8 thoughts on “Double standard: What did get (briefly) banned at Facebook, versus what didn’t”

  1. Anti Semitism, Holocaust denial, bully, credible threat of violence pages/groups and profiles are running rampant throughout Facebook. We’ve created a page about a 3 months ago & blew up to almost 10,000 likes. We have had success in removing many of these pages privately for about a year now. And we have just uncovered a prostitution page with filthy pics, phone numbers and open email contacts with close to 19,000 ppl on it.

    We have successfully removed over 500 pages this past year. This week we finally removed “Death To Israel” & “Hitler’s Memorial” “Kentucky Fried Jews” and way much more. yet there are 1000’s more & the removed get replaced quite quickly. Below is a link to our page.

    Next step of action would be, is to hold a demonstration in front of Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park. We have stared promoting and police know we are coming. All we need to do so legally has been taken care of for our protection is in place. That’s where your help comes in. We are asking for your support be providing a speaker and help promoting further. We have close to 200 ppl willing to go & feel that 1,000’s will show. (See blog link on the bottom. The date is set to Oct 14 10am

    Stand With Us & Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors are also onboard to help us promote.

    We must do this for the safety of our children. It’s our duty to keep FB clean. Cyber bullying is still going on. Amanda Todd took her life close to 9 months ago, yet these kids persist. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Now there is a possibility of another demonstration at the same time, but in NYC. Can keep you posted on that, but goal remains in California where I & friends will be.

    Michael Mendelson


    Page is called “Help Remove Hate And Anti Semitic Pages”

  2. The problem is that both the “reporters” and the moderators are anonymous. When we forget the first principle of civilization – the signature – we can expect to degrade civilization, and the sound of degradation is bureaucratese:

    /”We have reviewed the page you reported … and found it doesn’t violate our community standard on hate speech.”/


    /”As our team processes more than one million reports each week, we occasionally make a mistake. In this case, we mistakenly removed content from Ruthie Blum’s profile, and worked to rectify the mistake as soon as we were notified. We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the removal of this content, and we have already taken steps to prevent this from happening in the future. …”/

    The “we” is anonymous, as unidentified as the “steps [taken] to prevent this from happening in the future” – full of sound and flurry, signifying nothing.

    1. It seems to me reasonable that Facebook, or any business, should have the right to ban or refuse admission, but it doesn’t seem reasonable for it to be able to ban something (as it did with Blum) without giving a reason and referencing what it found objectionable.

  3. A few years ago I wasn’t eager to sign up for FB, but got to a point where I would have done it if some friend of mine wanted to sign me up. But then I read a story of a terrorist group (Hezbollah?) who had crashed the FB page that was trying to get a million likes for “Friends Of Israel,” or something of that nature. The terrorist group threatened FB that they are to never have that page again and to cancel the acct of the 14 year old Jewish boy who created the page. FB canceled the boy’s FB account and gave no explanation to him for it. (I’ve conducted a short search on the Internet for the story, but couldn’t find it and don’t have the patience to continue).

    I decided at that moment that I would boycott FB (and I’m an atheist without any Jewish heritage, as far as I know). I’ve never signed up for FB and the boycott still remains. Coincidentally, two days later a friend wanted to sign me up for FB. Nope, sorry.

  4. Just to keep the heresy balanced, this might be viewed as the other side of the coin. Facebook is gonna have its hands full sorting out who is offending who


    We can call the new outfit “Hasbara’s Heroes”. Just sayin’.

  5. Interesting, jgets, but the piece on Israeli Twitter warriors has no logical relationship to the subject of this post.

    1. Logical no. But I found the juxtaposition and timing of the articles intriguing for some reason.

      I had a look at “untold story”. I wouldn’t worry about them too much. No one in their right mind can take them seriously. They must cater to a miniscule percentage, of the already miniscule, extreme loon population. Most folks should laugh at them.

      It’s not the nut case extremism that has me concerned optcon. It’s the other type that’s creeping up on us. Born of the frustration, failure, economic collapse, poverty and the hopelessness that comes from them. It’s expanding and gaining strength.

  6. Criticism of FB is justified, however removehatefromfb has sponsors such as hate monger Pamela Geller (don’t take my word for it look up her stuff). No anti-hate movement with backing like that will be taken seriously.

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