Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 3

Pigskin goes rolling along.

Yeah, yeah, we’ll get to JohnnyTide.  First things first.

A preemptive note on TCU, which won’t be #24 much longer after dropping one 20-10 to Texas Tech (not to mention losing the Saddle Trophy) in a rather unimpressive, penalty-ridden showing Thursday night.  (Granted, we here at your Football Commentary Service were mostly watching the Burn Notice marathon rather than the game.  But we think you’ll agree the Horned Frogs were lifeless and annoying in this outing.  Taking nothing away from Texas Tech, of course.)

Also preemptively, pathetic Tulane, which is always wandering around in the C-USA basement, defeated new conference foe Louisiana Tech (motto: “Finally in a conference that makes sense!”), which has perennially been a substantially better team.

Tulsa, meanwhile, which beat Notre Dame 28-27 on 30 October 2010, heads for #14 Oklahoma on Saturday, kicking off at 11:00 AM CDT (or a smart 9:00 AM Pacific).  The game, featuring my two most absolute favorite teams, is on the ESPN2 schedule in the local viewing area.  Trust, but verify, of course.  There may be an explosive outburst tomorrow if ESPN decides to substitute some worthless Div II game in Pennsylvania or Montana, which, believe me, has happened.

But assuming it doesn’t, Tulsa is in for one thrilling butt-kicking in Norman, and TOC for one fun Saturday morning.  Can’t wait.  (Actually, if the Golden Hurricane has studied Trevor Knight and his line even a little bit, the D should be able to get in there and rattle him – even with OU’s deep RB roster to keep them busy.  Right now, the relatively young Tulsa D tends to scramble around like little kids’ soccer, but at least the emphasis is on “scramble.”  They’re pretty fast, and they’ve been tackling well.)

For some reason, #12 Oklahoma State is playing Lamar (FCS, Southland, and a Texas State University system school) on Saturday evening.  Lamar did prevail over Oklahoma’s Panhandle State (Div II, Independent) 75-0 in the season opener, so they’ve got that going for them.  OSU gives 46 in the line.

We hear there’s some kind of unsavory NCAA violation business going on in Stillwater at the moment, but unless it’s about USC (or can be analogized to geopolitics, of course), we don’t pay attention to that sort of thing around here.

It might be hard, in the august ranks of FBS ball, to take seriously a team that calls itself the Fightin’ Blue Hens.  But Delaware (FCS, Colonial Athletic Association) has actually won its share of games over Navy in recent years.  The Mids host on Saturday, giving 16 after their very satisfying win over Indiana.  Delaware has two decisive FCS wins and leads the CAA, so any sneezing in the Blue Hens’ direction should be suspended until after Navy has this one in the bag.

Army is a 30-point dog hosting the #5 Stanford Jazzberry Jam in a rare meet Saturday morning.  (The two teams have played 10 times since 1928, the last time in ’79.  They’re 5-5 in the series.)  Stanford bettors are obviously wimps.  Air Force will be on the Smurf Turf in Boise tonight, with the Broncos giving 23.

VA Tech pounds out of the gate at C-USA’s East Carolina on Saturday at noon, competing directly with the Tulsa-OU game.  Hokies give 8; ECU, which is usually in the running for the C-USA East title, has had the Hokies’ number before, and is never a squish for the odd ACC opponent.  That said, VT will be the 2-0 Purple Pirates’ first real test this season, after two creampuffs in Old Dominion (FCS, Independent) and Florida Atlantic.

Nevada, always a glutton for punishment, heads cross-country to take on #10 Florida State for, as we understand it, the first time evah.  Wolf Pack QB Cody Fajardo reportedly is still limping from his knee injury in the UC-Davis game, which does not bode well for Nevada (and fully explains the 34-point give by the Seminoles).

We note another first-time match-up from among our TOC Nation faves:  the Fighting Illini hosting the Washington Huskies on Saturday.  Could be quite the game:  Illinois crunched Cincinnati 45-17 last week, but the Huskies thumped Boise State 38-6 in their season opener on the 31st.  Huskies give 10, but the Illini are at home and loaded for bear, so we suggest, at the very least, taking no points.

Wyoming hosts Northern Colorado (FCS, Big Sky), with the two teams reportedly meeting for the first time since 1949.  We assume NCU, in Greeley, is far enough north to be unaffected by the flooding in the Boulder area, and that the Bears will get to Laramie without mishap.

OK, all right, keep your shirts on.  JohnnyTide.  As everyone on Dwarf Planet Pluto knows, #1 Alabama heads for Manzielville to collide with #6 Texas A&M, the only team that beat the Tide last year – and in the Aggies’ maiden year in the SEC, to boot.  Should be the game of the week.  Tide bettors are backing the ‘Bama give of a comfy 7, which isn’t necessarily a bad call, but could be a tad optimistic.  If we see a weakness area for the Tide, it’s McCarron’s comparatively lackluster 10-23 for 110 versus VT two weeks ago.  That said, A&M has let a couple of lesser teams rack up some serious running yardage, and Alabama has a lot of talent – however green – backstopping Yeldon in the backfield.  The Tide can keep the Aggies anxious at the line.

Be there: 2:30 PM CDT in College Station.

Around the Top 10:  #2 Oregon hosts Tennessee in a rare match-up, giving 28.  Overranked #3 Clemson doesn’t play until next Thursday, when the Tigers meet NC State (motto: “They have a football team?”) in the we’re-not-making-this-up “Textile Bowl.”

Some Aggie fans, pre-defection days. (2010/AP Photo)
Some Aggie fans, pre-defection days. (2010/AP Photo)


#4 Ohio State heads to Cal, strewing a conservative 15 points along the way.  #7 Louisville gives only 14 at Kentucky for the Governor’s Cup rivalry, but you can take all the points you want from #8 LSU (currently giving 36) hosting Kent State.  #9 Georgia has the week off, meeting North Texas on the 21st.

In other games of note, Texas will try to redeem itself hosting #25 Ole Miss, and by golly, if the Texas fans aren’t backing a 3-point give for the ‘Horns.  Note to Big 10 and Pac 12:  now, that’s betting some football.

#16 UCLA will be in Lincoln on Saturday, hoping to give #23 Nebraska another ugly loss.

In another early rivalry bout, Iowa will be at Iowa State to duke it out for the Cy-Hawk Trophy.  Pretty much a pick ‘em this year.  Notre Dame at Purdue for the Shillelagh Trophy sees the Fighting Irish giving 20.

New Mexico’s hapless Lobos are on the road, meeting Pittsburgh for the first time.

In Div III, Rose-Hulman hosts Centre College on Saturday evening.  The Praying Colonels, coming from Danville, KY, play in the Southern Athletic Association and bagged a 33-28 win over Bethany last week.  Mid 60s and clear at game time in Terre Haute.

Christopher Newport hosts the first home game of the season in Pomoco Stadium Saturday night, squaring off against Hampden-Sydney.  Both teams come off a win; Hampden-Sydney’s Tigers play bitty-tiny schools in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, and the Captains would be the better team, all things being equal.  We understand some TOC Nation stalwarts will be there for the game, and wish we could join them.  70-ish and partly cloudy at kick-off; moon waxing gibbous.

Deer Creek High heads to Shawnee to take on the Wolves tonight.  (Wolves beat Bishop McGuinness last week 14-7.)  Putnam City (The Original) plays West in Pirate Stadium tonight, looking to polish off both of its PC rivals for the season (having downed North decisively last Friday).  PC West rolled over Western Heights 41-8 last week.

111 thoughts on “Football Follies: NCAA Football 2013 – Week 3”

  1. Not this weekend.. but next weekend is the big Family day thing at CNU. However, Son #2 will be… He’s actually considering going, so that he can at least send me score updates via smaatfone.

    We shall see… Live report will come next week for those CNU Captains.

    As to my Hokies… a touchdown is a big pad for a team that constantly gives us fits. It will be the first test of the new offense on a more or less level playing field. I look for a 24-20 VT victory… but it’s no assured thing, I think the wise guys are giving a bit too much.


    1. Notice I didn’t say much about Army.. I did give it thought though.. it just wasn’t worth the analysis. Army playing in the FBS when it still insists on adhering to height weight body mass and bandy little guy PT standards… well that’s the triumph of brain dead hope over vicious reality.


      1. Army Mighty Mites staying within 7 of the Candy Pink so far. Could be worser.

        A bit surprised at Michigan looking so lackluster versus the Zipz.

  2. Other than its special teams, Alabama was not impressive at all in its only game thus far. A&M did give up lots of points but had many starters out on its defense in the 1st 2 games due various team suspensions.

    A&M’s maiden year in the SEC was last year.

    Interesting tidbit is that after being the perennial cellar dweller in the Gulf States Conference which morphed into the Southland Conference, Lamar dropped football for at least a decade. Not sure how many years that it has fielded a football team since the program was started again, but likely 10 or less. McNeese State, across the border in Lake Charles was always the go to school for the 2nd tier players coming out of high school from Lamar’s backyard. For decades most of McNeese’s team came from the Houston to Louisiana border.

    1. Fun tidbits on Lamar and McNeese State, c-kla, thanks. Many and many a year ago, Tulsa used to play McNeese State pretty regularly. Back in TU’s Missouri Valley Conference days. (Which was back when the MVC had football. It hasn’t since the 1980s sometime.)

      McNeese State defeated Tulsa in the Independence Bowl in the 1976 season. Taking a few snaps in that game? Then back-up QB, today Tulsa head coach: Bill Blankenship.

      Yep, 2012 was A&M’s maiden year in the SEC. That’s actually what I said, although it may not have been clear. Last year, the maiden year, was when A&M handed Alabama their only 2012 loss.

      1. Interesting old days, when Mexico Military Academy scheduled football games with the several then Div. II Texas teams of the same size as Lamar. McNeese used to play against Pennsacola Naval Base annually. I remember seeing Roger Staubach come to town.

        1. Ah, the old Goshawks. Fancy running into someone who knew ’em when.

          It’s always a treat to peel back the layers and be reminded of just how dense America is, and has been, with football.

  3. The Fighting Illini are actually in Chicago to play in Soldier Field – the home turf of the Bears. Washington’s blow out of Boise has me worried. I would love to cover. I would also love Illini sporting teams continuing their strong play against good competition when they host in ChicagoLand.

    I would also say that Cubit as the OC has really helped. Beckman went out and got some coordinators so it shouldn’t be as ugly as last year. But I would still not be surprised to Washington stick em by 2 or 3 TD’s. Last year’s bad taste in the mouth left by my Illini isn’t washed away by just one game.

    In the other game I am intrigued in, the Nebraska – UCLA match up. Is Nebraska any good? It will be early morning for UCLA.

  4. Knight is out for 3 weeks, Bell will QB
    For the OU Rushers.
    Bell will throw a couple picks and OU will wear down TU in an unimpressive way. 27-14 plodders.
    I missed Burn Notice. Have you been watching Longmirer? Based on Craig Johnson’s books. Pretty good for network TV.
    AF doesn’t seem up to par.
    Gosh, I really hope the Tide D doesn’t
    Hit little John John too hard. Maybe they could give him a dollar
    everytime he takes a lick.
    PC West is such a small school. I always feel bad for them. They should play 2A ball only.
    Looking forward to another Rockum Sockem Wyoming game.
    I guess I would get into a lot of trouble if I said their doo doo brown jerseys are adorable.
    UCLA could win.
    Just bought Under Fire by Burton/Katz. Admiral Inman has a few nice words to say about it.
    Looks like SI is very very short on proof, long on inaccurate info.

    1. Longmire is indeed very good TV… Haven’t read the books.. probably will at some time, now. I like Lou Diamond Phillips as Henry… i also love RoboCop as the former Sheriff, Lucian Connally – nothing like an Army brat completing a PhD in Renaissance History playing a side role with such interesting flair.

      It’s filmed in New Mexico… Which is weird because if I was filming in a non-standard location (avoid stuid stuff like NCIS -where a known local 7-11 address in Manassas looks like a highrise alley way in Burbank.) I’d go ahead and film it in Wyoming… Maybe there are too many conservatives there for the notoriously leftist Hollywood production types to stay for too long… like radiation exposure or something similar.

      I stopped watching Burn Notice two seasons ago… It jumped the proverbial shark after the get shot in just the right place plot…

      Other than that, at least it’s football season.. though the Washington Nationals are making a serious run at that last Wildcard playoff spot.


      1. It looks like the wild card will be between St Louis, Pittsburgh and Cincy, whichever one does not win the Central Division. It would take a great run by the Nats and a serious collapse by one of those three.

        1. Both the Reds and the Pirates lost this evening. The Nats are 4.5 games out of the 2nd wild card, and on fire… They’ve won their last 7, and are playing a very long home stand against both Philly and the Marlins..

          We shall see… Yogi is THE Prophet of Baseball… It ain’t over, ’til it’s over.

          The Nats have to be practically perfect… but they are playing geat baseball right now… too bad they didn’t light fire 3 weeks earlier, right after the All Star Break.

      2. New Mexico gives generous credits to film production companies. The “downtown circle” in Longmire is Taos oldtown.
        My wife lived in Casper for 7 years. It really doesn’t stay warm long enough to shoot anything!!!!!!
        The SoCal scenes in NCIS are hilarious.

  5. Coach Polian says QB Fajardo will be a game time decision for Nevada at FSU. If we were playing the Seminoles my knee would hurt like heck, too.

  6. I am going to keep a respectful low profile during the TU game.
    How slow is Jazz Reynolds? Looks like Lamonica is is the new QB for the Sooners. LOL!!!!!!!!!

  7. Definitely not as close as the 10-7 score looks right now, in the OU-Tulsa game. Took a couple of penalty-enabled do-overs to shovel Tulsa into the end zone just now.

    Lamonica. LOL indeed!

    JEM, I imagine the Illini will have the same fan advantage at Soldier Field that they would have on their home turf. Washington’s big and all, but it’s one of those schools that gets overshadowed at its home field when Oregon or USC is in town. (Still, Huskies look to be for real this year.)

    Army, who knew? First blood. The Charming Cerise has already adjusted the score back in its favor, of course.

    VT and ECU have traded TDs. VT’s depth will tell later on. We assume.

    Nebraska on a tear against UCLA. Bruins haven’t found any balance yet.

    Bell floats one into the end zone. 17-7 Sooners.

  8. Speaking of hilarious SoCal scenes. Ever watch the old series The Waltons? So obviously filmed in the San Gabriel Mountains. The Walton family would go to “Virginia Beach” and were obviously at, like, Pismo Beach.

    There was that series a few years ago with Holly Hunter as the cop in “Oklahoma City.” Other than a couple of establishing shots of the actual OKC jail, it was clearly all filmed within a 50-mile radius of Universal City.

    Thelma and Louise? Supposedly in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Obviously filmed in Erin Brockovich territory up around Barstow.

    OU piles on another one. About to be 24-7.

      1. As who wouldn’t, if he could? (Retire in OBX.)

        Part of the SoCal flavor is the light. Recent Waltons episode reruns have been about WWII, showing the Walton boys serving in “northern Europe.” Hilarious. You can do a lot with staging, but there’s nothing you can do to make the California sunshine look like the perpetually cloudy climes of northern France or Germany.

        Same with trying to make SoCal mountains look like the mist-bound, green-blue Blue Ridge.

        Waltons reruns are more fun than the news and weather these days.

  9. Tiny little Tulsa fan contingent, awash in a sea of red in Norman.

    The truth is, it looks exactly the same when OU goes to Tulsa. Tiny little Tulsa fan contingent awash in a sea of red. 🙂

    1. Exactly how I felt, along with 3 others from Wyoming at Tulsa in 1998.
      We left at half time. Tulsa stomped us!

      Our neighbor’s grandson is playing for Deer Creek, Julian Hoskins.

  10. I’m not sure I’d crow too loud about how Bell has performed against the Tulsa D.

    Huskers basically wiping the field with UCLA so far.

    Kentucky holding Louisville really well, apparently. Haven’t been giving that one a real look, but really thought Louisville would be up by a good 2 TDs at this point.

  11. Not a purty pass, but it did the job against a light-deep Tulsa. Bell unleashes another one into the end zone.

  12. Whoops — UCLA comes charging back. I’m just the kind of diehard fan to keep watching the pathetic OU-Tulsa blowout. But I’m sorely tempted by the Nebraska game.

    VT still precarious over ECU.

    Louisville pulling away from Kentucky.

  13. Tulsa moved the ball against the second string Sooners, there. I’m sure Bob’ll leave ’em in to keep getting the practice.

  14. Danged if the Zipz haven’t just gone up 24-21 on Michigan.

    UCLA widening the gap with the Huskers, 38-21 now. Woofers.

  15. OK, Sooners have hung half a hundred on ’em. Time to stick a fork in this one?

    Nice and close to the 2 minute mark, at least. VT still has to hold off ECU for another 6 and change.

  16. Hokies stop themselves deep in Purple Pirate territory. Oops — ECU with a safety?

    Review that one. Arm forward?

    1. Looks like a safety on ECU to me. — Ref says yes. 2 more in VT’s cushion, and they can run one, then count ’em off.

          1. If I were Bud Foster and the Defense… there’d be a big blanket party scheduled for the offense, and I’d throw in that idiot kicker Journell for good measure.

            What good is it to have one of the absolutely best defenses in the country when you can’t call a play other than a Sprint draw or a dive… when neither are working.

            Guess they forgot to burn Stinespring’s “How to Be Boring and Predictable with Lots of Attitude” Playbook.

            They are not big enough on the Offensive line to play smashmouth move the pile football. Time for them to understand that, or end up in the same or worse shape than last year.

            I said it last year and I’ll say it again… With THIS team, and THIS talent, Virginia Tech needs to install Urban Meyer’s spread option and run the snot out of it.

            Logan Thomas will never be a professional quarterback, he’s a Tebow clone without the praying on the field… He can throw exactly three types of pass, and since everyone knows he can run, he cannot be effective standing in the pocket like a stork waiting for the delayed blitz to beat his so/so offensive line.

            It is unfortunate that he will never play pro ball at a position that he’d probably shine playing… Tight End… but the current offensive situation is not doing him much in the way of favors. He looks just “good enough” to keep playing at QB, but not anywhere near what he needs to be in reality.


            1. Umm, hel-LO. Beamer Ball. We don’t know from offense. Screwy ways to score, special-needs teams…

              Nice D they got there, though. Overall, performed better against the Tide than A&M’s D has for the last 15 minutes.

    1. Bell wasn’t as bad as I thought he would be.
      True freshman tailback Keith Ford is the real deal.
      Tulsa lost a load of talent. Head coach is very capable.

  17. Close call for the Wolverines. Wow.

    Nebraska ain’t comin’ back from this one. The Little Old Ladies from Pasadena go on a rampage…

  18. A break for our high school update:

    Deer Creek cruises over Shawnee 41-21.

    Putnam City over PC West 43-12. (Heh.)

  19. JohhnyAgs rolling over Tide so far.

    Nevada with a shot after a nice run up center on the FSU D.

    Navy sitting on 7-0 over the Hens.

        1. Aaarrrgggghhh!!! Again, the Pack wilts in the second half, and the last few minutes of the first half. If I’m the coach, there will be some serious conditioning drills coming up. I know UCLA and FSU are a lot deeper and can keep substituting without losing a lot of talent, but there is no excuse for this kind of collapse after you’ve showed you can play with a team.

  20. Northeastern State/ Missouri Southern on local cox. 7-7 1st.
    I guess I will watch this for a while until the Tide aren’t afraid any longer.
    Playing in Tahlequah.

    1. We see that NSU lost only 45-6 to #21-ranked Pitt State last week.

      Would love to be in Tahlequah right now watching some football.

  21. Well, phooey. Textbook throw for ‘Noles TD, AND Nevada nails itself with a face-masking penalty. FSU back up 10-7.

    Still, not as bad as expected this deep in the 2Q.

    Navy 17-0 over Delaware.

    O-Ducks cruising 17-7 over Vols.

    Tide stiffening a bit on D but still unimpressive O-wise.

  22. So here’s the question: will anyone in FBS best the Bellpasser’s 413 yards on the day?

      1. Yep, mentioned that in my pre-game “analysis” (such as it was). A&M particularly vulnerable against the run, even versus the second-tier teams.

        Tide’s backfield depth starting to tell.

  23. Wyoming 21-0 over NCU in the 2Q.

    Nevada holding FSU to 17-7.

    Navy atop the Blue Hens 23-7.

    Ducks finally get their hearts started. Now 38-7 over Vols.

      1. Final: Missouri Southern 17, Northeastern State 14.
        I have a customer that lives on the NW side of Hefner. Very close to us.
        She has a family home in Tahlequah. She goes every other weekend just like clockwork.

  24. Feel free to sneeze at Delaware now, BTW.

    Nevada fading rapidly as ‘Noles chop ’em up.

    Not seeing Washington-Illinois in these parts. Looks from afar like zip-all as the 1Q winds down.

    No doubt JohnnyO can score on the Tide. Just a question of whether the Aggie D can slow the run.

  25. Heh — Oregon’s Mariota surges ahead of the Bellpasser for 9/14/13 bragging rights. Mariota 465 (for now), Bellpasser 413.

  26. We don’t even want to think about the Nevada-FSU score.

    Washington draws first blood from Illini.

    1. My reply ended up a few spaces north of here. This is so much fun!!!!! All good things to you and yours.

  27. Continues to be interesting that when A&M brings fresh blood into the SEC, the result is a close-fought SEC battle that’s a scoring-fest… instead of a “defense rules” SEC classic in which the former Big 12 team had to make all the adjustment by emphasizing D at the expense of O.

    If A&M had emphasized D just that much more, today’s game might have gone differently, of course.

    But I remain unconvinced that the SEC’s going to pasteurize A&M to the defensive standard, rather than being shaken up. Is it ALL Manziel? Maybe. Maybe not.

    1. Juanny Futbol deserves a lot of credit but Bama’s D is not what it fans have become accustomed to. BTW, lots of rumors here in Baton Rouge about Texas offering Nick Satan some really big bucks to move. Never have I seen a coach at any level with as shifty a pair of eyes as Saban. Always wondered about how trustworthy he was when he was at LSU.

  28. Bellpasser ends up in third behind Johnny (464) and Mariota (456 — I had the numbers transposed). Heady company for the Sooners’ newest Bomber.

    Illini behind Washington 10-3 for now.

    Wyoming ruling NCU 28-7 in the 4Q.

    Anybody notice the Mean Green sneaking up on Ball State? North Texas ahead right now 34-27.

    C-USA’s Central Florida up on Penn State 21-10 at the half.

    Oklahoma State and Lamar should be pretty close to kick-off.

  29. Poor old Kansas down 13-7 to Rice at the moment.

    Notre Dame struggling badly versus Purdue, down 10-3 at the half in something of a shocker.

    Buckeyes pulling away from Cal, not as dominating as expected. 52-27 last time we looked.

    Texas holding on 23-17 over Ole Miss.

    Did we mention Fresno State at Colorado (motto: “We take a pounding!”) being postponed?

    OK State in mid-romp over Lamar. 52-3 or some such. Good times.

  30. And now for the scores you’ve been waiting for from Div III.

    Christopher Newport 17, Hampden Sydney 7 (Final)

    Centre 20, Rose-Hulman 17 (Half)

  31. Screen shot of Centre and RHIT line-up at game’s end. Rose-Hulman’s cute little stadium in Terre Haute.

    Centre won 27-17.

      1. I must say this is a Tip Top Football weekend! John John goes down and Ole Miss hammers the Shorthorns……. in Austin no less.

  32. Yeah, Ole Miss did come charging back to shut down the Horns in the second half. Ended up being a blowout.

    LSU rolled handily over the Golden Flashes 45-13, although we hope you didn’t take the points (Tigers ended up off the pace by 4).

    Notre Dame hung onto the comeback over Purdue, achieved with 21 points in the 4Q.

    Rice did top Kansas 23-14. We just know the Sunflower State is going to come back eventually from its detour into Div II-level play.

    Oregon State reached around to slap the Youths of Utah, 51-48. Neither team is looking all that perky this year.

    Arizona State surprised Wisconsin in a close-fought game, 32-30. They were at it all the way to the end, racking up 22 of their combined points in the 4Q.

    1. Les Miles was laughing and joking about midway in the 2nd quarter. He seemed to have zero desire to do anything other than give LSU’s running back stable rotation, as well as a lot of defensive players rotation time. Interesting that Stephen Rivers (San Diego Chargers Phillip’s younger brother) has been replaced as No. 2 QB by a freshman, and former Penn State QB starter, Bolden, has not played a down last year or this year.

      1. Seems Miles had the latitude to treat this one like a 3-hour scrimmage opportunity. Didn’t hurt the LSU ranking any; AP has ’em bumped up to #6.

        Auburn won’t be such a cakewalk on the 21st. (Even though Auburn did have to surge in the 4Q yesterday to get past Miss St.)

        Things have the potential to be pretty interesting by 9 Nov in Tuscaloosa.

          1. Gotta like him the way he is, which sometimes makes absolutely no sense, especially with his made up words.

            But yes it was like a scrimmage, with some changes in the defense backfield and starters sitting out or playing new positions, just for the game.

  33. So JE, forgive me for posing a political question. I may be tainting the football blog.
    Mark Steyn quotes IowaHawk as stating
    “Putin is doing doughnuts in Obama’s front yard”.
    Do you agree or do you think Putin is just doin a Little Muddin?

    1. Whatever Putin’s doing in Obama’s front yard, he is no doubt doing it shirtless.

      If this were Argentina in the 1940s, Eva Peron would call him one of her descamisados. Heh.

  34. Do you have friends at the Naval Yard?
    I flew in and out of Reagan in the late 70’s. Yard was impressive.

  35. No shipmates that I know of at the Navy Yard right now. Bad stuff. Don’t know enough about it yet to justify making comments on the incident.

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