Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | December 4, 2012

Say it with teal

U.S. Air Force airmen will remember the shoulder “ropes,” or aiguillettes, worn by student leaders at tech school. White for “chapel guides,” green for dormitory “bay chiefs,” yellow for “flight leaders,” red for “shift leaders’ – airmen-in-training have a number of opportunities to be selected for special leadership roles, and to display their distinction with pride.

Now the Air Force has a new rope for student leaders: the teal rope, which signifies that the student has received special training from the Sexual Assault Prevention Office (SAPRO). The teal-ropers will be there to “serve as a link between non-prior service students and SAPRO for information and referral support.”

Says Chief Master Sergeant Angelica Johnson, 81st Training Wing command chief (senior enlisted leader):

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  1. This is not about sexual assault prevention, this is about political correctness and the Air Force being able to assure liberals that the Air Force takes indoctrination seriously. As you point out, if this was about prevention, there would be an office of alcohol and drug abuse prevention.

    When I was in the service (69-73), alcoholism was rampant (estimates as high as 85% of lifers). I suspect the rates are still of concern and far more prevalent than sexual assault.

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