Video: Manhattan college students play “baby-killing” game

It turns out that when you insist it’s just a blob of tissue, people do view it without respect.  Students in the video here are playing a game in which young males put balloons under their shirts and try to pop each others’ balloons – with onlookers shouting, “Kill that baby!  Kill it!”

That’s bad enough, of course.  I’m struck by something else as well: the astounding immaturity of the people involved.  This isn’t what undergrads looked or acted like when I was in college.  We were mostly bleary-eyed from working, studying, and keeping up with activities.  We were, naturally, callow, self-important, and over-earnest.  But at the same age as the kids in the video, we would have been taken for adults, rather than for eight-year-olds.  The students in this video literally run around giggling like children in elementary school.

The males’ activity is, moreover, ordered for them by a female, like a playground game refereed by the teacher.  If they’re in college, these guys are somewhere between 18 and 22 – old enough to be drafted, to vote, in many places to buy liquor and firearms – and they’re behaving as if they were in second grade.

This scene in a college cafeteria would have been impossible 30 years ago.  There’s no way to excuse this outcome of modern schools and modern entertainment.  What we see in the video isn’t just high spirits or “kids being kids”; it’s utter amorality and indiscipline.

Red rover, red rover, kill that baby
Red rover, red rover, kill that baby

The banality of the setting may lull viewers into a feeling of complacency about it.  But it’s not OK; it’s not ordinary, unimportant, or to be expected.  These young humans with the bodies of adults are more vulnerable than animals, which at least harbor strong and constraining instincts for self-preservation.  The students in the video have no moral or intellectual defenses – against whatever passions demagogues want to arouse in them, or, indeed, against much of anything else.

Eighteen, nineteen, or twenty is not too young for men and women to make honorable and considered adult choices, and to exercise a salutary, restraining leadership when barbarity is erupting among their fellows.  Young people in the military do it all the time.

Indeed, self-discipline, the happy motivation of positive goals, and a proper sense of shame should all combine to prevent college-age students from ever doing this at all.  Getting plastered on Saturday night at the Greek house is one thing: universally understood to be stupid, regrettable, and extracurricular.  Behaving like a hyena on crack in the cafeteria, while perfectly sober – and being egged on by the onlookers – is something else.

The education system which produced and suffers the latter should have no respectable standing with the public.  It needs to be taken back from those who have been running it, and radically reformed.

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18 thoughts on “Video: Manhattan college students play “baby-killing” game”

  1. 20+ years ago I was reading the local paper on a Sunday morning. I glanced at the cover of the Parade Magazine insert and one of the articles listed caught my eye. I don’t remember the author or even the article’s title but I do remember one line from the article that jumped out at me. “We are raising a generation(s) of moral savages”…

    Barack Obama voted on 3 different occasions, in the Indiana legislature against giving babies born alive after a botched abortion any palliative care. The last time he voted, the bill exactly matched the Federal Senate Bill, which received 100% approval. Not one Senator voted against it or even voted ‘present’.

    Obama’s top science adviser has written that in his opinion, babies aren’t real human beings until they are 2-3 years of age.

    Those on the left are increasingly atheistic and agnostic. That view removes all reasoned support for ‘unalienable’ rights. Rights become whatever the consensus of the time permits. And if he has the power, ‘consensus’ can be but one man’s opinion or whim. In a society where the mob makes the rules, sooner or later the mob will find its ruler.

    We are embarked upon the path that Dostoevsky warned of, “If there is no God, everything is permitted”.

  2. “Getting plastered on Saturday night at the Greek house is one thing: universally understood to be stupid, regrettable, and extracurricular”

    Maybe so,
    But it was fun Optcon 🙂
    Some of my best memories are from those laughter filled Saturday nights with friends . Although I’ll confess to a few regrets, the details of which will not be plastered on the internet for all to see in perpetuity 🙂

    In my experience there is nothing more effective that systematic positive parental involvement in a child’s education. It trumps everything from bad schools to bad teachers. When a parent cares, all issues can be overcome.

    Don’t fret about these losers in the video.

  3. The Aircraft carriers and granny cat food must be sequestered, but this shame of adult day care can’t be cut ?

    1. Charles Krauthammer makes exactly that point in one of his better columns.

      “The Obama administration has every incentive to make the sky fall, lest we suffer that terrible calamity — cuts the nation survives. Are they threatening to pare back consultants, conferences, travel and other nonessential fluff? Hardly. It shall be air-traffic control. Meat inspection. Weather forecasting.

      A 2011 Government Accountability Office report gave a sampling of the vastness of what could be cut, consolidated and rationalized in Washington: 44 overlapping job training programs, 18 for nutrition assistance, 82 (!) on teacher quality, 56 dealing with financial literacy, more than 20 for homelessness, etc. Total annual cost: $100 billion-$200 billion, about two to five times the entire domestic sequester.

      Are these on the chopping block? No sir. It’s firemen first. That’s the phrase coined in 1976 by legendary Washington Monthly editor Charlie Peters to describe the way government functionaries beat back budget cuts. Dare suggest a nick in the city budget, and the mayor immediately shuts down the firehouse. The DMV back office, stacked with nepotistic incompetents, remains intact. Shrink it and no one would notice. Sell the firetruck — the people scream and the city council falls silent about any future cuts.”

      The sequester is just one-half of 1 percent of GDP. It amounts to 1.4 cents on the dollar of non-defense spending, 2 cents overall.

      But this isn’t about how government revenue and debt should be apportioned. This is about assigning blame to republicans in a strategy to win back the House in 2014.

  4. swallowing goldfish

    telephone booth stuffing

    panty raids

    toga parties


    1. It’s not clear fuster whether you are implying that this type of thing has always gone on or providing examples of how much more innocently healthy our society once was but a few generations ago…

        1. Your indifference to this behavior does not speak well of you..

          The deeper implications are obvious and only willful obtuseness can account for your denial. This is not just business as usual but barbaric denial of basic decency and humanity.

          1. failure to be outraged at the stupidity and deliberate bad taste of some college kids is not exactly indifference.

            it’s a measured response to trivial sophomoric gross jackassery, Geoffrey …. and pretty much a requirement for living in a free and wealthy society where children are indulged.

            presenting it as some great and significant thing is a mistake on the part of an aging and unhappy person who has had a tough time of it lately.

            1. That you characterize this as solely the “stupidity and deliberate bad taste of some college kids” is an apologia and therefore res ipsa loquitur (Latin for “the thing itself speaks”).

              Yes, thsee particular individuals are engaged in “sophomoric gross jackassery” but that you think its trivial… reveals the typical liberal’s willful obtuseness in regard to the larger cultural implications of writing it off as simply “trivial sophomoric gross jackassery”. It’s our society’s growing cultural acceptance of this kind of behavior; revealed by a teacher leading it and obtuse liberals like yourself excusing it, wherein the deeper outrage lies and thus, our conclusion that it is NOT simply “trivial sophomoric gross jackassery”.

              Some things are simply “beyond the pale”; Hitler’s holocaust, Stalin’s Gulags, Saddam Hussein’s killing the entire families of those who revolted, the Taliban attempting to murder a 14 year old girl who dares to speak out publicly and ‘joking’ about killing babies…all qualify and, public acceptance of ‘joking’ about such things is proof positive of societal member’s having lost their moral compass.

              And a strawman attack does not a rebuttal make.

              I’m quite content with my personal situation; my health is excellent, never been depressed, being an inveterate optimist [contrary to my predictions of societal doom, which are based in reasoned examination of political behavior] and contrary to a “tough time of it”, never had better financial circumstances.

              Were your opinion merely of personal import, you would merely be an object of pity and scorn. That so many American’s share your rationalizations makes it of societal import. That your shared denial of ever increasing moral ambiguity guarantees the continued cultural decline of America makes it tragic.

              You and your ilk, the left’s useful idiots are dragging the world into a new moral dark age.

              1. no it’s not apology but an evaluation of the relative unserious of the offense, just as defining a crime as a misdemeanor isn’t an apology, but an evaluation of the seriousness of the offense.

                1. and Geoffrey, you’re not all that deep that you can afford to call me an idiot…..

                  1. I didn’t assign that label to you fuster, Stalin did. If the shoe fits and, it most certainly does, wear it. And, it’s not a judgement of your intelligence but of your gullibility. You’re not stupid, just a fool.

                2. In your evaluation you couldn’t reach that conclusion without your motivation being to excuse indefensible behavior and you can only excuse it by denying the larger implications.

                    1. No matter how “obviously fallacious [a] statement” may be, simply declaring it to be so, does not a rebuttal make.

                      Your consistent failure to demonstrate why minimizing and dismissal of this episode is not an indication of a society that has lost its moral compass is prima facie evidence of denial on your part.

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