Boston bomber: Experts continue to reveal Obama administration’s misleading themery

They lie.

I’ve written about this before: the Obama administration’s penchant for creating “information” themes that misrepresent what’s going on.  My expertise is in military operations, so my points have addressed Team Obama’s methods for misleading the public on the meaning of U.S. military activities (see here as well).  I’ve also written about the administration’s pattern of propagating its info themes by “disclosing” them as insider commentary to credulous journalists.  Sometimes the briefest web search will reveal that what has been “disclosed” is not even true – but reporters obediently retail it anyway.

Now Andrew McCarthy has posted a must-read piece at NRO in which he lays bare the Obama administration’s misleading info-themery on the marathon bomber case.  He points out that it was the Obama administration, and not a rogue judge, that caused Dzokhar Tsarnaev to be Mirandized.  He clarifies that there is no “48 hour” exception to the Miranda rule; the much-touted number “48” appears to have been derived through rectal extraction.   And he summarizes these truths: that what we learned from Tsarnaev in 16 hours of un-lawyered-up questioning does not qualify as “intelligence,” nor does the information about an abandoned plot by the Tsarnaev brothers to bomb Times Square indicate that, through the actions of law enforcement, we have “foiled” the plot.

With respect to presenting the processes of law enforcement to the public, McCarthy catches the administration in exactly the sort of false theme-mongering it has regularly engaged in regarding our military activities.  He sees what I have written about before:  reporters uncritically accepting the themes put out by the administration and weaving the news around them.

So what you may think you know about the processing of Dzokhar Tsarnaev isn’t so.  The judge, Marianne Bowler, did not Mirandize Tsarnaev “prematurely.”  She Mirandized him at the same time any other judge would have, given the time at which the Obama administration decided to treat him as a civilian criminal rather than an enemy combatant.   Tsarnaev has not been questioned for intelligence; the Obama administration has merely publicized some of his statements as if they represent intelligence – and has thereby violated the rules of prosecution.  (We may be grateful that the prosecutor won’t need Tsarnaev’s testimony to get a conviction.  But a zealous defense attorney might well poke holes in the way Tsarnaev has been handled so far – and if improprieties would get any other defendant off, they should apply to Tsarnaev’s case as well.  That’s one of the big problems with mucking around in judicial procedures for political purposes.  The rule of law – the rule that protects our rights and keeps us all equal before the law – goes by the wayside.)

If you know your field of expertise, you don’t have difficulty seeing through the misrepresentations coming from the Obama administration.  Andrew McCarthy has done a public service by highlighting the misrepresentations associated with the Boston bomber case.  Unfortunately, we can expect more of them in the days ahead.

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14 thoughts on “Boston bomber: Experts continue to reveal Obama administration’s misleading themery”

  1. Reporters are NOT “uncritically accepting the themes put out by the administration”, with a few exceptions, they are knowingly abetting them. They are actively supporting the early stages of tyranny.

    Andrew McCarthy is a national treasure, on a par with Canada’s Mark Steyn.

    The MSM has and will continue to ignore McCarthy, et al. Which means that the public service he provides will be limited to the choir.

    But regardless of how much harm they can impose, it is NOT Islamic jihadists that are the great danger to America but rather, America and the West’s own Leftists who advocate and are advancing progressive authoritarianism.

    Yet Obama and the left cannot accomplish anything without the willing connivance and support of a slim majority of the American public. In a representative democracy where the majority rules and where the left engages in massive seditious activity, tyranny looms on the not-so-distant horizon.

    We are living through The Great Surrender.

    1. “Yet Obama and the left cannot accomplish anything without the willing connivance and support of a slim majority of the American public”.

      Agreed, GB. Critiques of Obama, the MSM , etc., while on-point, miss the mark. It is the American people who are failing.

  2. Thanks for alerting us to this important piece by McCarthy. I would not have seen it but for your email alert.

    It is possible that Dzokhar Tsarnaev may ultimately chose to cooperate with the government and provide all the information in a proffer pursuant to a plea bargain that he would have provided during an interrogation, but, even in the best case, there will probably be a significant delay in receiving that information while legal arrangements are agreed upon. .

    It would be interesting to hear from Sen. Rand Paul on whether he supports the administration’s decision to move this matter almost immediately to the civilian court system rather than allowing Tsarnaev to be interrogated as an enemy combatant for an extended period.

  3. Of deeper import than the Obama administration’s misleading machinations is the ramifications that occur when an American citizen, accused of being a terrorist is ‘classified’ as an enemy combatant.

    Our Constitution is a political covenant with the American people. A covenant can be broken by either side. A terrorist, who is also an American citizen, has by definition broken the covenant and arguably forfeited their citizenship.

    The problem lies in abrogating their civil rights before due process has determined their guilt. That way lies the potential for tyranny.

    Yet, bringing ‘a knife to a gunfight’ is a formula for defeat and terrorists do not play by the rules. In a world on the brink of nuclear proliferation into many more unstable third world nations, nuclear armed terrorists are inevitable.

    1. Yes, that’s the dilemma.

      In a world of radical terrorists who are also “super-empowered individuals (http”* how does one simultaneously provide effective protection for a society’s physical security and also its legal traditions?

      * Note, in general it’s my belief that even “lone wolf terrorists” benefit, at least indirectly, from radical state sponsorship or protection.

  4. From the other site:

    Like blaming Benghazi on You Tube clips then persecuting and imprisoning a man for doing nothing more than producing an unknown and unobserved satirical video blurb; to the complete botch of the Boston Bomb plot and execution… This Regime (correct name for it, because it is NOT a governing administration of this once great republic) finds it not only impossible but objectionable to tell the truth.

    The lies, obfuscations, half-truths, and feckless ineptitude occur at such a great rate it is impossible for the tiny number of responsible objective new media outlets to keep up. We have gone beyond farce, and are now pushing into the deranged.

    This Regime can do what it pleases. It can ignore laws, assassinate American citizens without any due process, fund mass murderers, eviscerate families and social institutions… and nothing, absolutely nothing even remotely questioning or adverse is said.

    If it is said, it is assaulted by the MSM/Pop Culture with a vehemence and ad hominim organizational drubbing that rivals the withering artillery barrages of the First World War. Refuse to toe the party line, and be destroyed is the new motto of the Elite Left.

    Of course the Tsarnaev are but a blip on the radar. The elder son’s story will be buried, and the younger’s will be largely evaporated into the Byzantine labyrinth of the legal system. He will join his fellow jihadi from Fort Hood… in rapidly descending ignorance and anonymity. If he is ever tried, it will be “later”. If “later” comes, he will plead out, and the matter closed to the public. He will serve no intelligence function. No one will ever find out who trained, equipped, and sponsored him.

    The Regime has its narrative and template. It is relentlessly pursuing its
    “Peace through Dhimmitude” strategy, and nothing will knock the slave labor train off the rails.

    I will be genuinely surprised if the Tsarnaev Brothers even make a 30 second back story in the MSM by late 2014.

    r/John – TMF

    1. “Peace through Dhimmitude” strategy” Outstandingly concise summary!

      “if the Tsarnaev Brothers even make a 30 second back story in the MSM” Yes, as Ft. Hood demonstrates.

      There’s a tipping point however, in political repression by the MSM. Islam isn’t going to stop its aggression and sovereign bankruptcy looms on the not-so-distant horizon. When events get impactive enough, the left’s narrative starts to collapse, even for the low-information voter.

      1. If the jihadis are dumb enough to bomb a gay pride parade instead of the Boston Marathon, that tipping point would be reached with the Mainstream Media, and they would find they now had a tiger by the tail.

        Another disturbing point is the seeming casualness of our intelligence community. The Russians gave us a tip. We put mom and elder son on a list that didn’t inhibit their activities whatsoever, because we couldn’t find any adverse information. Oh, well. There were clues. We just didn’t find them, or didn’t act on them.

        But it’s those darn Russians who wouldn’t open up their entire investigative file and do all our work for us. They probably wouldn’t trust us not to leak it, like we probably don’t trust them.

        By the way, have we gotten to the bottom of Benghazi yet and brought those perpetrators to justice?

  5. It might be wise to contemplate what nations (and who they are allied to) have funded and political supported (overtly/covertly) Chechen extremism, along with other Islamic extremists… for a moment.

    On the other hand. The following advice might be better suited…

    From “Planet of the Apes”. Dr. Zaius to George Taylor(Charlton Heston), on his intellectual inability to understand how evolution/society turned upside down and how it was possible that he, and his kind, now occupied the bottom rung of the ladder..

    George Taylor :” A planet where apes evolved from men? There’s got to be an answer.”

    Dr. Zaius : “Don’t look for it, Taylor. You may not like what you find.”

    Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, where Islamic extremism is the “monster” and some of our “Allies” (and maybe us) are Dr. Frankenstein (or Prometheus), is also applicable.

    We, and I mean all non-Muslims, will have to learn to live with the consequences of the policies we all pursued, since the Russian and American failures to contain the virus in Afghanistan/Iran, back in 1980’s

  6. I would like to connect a few dots, in a very general way, concerning the Obama administration with respect to: Security/The Economy/Immigration/Welfare/ObamaCare.
    The two Islamic Terrorists were on welfare until sometime in 2012. The received assistance for their education. There is a possibility their cell phones were paid for by the citizens of Massachusetts. Fair or not, this will impact the publics perception of welfare recipients.
    The economy (the goods and services portion) is still moribund. Period. Looks like the Green economy may not be the massive new economic engine for the US recovery.
    Gun Control goes down to defeat on a bi-partisan basis.
    Senator Rubio has stated The Boston Bombing will affect the immigration “reform” bill.
    Senator Baucus has lately realized ObamaCare is a looming disaster and has decided to retire to the wiles of Montana. Apparently most Democrats are heading to the hills on this issue also. They finally read it and now know whats in it.
    The southern portion of the Keystone pipeline IS under construction heading north out of Cushing, OK. Private lands are still private lands. Keystone will be completed now or later.
    The childish approach to real world challenges is beginning to come home to roost for this narrow ideologue administration. Doesn’t seem that Fairness is being served well now does it?
    My heart goes out to all that were maimed and injured in Boston. To the families of those killed.
    Reality is at hand.

    1. A late note on Benghazi. 2 or 3 State Department employees have lawyered up and are going to be Whistleblowers.
      The cover up is starting to fracture a bit. Will be very interesting to watch Foggy Bottom bureaucrats start throwing each other under the bus. This will be reality TV at its’ best. Pass the popcorn please!
      I still have somber and respectful thoughts about the fallen, but the cover-up folks hopefully will go down very hard.
      It will spread from Foggy Bottom to other areas.

      1. Don’t get your hopes up. The movie is seldom as good as the trailer, which is not as good as the pre-release hype. I would be shocked to see those responsible end up with anything other than a mulitimillion dollar job on Wall Street,

        1. No doubt. It will be a mid level blood release, but we may get more information.
          An addendum please: The irony of the current administration deciding what to do about possible Syian WMDs is interesting.
          Does that ring a bell with anyone?

  7. The reason that the “thememongery” continues is because there is no accountability for lying to the public in American politics today. If any politician delivers a blatant lie that says whatever the public wants to hear or needs to hear to retain their own level of “feel good”, the lie is perpetuated, enhanced and made to eventually replace the truth. This is so because we have become a country ruled by apperances instead of substance. Lies have not only become democratically accepted but, also, a necessary tool of succesful politics.

    I mean, how else would we explain the results of the past two elections and many more before those and at every level of government?


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