Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | December 4, 2012

New blog feature (unless we don’t like it)

Treasured readers, as I post at Hot Air from now on – with a new posting relationship that no longer involves the Green Room – I will post teasers and links to the Hot Air pieces here at TOC.  This is done on a lot of blogs out there, but I’ve never attempted it.  With posting at both Hot Air and the new Liberty Unyielding blog, I plan to cross-post most TOC and LU pieces, while excerpting and linking Hot Air pieces.

This may help me keep them straight, even if it does nothing for you.  If we decide we hate it, the pain will stop.  Meanwhile, you’ll still be able to comment here and enjoy the usual sprightly back-and-forth.



  1. I hope you don’t neglect Liberty Unyielding for Hot Air. I’ve been commenting at Hot Air since 2006, and it has been in the process of jumping the shark. My guess is that after reading the loud and vocal complaints about the Green Room’s demise, someone finally recognized that fact and is scrambling to dilute the competition before the site goes on life support.

  2. Hi INC — I don’t plan to neglect LU, believe me. I made a commitment to help out with posts at HA while Allahpundit is on vacation, and I’ve been ill recently and spending a LOT of very tedious time on medical appts and tests. My work time is limited. But I’m working on a piece for LU/TOC right now, which I hope to have posted by tomorrow evening.

    It pays off to post for HA. The traffic is a couple of orders of magnitude greater than most other conservative sites out there. LU got a humongous boost from the mention at HA this week.

    I remember you asked me about an RSS feed a few days ago, and I was going to go back and find your email on that. But since you’re here, can you tell me what doesn’t work? I have an RSS button on my Internet Explorer, and I can create an RSS feed by using that while I have a website on the screen. Is that not working for you?

  3. I’m sorry you’ve been ill. I hope they can diagnose and help you quickly.

    I realize HA must have high traffic. A comment community had a lot of inertia, but I’ve ready many complaints and people are looking for alternatives.

    I expect to see a lot of good things and more people at LU.

    I use Firefox. Let me look around again for a RSS button.

  4. I see the Follow Blog button, but WordPress has a RSS widget titled RSS Links to put in the sidebar for people to pick up on your blog’s feed. I think the widget you’re using for Hot Air and the other sites is titled RSS.

  5. I checked at LU and the RSS Links widget that second from the top in the sidebar is the widget I’m referring to.

  6. INC, can you give the links that are up now a try? (Or just the posts link, of course, if that’s all you want.)

    I learned about RSS feeds through IE when RSS’ing began being offered through the toolbar. Never thought much about setting up an RSS button on the blog!

  7. Hold on and I’ll check them out.

  8. We’re good. It works! I plugged your blog feed into my sidebar, and used it to click back to your top two posts.

  9. Success!!! Great, I’m glad it works. Many thanks for plugging me in. I’ve been meaning to put your blog in my roll, and will get right on that.

  10. I like your blog’s new look, BTW. Very nice.

  11. Thank you! I’ve had some experience as a typesetter, and I loved doing it. I worked at a grad school and did their brochures and the school magazine. I really like putting things together visually.

  12. I had a major computer freeze and am just getting back in. My eye had blipped over you adding my blog to your list, and I wanted to say thanks–I appreciate your doing that. Now it’s off to run an overnight scan!.

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