokie give is 10, which is probably about right.  We are gratified to care about the outcome, at least.  Marshall has been a scoring machine against lesser teams so far (Miami-OH, Gardner-Webb), although the Thundering Herd fell to Ohio last weekend 34-31.

Nevada hosts Hawaii Saturday evening in the Wolf Pack’s Mountain West opener, giving a point-pinching 7.  Hawaii has been respectable but far from exciting against USC and Oregon State.  But then, Fajardo is still a question mark for Saturday night, as far as we can tell, so we understand the conservative approach.

Danged if TOC nation favorites TCU and Illinois don’t have the weekend off too.  In a moderately interesting development, Wyoming will be at Air Force on Saturday for their Mountain West match-up.  The Pokes, somewhat uncharacteristically, give 4, and we anticipate no accusations about fake injuries this year.  (We’ll frankly let you look that one up yourselves, on the off chance you don’t follow either Air Force or Wyoming that closely.  Suffice it to say, Mike Gundy should launch such a rant.)

Around the Top 10, #1 Alabama hosts Colorado State, apparently playing the Rams for the first time ever, with the Tide giving a handsome 38.  #2 Oregon – you guessed it – has the weekend off.  Overranked #3 Clemson beat NC State (motto: “They have a football team?”) on Thursday night in the Textile Bowl, which, as rivalries go, doesn’t have the dumbest name.

#4 Ohio State gives a cool 50 hosting FAMU, and let me just say we admire those Buckeye fans for knowing a sure thing when they see it.  Stanford, #5, hosts new #23 Arizona State, giving only 5 after the Sun Devils knocked off Wisconsin last week.  (We agree with the USA Today poll: Wisconsin’s out of the Top 25, even though the AP poll still has them at #24.)

LSU, #6, hosts Auburn in the annual Tiger duel.  LSU gives 17, but Auburn always plays tough and it will probably be a pretty good game.  #7 Louisville gives 42 hosting Florida International, and no fair laughing.  Those Golden Panthers try hard, even if they can’t beat Bethune-Cookman, much less an FBS opponent.  Speaking of Bethune-Cookman (FCS, Mid-Eastern Athletic), the masochistic Wildcats are on the short end of a 40-point spread with #8 Florida State – having, after all, beaten FIU last week.

#9 Georgia hosts C-USA’s North Texas (give: 33), and #10 Texas A&M hosts C-USA’s Southern Methodist (give: 27) to round out the Top 10.

Other notables: tonight’s game, for those of us who just like to watch football, features Fresno State hosting Boise State in the annual battle for the Milk Can.  The line has Fresno State giving 4, but we think that’s messed up.

Tennessee fans will own the interstate, heading to and from Gainesville for the annual showdown with #19 Florida (Gators give 16).  C-USA’s Houston will be at Rice for the Bayou Bucket Classic. (No need to get on the freeway for that one unless you just like pain.)  Maryland will host West Virginia for an out-of-conference iteration of their old rivalry.

Notre Dame hosts Michigan State for the Megaphone Trophy, as FBS ball edges into the vulnerability period for the great garage-sale swap meet, when various teams duke it out for goofy pieces of old broken crap and pointless bric-a-brac.  Hey, it’s all in good fun.  The Fighting Irish give 5, but we predict it will be a slog to tote off that Megaphone.  Spartans will be tough.  Cincinnati will be at Miami (OH) to play for the Victory Bell.

Texas really ought to have a good shot at taking out Kansas State; the Longhorn bettors are counting on it, backing a 5-point give.  The Youths of Utah are at BYU to face off for the Beehive Boot.  Cougars give 7; do what you want, but we’re not taking points on this one.

#13 UCLA hosts New Mexico State, and Idaho will be at Washington State for the Battle of the Palouse.  This week’s most wildest, insanest mismatch title goes to Miami (Da U) hosting Savannah State (FCS, Mid-Eastern Athletic), which has already lost to Georgia Southern 77-9 and to Troy 66-3.  The Hurricane give is a colossal 59, which looks conservative from where we sit.

If we’ve missed your team’s rivalry classic this week for broken crap or bric-a-brac, our apologies.  For those anticipating the annual appearance of Floyd of Rosedale, that’s on the 28th.

Over in Div III, Rose-Hulman hosts Defiance College (Defiance, OH), whose Yellow Jackets come in, like the Fightin’ Engineers, at 0-2.  It’s RHIT’s first conference match of the season.  Low 70s and sunny at game time in Terre Haute.

Christopher Newport will host Shenandoah for Family Weekend, Saturday evening in Pomoco Stadium.  The Hornets, another non-conference opponent from Old Dominion Athletic Conference, come in 1-1, having lost to Gallaudet but defeated Ferrum.  We know Clan Fahvaag is undaunted by the forecast, which promises 60s and scattered thunderstorms at game time. Go Captains!

In high school pigskin, Deer Creek’s Antlers (2-0) are hosting Edmond Memorial (1-1) as we speak.  Sadly, Putnam City lost at Choctaw last night, 45-28.  The Pirates will try to redeem themselves at home next Friday versus Sapulpa.  PC North is hosting PC West at this goes to press.



  1. Should Texas Longhorns get worse over the season, the offer to hire Saban away from Bama will have more cash in the kitty. NO university has the cabbage to pony up to hire any coach like Texas does, not even close. Plus there are lots of bigtime boosters who could give him fringe benefits say like a seat on each’s Board of Directors. Plus his ties with local Baton Rouge developer, Tommy Spinoza has hit his pocket book hard. Those great investments in 2007 and before are bankruptcies for the last few years.

    • The shorthorns can’t get any worse, I am quite happy to point out.

  2. Beamer Ball!

    Huh? Huh? Can you say “special teams”???

  3. Of course, that’s the problem with Beamer Ball. When scoring isn’t a priority, you don’t tend to do it as much.

  4. Weather report: perfect blue sky, not a cloud, no wind, 70.
    I guess I have been transported to Stinson.

    • Nice. NOW there’s no football in the Sooner State.

      Next weekend is showing t-storms right now — but, of course, only Tulsa will be at home.

  5. Halftime sweep:

    LA Tech (motto: “Finally in a conference that makes sense!”) is up on poor old Kansas 7-3.

    Funkiness in the ACC:

    North Carolina over GT 20-14.

    VT down to Marshall 21-14.


    Louisville cruising over FIU 38-0.

    Iowa destroying Western Michigan 38-3.

    Georgia letting the Mean Green score an awful lot. ‘Dogs up only 21-14.

    Wake Forest hanging on over Army 10-5.

    • Navy is off, but the Merchant Marine Academy is at SUNY Meritime. They are kicking off right now.

      • That was as close as I could come to seafaring football.

        • Hey, close enough, for an FBS-poor day like today.

  6. Hokies drive down to the Herd red zone and turn it over. Not Beamer Ball… just sad.

    Looking sloppy out there. Covering the Marshall receivers wide but leaving center field wide open. Using Hokie feet for offensive target practice. “Let’s see how many underthrown passes we can drop!”


  7. Army methodically stalking Wake. Now down only 10-8.

    Ohio State 62-0 over FAMU in the 3Q. And the thing is, you know there are still lots of Buckeye fans in the stadium. I love big, happy football programs.

  8. High school round-up.

    Bad loss for Deer Creek. Edmond Memorial (a 6A team) prevailed 40-10. (Deer Creek is 5A, in case we hadn’t mentioned that this year.)

    PC North (6A) found a way to lose to PC West (5A) 30-27.

    Not a good night for Clan TOC alma maters.

  9. SUNY Maritime up 6-0 on USMMA with 2Q winding down.

  10. Now it’s just cruel and unusual in Columbus. Buckeyes 76-0 over FAMU. That should at least be the end of it, with only a minute to go.

    Same for Louisville 72-0 over FIU.

  11. Hokie motto: When you can’t drop a pass, fumble.

  12. Finally – an LOL break for the Hokies. Clean catch for TD on a tipped pass. Should tie it up 21-all with 2 and change on the clock.

  13. Hah! USMMA strikes back. 7-6 over SUNY Maritime at the half.

  14. Hokies manage to not lose in regulation. Off to OT.

    Kansas tied 10-all in a cliffhanger with LA Tech (motto: “Finally in a conference that makes sense!”). Tech menacing in Jayhawk territory at the 2-plus mark.

    Rice draws first blood in the Bayou Bucket Battle.

    Wake now comfortably ahead of Army 25-11.

  15. Beamer Ball! VT blocks Marshall attempt from 39 yards.

    Headed, unbelievably, to 2OT, in a driving rain.

  16. LOL! VT intx Marshall, defensive lineman lumbers downfield for 45…

  17. Awww… Kansas pulls one out. 13-10 over LT in the final seconds.

  18. UN.BE.LIEVABLE. Hokie back-up kicker whiffs from 32.

    Headed for 3OT and 4-down play.

  19. Hokies convert on the 2-point mandate. 29-21. Now hold off Marshall for a series.

    Injuries starting to mount up on both sides.

  20. Officiating FAIL. That was clearly interference against the Marshall receiver.

  21. Hokies scrape out of that one. The bad non-call on the interference will hang over it, however.

    • V Tech and WV should play a opening game every year on Owen field. I’d go.
      ND makes a FG. Boo.
      longhorn coach has done the same for the Gator offense as Obama has done for the economy.
      I bet the coach is a real good talker.
      Nice pic though.

      • Pick

  22. LOL — WVU looking pathetic right now.

    Watching the end of Defiance at Rose-Hulman here:

    • I see your Rose Hulman (nice stadium) and raise you Lincoln at Missouri Southern State University on cox. MSSU cleaning up.

      • It not being Friday night, I can’t raise any further with a live high school match on a Fox Sports regional channel…

        • Time for a break anyway, as we await the Nevada and LSU games.

          South Dakota State is really hanging with Nebraska so far.

          USMMA’s 7 was good enough, over the SUNY Maritime 6.

        • LOL !!!!!!!!!

  23. RHIT really doesn’t move it fast enough to take advantage of the shotgun. But hey, it’s Div III.

    Engineer D will need to hold for another 2. It’s 23-19 RHIT… for now.

  24. Intx for RHIT — Engineers finally close one.

    • Lots of perfect weather for the USC game.

      • LOL — better be. What a snoozer.

      • WV looking good. Can’t find my coon cap.

        • Well the Gator offense works despite Obama’s stupid policies!
          Mirrors the oil patch.

          • HA!!!

  25. Stanford: The Brutes! I love it. Millard would fit right in.
    Todd Graham in shock.

  26. North Dakota State would beat the shorthorns by 7.
    The roller coaster ride of shorthorn fandom.
    Did not realize how bad the QB, O-line and D-line were for K-State.

  27. Yeah, Candy Pink, who knew? ASU finally showing a spark of life, but it may be too late.

    Too bad about Gators’ Driskel.

    LSU having no trouble with Auburn. Thought the Alabama Tigers would put up more of a fight.

    Alabama Tide arabesquing as usual on offense. BO-ring.

    Feisty Bethune-Cookman puts 6 on the ‘Noles.

    Nevada getting it done against Hawaii, even without Fajardo.

    Texas really not looking well.

    Notre Dame did struggle off with the Megaphone. But it was wise not to take the points.

    CNU Captains up 34-6 on Shenandoah as the 4Q winds down… think this one’s in the can.

  28. Whoa, Savannah State scores on Miami with a 75-yard scamper. Closes the gap to 63 points (70-7 in the 3Q).

    • SPOO-ky… same score as the Baylor-Louisiana Monroe final… 70-7. Bears are for real.

  29. Sitting in the quiet of the morning on the old shower relay with the Mrs… just looking forward to Sunday Brunch with Son #2… and then the trip back to NOVA and real life.

    The Christopher Newport Captains remain undefeated in stunning fashion. After a 3-0 1st quarter start and looking like it was going to be a dog fight of a game, CNU had lost it’s starting QB to a shoulder injury. The backup QB looked just a little shaky for the remainder of the possession. The results were a punt and a murmur that it looked pretty bleak for the O.

    The CNU Defense seems to think it’s primary colors are Orange and Maroon… because they shut down the Hornet Offense… The very next drive, the CNU Offense returned the D’s favor. With the ball on the CNU 17 after the Shenandoah punt; the backup quarterback spots a wide receiver streaking down the field on a skinny post route and hits him 45 yards in the air, behind the Shenandoah D.. for an 83 yard touchdown score. The Foghorn blasts and the crowd goes wild… 10-0 Captains…

    The Defense stops up the Hornet offense, again, and a punt exchange puts the Captains on their own 45 or so… Well ole number 1 (backup QB’s number) spots ole number 5 running a flag route behind the defense again.. and in connects with him for a 55 yard touchdown… 17-0 Captains.

    In the second half the defense bent some, but never really broke. The Hornets received a “kill the skunk” grace of Garbage Time for a very long very soft zone benefitted drive… but missed the PAT on a bad snap for 27-6 Captains sure victory in a teeming Tidewater evening rain…

    That’s when we carefully started picking our way out of Pomoco Stadium so that we could make the long walk back to the car before the heavens really uncorked… At about that time the backup CNU offense uncorked with a late drive to score another TD – as if to say… “That was a garbage time 6… remember.”

    Final Score: Christopher Newport University Captains 34 – Shenandoah University Hornets. 6

    What a fun game.. It’s great to see good kids on the field playing football for the sheer joy of playing football..

    Off to Brunch…


    • Thanks for the game summary, shipmate. It was looking pretty fork-in-it for the Cap’ns when we tuned out here.

      Need to have a chat about that VT offense.

  30. Pokes hang a half a hundred on the Chair boys. Amazing!

    • Wyoming has certainly been at least half good this year. Nice job on Chair Force.

  31. Wow, Cincy draws first luck. 12 seconds in and Green Bay already in a 14-point hole.

  32. For completeness, we note the following:

    LSU over Auburn, 35-21.

    Nevada over Hawaii, 31-9.

    Miami over Savannah State, 77-7.

    Texas over Kansas State, 31-21.

    Winner of the Beehive Boot:

    Utah over BYU, 20-13 (pretty good game).

    When Alabama gets an offense worth writing home about, we may take an interest in Tide scores.

    • Sign off post follies chit chat:
      How bad is the shorthorn D? KS is weak, no QB and they score 3 TDs.
      Love it when BYU loses.
      Texas chant: BYU is better than that!
      Looks like WV has a clear path through the Big 12. LOL!
      Are you going to write anything else about Benghazi?
      Truth about Carter Ham? How Did the Turkish rep get through the blocked streets at 8:30 PM ?

      • Yeah, don’t know much about history, but how many turnovers are there going to be in this wild Bengals-Packers game?

        • I like oblique. As Spanky said, “I wish Cotton was a monkey”, and then he was.

  33. I can now come out of my one week hibernation and see if this weekend can be a surprise win for the Illini as well. Was traveling last weekend, so a good weekend to be off.

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