Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | August 12, 2013

Abusing the System: Facebook Standards and the People Who Violate Them

More to come on this — Facebook has a censorship double-standard.


  1. facebook could solve this problem easily. Just keep track of who reports content as offensive and if not already doing so, include as part of the report process basic facebook criteria for offensive material, that way the reporter knows whether the site qualifies. If someone consistently (3 times or more) reports as offensive sites which clearly, by facebook’s standards (assuming they are fair) are not offensive, then facebook sends the actual offender a notice that they are to desist or they will be banned. Voila! Problem solved.

    Thus if this continues, facebook is complicit in censorship and violation of its member’s 1st amendment rights. Can we say class action lawsuit? That facebook is a private company is irrelevant, they are offering a public service. They can no more refuse service based upon political bias than a restaurant can refuse service based upon color of skin.

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