Pigskin Follies – NCAA Week 12

Season grinds on.

Back this week by popular demand, the Pigskin Follies kicks off the weekend with a question on everyone’s mind:  What does Oregon have to do to get some respect from the BCS?

Kansas State is atop the BCS this week.  But the real action will be in Chapman Stadium (Skelly Field) in Tulsa, at 11:00 CST, on Saturday, when the Golden Hurricane takes on the team it will probably play for the C-USA championship:  the University of Central Florida.  UCF has a solid lead in the East division.  Both teams are 8-2 overall, 6-0 conference.  But of course, Tulsa beat Notre Dame 28-27 on 30 October 2010.  So we have to give the Golden H the nod, even though Coach Bill Blankenship says UCF will be their toughest opponent in the regular season.  The oddsdudes have TU giving about 1.  What can I say, there just aren’t that many alumni from my noble alma mater.

The Oklahoma Sooners, hanging in there at BCS #12, will be at West Virginia on Saturday evening.  In theory, the Mountaineers having no defense, the Sooners should roll over them handily.  But we Sooner fans know how that goes.  TOC’s Football Commentary Service predicts a high combined score and absolutely tons of yards for the Sooners.  Oklahoma gives 11.  50F and clear at game time in Morgantown – a tad chilly for the Sooners this fall, but free of precipitation.

Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, #24 and #23 respectively, will be punching hard in Stillwater, and may just reverse those standings tomorrow afternoon.  Stay tuned.  We here at TOC’s Football Commentary Service will be gratified if the Cowboys keep the neon-gray to a minimum in their game apparel.

Navy on Saturday hosts the Bobcats of Texas State, newbies to the FBS and sporting the 3-6 record to prove it.  Navy gives 12, and certainly has the potential to cover.  Army hosts Temple and gives 3, an interesting number given that Temple isn’t as bad as Connecticut, South Florida, and Pitt in the Big East.  Army did whup up on Air Force a couple of weeks ago, but we’ll wait for developments on this game.  Air Force hosts the Hawaii Warriors here in about an hour, giving a whopping 22.

The Hokies will be at Boston College on Saturday at noon-ish, and are giving 9 this time, which is a nice change for them.  The 2-8 Eagles suck pretty badly this year.  VA Tech, at 4-6 (2-4 conference), is out of the ACC fight for 2012.  North Carolina roosts atop the Coastal Division at the moment, and we are not at all sad to report that the Tarheels whomped the you-know-whatamus out of the shabby, unpresentable Yahoos of Virginia on Thursday night (37-13), in The South’s Oldest Rivalry.

Nevada will be visiting New Mexico, and if the Wolf Pack can’t win this one, we’re going to get kind of annoyed with them.  They’re giving 10, and the 4-7 Lobos are only a tiny bit better than they were last year.  Nevada has slid out of contention for the Mountain West title, but is seriously better than New Mexico and should pocket this one.

Around the top 10, Kansas State will be at Baylor on Saturday, and should have no difficulty with the Bears.  #2 Oregon hosts Stanford in a bout that bids for Game of the Week.  The Oddsquad has the Ducks giving 20, but of course PAC 12 fans and BCS watchers expect the Candy Pink to give Oregon the fight of its life.  The Wildcats will be dominating in Waco; Ducks have to slam Stanford hard to have any chance to surge in the BCS on Sunday.  TOC’s Football Commentary Service predicts a Ducks win but no surge this week.

#3 Notre Dame hosts Wake Forest, and should have no problem with the 5-5 Demon Deacons.  #4 Alabama should mop up the field with 1-9 Western Carolina, rotating through the FCS slaughter spot.  (Western Carolina is 0-8 and dwelling in the FCS Southern Conference cellar.  The one thing they have going for them is that Alabama isn’t a scorehound.)  Georgia, #5, has another Southern Conference opponent tomorrow, this one perched atop the conference:  Georgia Southern.  The Bulldogs shouldn’t have a problem.

It’s Play an FCS Creampuff Week in the SEC, as #6 Florida hosts Jacksonville State, coming in 6-4 overall.  If the Gators can’t drag the J-State Gamecocks around the field by the toenails, we can’t help ‘em.  Sometimes it’s tough to stay in the top 10.  #7 LSU hosts Ole Miss, and we are delighted to report that they’re playing for the Magnolia Bowl Trophy, which, as stuff to play for goes, ain’t half bad.  The Rebels haven’t been burning up the field this season, coming in at 5-5, so we’re going with the oddsbubbas on this one, and calling it for LSU.

Texas A&M, having rocketed to #8 on the win over the Tide last week, is also participating in the SEC’s Play an FCS Creampuff week, hosting the Southland Conference’s Sam Houston State.  SHS’s team is the Bearkats, and don’t forget it.  But they are going to lose.  #9 South Carolina takes on the FCS Wofford Terriers, who are tied with Georgia Southern for the top of the Southern Conference, but also have no chance of winning tomorrow.  #10 Florida State heads to Maryland for an ACC showdown, and we’re frankly pretty proud of the ACC for not lining up a bunch of FCS strawmen to mow down in Week 12.

Oh, all right, all right.  Yes, it’s USC-UCLA tomorrow.  Whatever.  They’re #18 and #17, respectively, so who knows, maybe they’ll engineer a place swap in the BCS.  OK, so the game is likely to determine which one takes the PAC-12 South too.  UCLA, after a tough start, has rebounded to 8-2 (5-2 conference), and USC is behind by a nose at 7-3, 5-3 conference.   So we will grant that there are folks who care.

In other rivalry action, UAB hosts Memphis in the Battle for the Bones, wherein the two teams, now both in C-USA, play for The Bones.  If it were anything other than college football, we’d laugh our heads off.  Rice and SMU are playing for the Mayor’s Cup, which frankly just doesn’t have the ring of a Golden Cannon.

In Division III action, Franklin College, the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference champ, squares off on Saturday with Adrian College of Adrian, MI.  Adrian is the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association champ, and will host tomorrow’s first-round game.  Franklin is ranked #16 in the D3 Football poll, although the coaches have been ranking the Grizzlies more like around #22-23.  Adrian got the most votes for teams just out of the top 25 in the D3 Football poll.  Game time weather: 50F and partly cloudy.

Christopher Newport collides with Division III powerhouse Mount Union on Saturday, at Mount Union U in Alliance, OH.  Mount Union, the Ohio Athletic Conference champ, is ranked #1 in Div III by everybody.  The betting seems to be on whether the Raiders’ opponents will score at all.  Game time weather: 51F and sunny.  Note: all the Div III games are at noon (local) tomorrow.  Go Captains!

The Deer Creek Antlers are hosting McAlester tonight in the quest to keep their 5A playoff hopes alive.  McAlester, coming in 7-3 on the season, was leading 21-14 at the half.  Antlers have some work to do to keep the playoffs going.  It’s about 48F and clear in the stadium.  Go Blue!

Florida International is up 14-10 on Florida Atlantic at the half.  FAU not looking its best tonight.  (Hey, you didn’t think we’d forget tonight’s football, right?)  Hawaii and Air Force started a few minutes ago.  And what do you know: Hawaii just scored a TD on a nicely-managed opening drive.  7-0 Warriors.

25 thoughts on “Pigskin Follies – NCAA Week 12”

  1. Ahhhhh !!! Like a breath of fresh coastal air. Yes I do expect OU to slop around and win.
    Just to inject political/news/bald face lying into the political blog: Congressman Smith from Washington State (DEM)did clear up the whole Bengazhi thing: The attack on the embassy was a spontaneous riot that turned into a pre-planned well co-ordinated terrorist attack. Also the comment of the week came from Retired Admiral Lyons when asked why no help arrived for 23 hours: I can fly around the world in 23 hours”.
    Great football to everyone!!!!!
    We will be working JE but our radio will be playing on the job site. 70 degrees today.

  2. Tulsa just won a close-fought game with UCF, 23-21. EX-cellent!

    Sadly, Deer Creek killed itself with penalties last night, then the kicker missed an extra point in the 4Q, leaving the Antlers down 28-27 to McAlester. Antlers lost. But good job getting to the second round of the playoffs.

    Rutgers knocked off CIncinnati 10-3 and rules the Big East. Too bad. We’ve had a lot of respect for Cincinnati over the years, but the Rutgers student body is rude and vile to the service academies when they meet on the gridiron. Just can’t like Rutgers. “Scarlet Knights” is a big opening too.

    ‘Bama clonked Western Carolina 49-0, but much of the SEC has been laughably underperforming against the sacrificial lambs from the FCS. It took South Carolina (motto: The Other USC) until late in the 3Q to get to its current (4Q) 24-7 over Wofford. #5 Georgia is 17-7 over GA Southern in the 3Q. Gators are 23-0 over Jacksonville State, so at least they’ve prevented a score.

    Sadly, Army fell to Temple 63-32. How exactly was Army giving 3 before the game?

    OSU and Texas Tech early in the 1Q. Time to WATCH!

  3. Pokes up 7-0 on a fun-filled drive. Would like to see the kicker cut his hair.

    1. Congrats on Tulsa !!!!!!! Deer Creek is a Rising power. A very fast growing far NW area. Where is everybody? Getting ready for the OU Slop-Around. UCLA was leading USC. I am sure that will change. Heading home. Happy weekend to you JE!!
      Okay I just can’t help this: Fox reporting this afternoon an “un-named White House official released a comment: “we did not change the CIA’s original assessment all that much.”

  4. Navy way up on Texas State early in the 4Q.

    OK-State obliterating Texas Tech. Pokes just recovered a fumble and are in Tech’s RZ AGAIN. 45-14, may change in the next minute.

  5. “Fox reporting this afternoon an “un-named White House official released a comment: “we did not change the CIA’s original assessment all that much.””

    Yeah, like that awful call by the refs in the Packers-Seahawks game did not change the outcome of the game all that much.

    OSU scores AGAIN! Kickin’ Red Raider tail. Love me some Stillwater on a November evening.

  6. OK, I don’t have HD. Seeing an HD signal on a non-HD TV is a weird way to watch a game.

  7. VT beat BC 30-23. Absolutely no trace of this game available to anyone West of Memphis, as far as I could tell. Good job, Hokies!

    Nevada did survive New Mexico, 31-24.

    Christopher Newport succumbed to Mount Union 72-14. Sorry ’bout that. But Franklin lived to fight another day, trouncing a much-hyped Adrian 42-10.

    Very satisfying 59-21 outcome in the Pokes’ favor. Take that, BCS. Bedlam will be one heck of a game this year.

    UCLA topped USC 38-28. Nice.

    Exciting last minute in Ole Miss-LSU. 41-35 LSU, and the Rebels have the ball. Miracle? Probably not. That Magnolia trophy probably stays with the Tigers.

    Oklahoma is threatening WV in the 1Q. Oops — TD on a Miller grab. Boomer Sooner!

    Countdown to Oregon State-Stanford and Kansas State-Baylor.

    1. The Hokies were on ESPN3 so the game could be watched by users on cooperating ISPs. No TV broadcast was available outside of the local BC and VT cable companies.

      The game was a win. The offense was mediocre, Tech should have won by more, and not needed OT to accomplish the goal.

      BC played up. They wanted it more. But a squeaker is a win, and if we get by the Hoos next week we’ll be picking a booger on December 31. (I think the powers that be are projecting Tech to be the sacrificial creampuff to Oregon State in the Sun Bowl.)

      The only negative about getting a bowl bid is that it will embolden the idiot AD Jim Weaver to not fire the entire Offensive coaching staff, and get Frank Beamer to retire.

      Tech needs a new head coach, a new offense, better recruiting, and a better Conference. Even Maryland is looking to get out of the Basketball dominated Tobacco Road ACC.

    2. ya don’t need HD to see how easy it is to throw against WV…and how easy it is to gain 50 on throws of 5.

      1. and yet the Oklahoma defense has been good enough to hold WV to only 750 yards of offense and a measly 49 points.

        and Oklahoma might well win.

  8. Yeah, Mighty, it looks like the main constant in the coming years will be teams hopping conferences, and conferences morphing into new ones.

    The SEC is looking squidgy at the edges and vulnerable this year. I really wouldn’t count on ‘Bama or LSU stopping the Ducks or Wildcats if they met head to head. (Well, maybe the Wildcats.)

    I think the Sooners might have a case for an NCAA violation in Morgantown tonight. It looks to me like the Mountaineers went and bought themselves a defense. All season, these guys haven’t been able to stop a baby in a stroller, and now suddenly they can hold the Sooners to 17 in the first 22 minutes of play. Smells fishy to me.

  9. The Sooners are really annoying.

    Looks like Baylor may just bring this one off. Who’d-a thunk?

    Oregon not dominating Stanford, although ahead 14-7.

    Come on. Notre Dame? Let’s put ‘Bama back up there.

  10. Well, the Sooners did hang half a hundred on ’em.

    They’re still annoying. Tim to see how Oregon’s doing.

  11. Shhez, hadn’t checked on Baylor and K-State for awhile. Baylor up 52-24!!!!!

  12. Will that Duck miscue on the 3rd down play-action be remembered for all time?

    Depends on whether the Duck D can hold Stanford to a second OT.

    1. Hats off to the Cardinal “Eggheads”. The midget football team always loses when they come into contact with a physical team (not OU of course). The Ducks should wear sparklers on their helments. They would need an extra sideline person to attend to that of course.
      Baylor playing Defense? I think OSU will be favored in Norman or should be. The OU D is fading. Two horrible games in a row. My wife could have averaged 5 yards a carry against that defense.
      WV had exactly 1 offensive weapon. They moved Austin to tailback and then threw some passes to him. When Austin touched the ball everyone on defense fell down. One personnel move on the WV offense confused the Sooner D for 60 minutes? Really? Mike needs to lose some weight and start coaching instead of talking trash about the D after the game.

      1. “When Austin touched the ball everyone on defense fell down.”

        That’s it in a nutshell. It took the entire Sooner team to score 50 points. Against the Sooners, it took Tayvon Austin to score 49.

        OSU is hungrier, for sure. OU plays like it just got up from a pizza-and-bear spread at the spicy wings place.

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