Bunny snuff: Syrian rebels have chemical weapons too


According to a video reportedly posted by the Free Syrian Army, the Syrian rebels have their own chemical weapons to match Bashar Al-Assad’s – and you get to watch two rabbits die to prove it.

This link is to the video posted at YouTube.  But Breitbart has helpfully loaded the video to its post on the topic today, so you don’t have to sign in at YouTube to watch it.  Warning: graphic content.

After apparently setting off the chemical agent in a glass box containing the hapless rabbits, the speaker in the video issues this warning (translation cited at Breitbart):

You saw what happened?  This will be your fate,

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28 thoughts on “Bunny snuff: Syrian rebels have chemical weapons too”

  1. Not to quibble over semantics but rather than call them “Syrian rebels” could we be a bit more accurate and state that, the Muslim Brotherhood and/or al Qaeda… now have chemical weapons of mass destruction?

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s target will be Israel, the ‘little’ Satan and al Qaeda’s target will of course be, the ‘Great” Satan, America.

    We also have our State Department backing the terrorist organizations, oops I mean ‘rebels’, which means when those weapons get used on Israel or America, Barrack Obama will be culpable in any deaths.

    Not that Obama cares, yesterday he smiled and shook the hand of a man who publicly expressed the desire, not just to see American soldiers killed but their wives, daughters, mothers and fathers too. And as slowly and painfully as possible. He wants them to suffer…

    And, in the not too distant future, Iran will have nukes. But wait! there’s more! Egypt wants them too! and Morsi’s boss, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, is encouraging Muslim nations to acquire nuclear weapons and “terrorize their enemies.”… (that would be us)

    And, to make sure that Egypt turns into a shariah compliant, Sunni version of Iran, Morsi just declared martial law ahead of the constitutional referendum.

    But this isn’t about Morsi fearing it won’t pass, he knows that 84% of Egyptians voted for a Muslim Brotherhood parliament and approve of the death penalty for apostasy. No, this is about shutting down protests and starting to round up the protestors.

    It just gets better and better, doesn’t it? Perhaps we should start a pool, on how many will have to die before fuster and paulitet will admit that Obama’s policy is not only an utter failure but literally a dagger aimed at America’s throat?

    Since I’m suggesting the pool, I claim first picks.

    I choose; ‘Fuster won’t admit it, until his personal safety is on the line’.

    And, I choose the; ‘Paulitet will never admit it’ option.

    But they’ll both blame Bush and Chaney…now, forever and always.

    As, accountability isn’t their ‘thing’.

  2. I am in possession of chemical weapons and intend conducting the following demonstration to show my deadly capabilities:

    I will purchase two bunny-rabbits and a medium sized fish-tank in my local pet shop. I will place the fish-tank upside-down on my kitchen table with the two rabbits inside. I will then take a cerial bowl and half fill it with ‘Harpic’, a domestic toilet bleach and a spoonful of baking powder. I will tip up the side of the fish-tank and slip the bowl in beside the two bunnies. Hasta la vista, Bunnies!

    Unless the US government provides me with 10 billion dollars in unmarked notes within 24 hours I will unleash my deadly chemical weapons on the unsuspecting and defenceless nation.

    Give us a break……………

        1. Ah, I see you’ve decided to remove all doubt. You’re not playing the fool, you are a fool. And so unscrupulous that you’re willing to risk American and Israeli lives.

  3. I am not optimistic about the Syrian situation, “rebel” psyops/propaganda videos aside. These people are very good at extortion.

    We have four main (internal) players on the ground now, Assad’s army and militia, the “moderate” opposition, the Islamic extremists and the Kurds.

    It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that alliances between these groups will begin to opportunistically shift and realign frequently amongst themselves (a regional tradition, after all, these “societies” are based on tribal banditry). We might see Assad the Kurds and some elements of the “moderate” opposition aligning against the radical jihadists soon.

    1. The only groups that count are Assad’s army and militia and the Islamic extremists. The moderates will be the first to be swept aside, the Kurds will survive as they always do but haven’t the power to dominate. Any alliances will be very short. There’s a natural affinity between the Kurds and moderates but given the dynamics, it will come to nothing. The choice in the ME is either a strong man or Islamic jihadists. IMO, Assad can’t survive and the jihadists will take over. That isn’t a bad outcome for the Iranians, they’re being stupid on Syria. Pi**ing into the wind stupid. Probably ego.

        1. flustered,

          All of those other secondary players are of varying importance but as they all are either working through Assad or the Islamic extremists or ineffectively through the moderates and Kurds…when speaking of what this conflict currently boils down to in essence, only Assad and the extremists count.

          After this is settled, then the influence of the secondary players who backed the winner may count for much more.

          1. Are the Islamic extremists leaderless or is it just the case that nobody in the government or media either knows their names or cares to divulge them? Or is Islamic extremism an amorphous, nebulous undirected sort of thing, like influenza or tattoos? Don’t you suppose that among the Muslim Brotherhood or competitive groups with slightly different Koranic interpretations that there are fellows of whom the US cul-de-sac is unaware, just as the current Morsi and Assad pere once were? Somebody should make a few phone calls to Damacus and find out who we’re going to be making nice to in the next few months.

            1. They are not leaderless but they are amorphous and disparate. They have however a common goal, the ouster of Assad and the alawites. The largest, best organized, funded and motivated of the ‘rebel’ groups is the Muslim Brotherhood. Whose stated goal is an Islamic state in Syria ruled by strict Sunni Muslims, whose foremost enemies are the little and Great Satan’s. Once Assad falls, the Brotherhood will ruthlessly secure their hold on power.

              Obama just recognized the Syrian National Council as the legal representatives of the Syrian people. 6 weeks ago, the moderates quit that council in protest at the dominance of the council by its Muslim Brotherhood members.

              To provide political cover for both themselves and Obama, they elected a new Christian figurehead to leadership of the council, clearly it worked.

              In a pathetic failure of communication, the NYT, on the very same day as Obama’s formal announcement of recognition, published this analysis;
              Seeking Allies Among Syrian Rebels, U.S. Instead Finds Hostility
              “BEIRUT, Lebanon — As the United States tries attempts to rally international support for the Syrian rebellion, trying to herd the opposition into a shadow government that it can recognize and assist, on the ground in Syria it faces an entirely different problem: Much of the rebellion is hostile toward America.”

              Obama just designated Al Nusra as a terrorist group but “29 different Syrian opposition groups this week pledged their allegiance to Al Nusra, …” dismissing the notion that Al Nusra is merely is one “bad apple” amongst the rebels. In reality, the United States is backing an uprising that has placed the imposition of Sharia law and the ultimate destruction of the United States at the core of its long term agenda once Assad is deposed.”

              Obama is riding on the “Tiger’s back” that he’s ‘kick-started’ and he and we are just at the beginning of the whirlwind we shall reap.

              1. They have however a common goal, the ouster of Assad and the alawites.

                On the contrary, each has the goal of running the show themselves when Bashar and the photogenic Asma move on to Paris or Cannes. When the emigration occurs blood will continue to flow until the new boss hangs his portrait in the government offices.

            2. There are many different types of Rattle Snakes no doubt. Some have more venom, some have less. Some are more aggressive than others. Some are pretty to look at, others not so pretty.
              Everyone should pick a viper and hope for the best.

          1. what Fuster?

            what Fuster through yonder window breaks?

            broken windows aside (and pains such as your own trollish self denied)

            in a proxy war, the parties supporting, or in the case of the Assad side supporting and supplementing, all count, variously, in the fighting and in the outcome.

    1. PS
      What an uncanny resemblance to those old WWi and WWII cartoon caricatures in the newspapers…

        1. Someone shouda raided that meeting of the “heads of the five families”.

          When I saw the first pic, the quote “Tattaglia’s a pimp. He never coulda outfought Santino. But I didn’t know until this day, that it was Barzini all along.” came to mind. Barzini being the Saudis.

          There’s never a Corleone around when you need one…

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