Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | November 10, 2012

Pigskin follies – NCAA football Week 11

Yes, yes, I know.  General Petraeus has resigned, supposedly due to an extramarital affair.  He didn’t notify me of his reasons or what’s going on, so, having no special insight here, I’m going to press ahead and talk some pigskin.

It’s shaping up to be a kind of ordinary weekend, with none of the big cheeses playing anyone who has a serious hope of knocking them off.  We start with the center of the football universe, the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane, which beat Notre Dame in the only game the two teams have ever played, 28-27, on 20 October 2010.

TU will be at Houston in a big C-USA West match, possibly the second-biggest of the season.  (The showdown with SMU, currently ranked second to Tulsa in C-USA West, could be the biggest.  Or the 4-5 SMU could remain on course for oblivion, and it won’t matter: Tulsa, 7-2 and 5-0 conference, could lose to the Mustangs and still take the division.)  Anyway, Houston, also at 4-5, ain’t all that this year, but the Cougars always play Tulsa tough, and they’ll be in their own house on Saturday at 4:00 PM CST.  Tulsa is favored by about 2, after the lackluster performance against Rice a couple of weeks ago.

Oklahoma hosts Baylor and gives about 20.  After Landry Jones has thrown his obligatory 3 interceptions – hopefully all in the first half – the Sooners should settle down and make some Bear stew.

Oklahoma State will host West Virginia, pride of the Big 12, at 2:30 PM in Stillwater.  This should mean neither team will have to play a quarter squinting into the sunset in the east-west- oriented T. Boone Pickens Stadium.  But you never know with OK-State; they’ve had more than their share of extended game delays in the last two seasons.  Saturday is looking windy and mild, however, with no rain in store.  The oddsquad likes OSU for this one by 8.  Go Pokes!

Navy will be at Troy Saturday afternoon, and Troy won’t be a pushover.  Navy gives 1 at the moment, and it probably won’t bubble up any more than that.  Army will be at Rutgers, getting stomped after a miraculous triumph over Air Force.  Air Force had better be done licking its wounds; its host, San Diego State, is 7-3, ranked with Fresno State atop the Mountain West, and beat powerhouse Boise State in a 21-19 squeaker last week.

We regret to have to report that once again, Virginia Tech has come up short.  The Hokies hung in there gallantly with BCS #10 Florida State, but as expected, the Seminoles prevailed last night 28-22.  Having seen little of the game, we can’t comment usefully on the Hokies’ play, but the offense didn’t look completely out to lunch.  It seemed to be a better performance than the sorry spectacle versus Miami last week.

Nevada has a chance to make up some Mountain West ground hosting Fresno State on Saturday night.  It appears that we’ll actually get the game here, which is a rare occurrence.  Nevada’s defense has been getting beat like a rug, and Fresno State is a passing machine, racking up by far the most passing yards in the Mountain West, with 3,172 as of last week, almost all produced by hot-arm QB Derek Carr.  So the Wolf Pack has its work cut out for it. 

But we wish them well.  Around the top tier, #1 Alabama hosts #15 Texas A&M, which is holding its own pretty well in its SEC debut.  The Aggies won’t get past the Tide, however.  Kansas State, #2, will be at TCU facing another win.  #3 Oregon isn’t likely to lose in the rankings by traveling to Cal.  Notre Dame, #4, travels to Boston College for the newfangled Holy War (the old-fangled one being between Boston College and Holy Cross).  The Eagles, 2-7, are pretty darn bad this year.  Look for the Arsh to prevail.

#5 Georgia will be at Auburn for a likely win in their long-running rivalry.  #6 Florida hosts an unlucky but plucky Louisiana-Lafayette (Sun Belt), and we’re always pleased when we can mention the Ragin’ Cajuns, even when they’re heading off to the slaughter.

LSU is futzing around at #7-ish, but beating #21 Mississippi State at home on Saturday won’t burnish them up much, BCS-wise.  #8 South Carolina (motto: “The Other USC”) will host, and probably beat, Arkansas.  #9 Louisville heads to Syracuse for a Big East showdown in the Loud House, while #10 Florida State has already piled up its Week 11 win with the jump on VA Tech on Thursday.

Sadly, no one is playing for a Golden Cannon this week (Western Michigan toted off the one last week) – at least not in the FBS.  No telling what they’re playing for down the NCAA food chain.

Speaking of the NCAA food chain, we are deeply saddened to report that Rose-Hulman’s final game of the 2012 season was cancelled for this weekend.  The opponent, Earlham College of Richmond, Indiana, suffered a tragic loss in the early hours of 9 November when three of its students were struck by a train.  One of them was killed in the accident.  Rose-Hulman ends the season at 4-5 (4-3 conference).

In the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference, which Rose-Hulman graces, Franklin College (Franklin, IN), the conference champion, is ranked #24 in the Division III Coaches’ Poll.  The Grizzlies will go to post-season play, and the TOC Football Commentary Service will follow them through to the bitter end.

The Christopher Newport University Captains, having prevailed 22-16 over Greensboro last week, play their final regular-season game on Saturday night at home, hosting the Monarchs of Methodist University (Fayetteville, NC).  The Monarchs come in 4-5 to the Captains’ 6-3.  A win will put the Captains at 6-1 conference, potentially tied with conference-leading Ferrum College (7-2 overall), which the Captains defeated 38-31 on 6 October.  Tomorrow night is a must-win, but the Captains are in the USA South championship hunt.  7:00 PM kickoff weather in Newport News: 60 and dry.

In high school ball, the Deer Creek Antlers, after their big upset win at Bishop McGuinness last week, host the Ardmore Tigers tonight (9 November) in the first round of the 5A playoffs.  Ardmore, 5-5, shouldn’t be the biggest challenge the Antlers will face in the playoffs.  KTOK AM 1000 will broadcast the game (which should be starting in the next half hour or so).  Clear and low 70s at kickoff.  Go Blue!



  1. Okay, I will keep my powder dry until you wish to write about the resignation that stinks to high heaven. How long did the Pretend American President hold that onfo over his head?
    Edmond Santa Fe crushed PC North as expected. East Oklahoma schools will still rule 6A when all is said and dune.
    Oklahoma will have about 600 yards of offense today, but Baylor will have some offensive success.
    Oklahoma State will have a tight fit against West Virginia because of their QB situation. Obviously take the over on this game. The offensive line for WV is not very good. Their defense is undersized, but make up for it by being really s l o w.
    I watched Pitt fall off the earth last night. I am surprised the kicker showed up.
    The Pretend American President is not tall enough to lick the Generals boots.

    • Let’s make that “info” and “done” shall we. More coffee please.

    • “Pretend” President, Walt?

      So you think the recent election was a “pretence”, Walt?

      What makes a President “pretend” or otherwise, Walt? Could it be something to do with whether you like the outcome, Walt?

      So, presumably, we won’t have a “real” president again until the next Republican is (possibly) elected at the end of Hilary’s second term in 2024, Walt?

      Or is the term “pretend” only reserved for black, commie, moslems who were born in Kenya, Walt?

      Wouldn’t you be far more comfortable in Iran or China where they hold real “pretend” elections, Walt?

      (And I’m shocked that the Opticon, whom I understand to be in the military reserves, hasn’t rebuked you for calling the Commander in Chief “pretend”, Walt)

      • “Pretend American President” Paul. Try to read a little slower. Comprehension is quite important. Move your lips and say the words to yourself. If you do not understand yourself, start over.

        • Done that, Walt.

          Nice and slowly, Walt.

          And I comprehend it completely, Walt.

          And it says to me, “denial”, Walt.

          And if this is representative of the Republican reaction to its electoral defeat, it says to me “12 more years”, Walt.

  2. Yeah, Pitt did keep you watching though. 14 in the 4Q. Well, whatevs.

    Deer Creek blew past Ardmore like a freight train last night, 52-14. The next round of the playoffs will be harder.

    Sorry but not surprised to hear North is out.

    Time to gear up for college ball. Won’t get Navy here today, but it looks like the Tulsa game’s a sure thing on CBS SN, and the West coast programming commies should show us Oklahoma. Haven’t figured out yet if we’ll get OSU here. No matter what the programming guide says, I usually find out when I switch to the channel at game time. No idea why they sometimes run worthless Big East games, or even FCS nonsense, rather than Big 12 games here.

  3. And… who can believe Pathetic Kansas is tied 27-all with Texas Tech at the end of the 4Q?

    • Amazing!!! I was watching 4 games at once. Tech wasn’t expecting much from the Jayhawks.

  4. Wow, A&M eating Alabama’s lunch! Who’d-a thunk? The Tide looks seriously bumfoozled.

    What in the world happened to Louisville?

    Ragin’ Cajuns hung in there with Florida, making the Gators win scary at the last minute, 27-20.

    Sensing a shake-up in the top 10 here.

    OK-State taking the Mountaineers apart. OU doing fine versus Baylor.

    • ” Wow, A&M eating Alabama’s lunch! Who’d-a thunk?”
      predicted that A&M had a 94% chance of winning by Nate Silver.

      • OK, that was funny.

  5. If Texas A&M can somehow hang on over ‘Bama (of which I’m skeptical), That could give the Ducks of Oregon an opening for a shot at the title down the road. Who was that last “non-major” team to win the national title? BYU in 1984? We’re a long way from there however. But I’d love to see it!

  6. A&M!! Holy cow!!!

    • Zowie! No kidding. Good on A&M. By the time they got to those final minutes, I figured it would be a crying shame if Alabama came back. Dang, Aggies did a great job.

      I don’t see either of K-State’s or Oregon’s opponents knocking them off, so I think we’re going to see a shake-around here.

      Sooners prevailed, going to as little trouble as possible in the final minutes, per usual.

      I hate those HIDEOUS gray uniforms on Oklahoma State. Those things are just appalling. West Virginia needs to get a defense.

      Tulsa was thought to be meeting its nemesis in Houston today, to hear the sportsbabblers tell it. 24-0 Tulsa in the 3Q. Heh.

      Navy succumbed to Troy in the end. Bad day for the service academies.

      Mississippi State up 7-0 on LSU. Nebraska took out Penn State in a close-fought battle, 32-23.

      It took Mizzou FOUR overtimes to down Tennessee 51-48.

      On to the K-State game.

      • I was so disgusted with OU’s usual inability to just put people away, I missed the quick 14 points! LOL!!!!!

        I remember a lot of talk about West Virginia being the class of the Big 12 right off the bat. 0-4 so far.

        The last interception by A&M was a WOW!!! moment. I almost dropped my martini.

        Tennesee is terrible (the current USC coach left them in a talentless mess.Dooley will pay the price for that.

        Missouri certainly flourishing in the SEC.

        Is Boise State still in Idaho? LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The top five are going to shaken and stirred. I tuned in just to watch the “honey shots” of the Alabama cheerleaders, and got the unexpected benefit of an upset. They could use the playoff system this year.

  7. not a good night for horned frogs

    • The Frogs really miss the Drug problem guy. Chit Chat about Patterson ending up at Auburn. Probably better off where he is. He is a great defensive guy. They will hit OU in the mouth on 12/7 down in Ft. Worth.

  8. Than God it was another woman. And not another man. You never can tell with the army these days……………….

    (Only joking)

    • you best be if your gonna start talking bout the Army as if it’s a buncha sailors.

  9. Meant to mention: Oregon let Cal score 17 points. Egregious weakness for a team that racked up 59 points itself? You decide. I’m not convinced K-State is better than O-Ducks in 2012. And the BCS being what it is, we may never find out.

    So sorry to have to report that Nevada went down to Fresno State, basically as expected. 52-36.

    #20 Louisiana Tech (motto: “What the heck are we doing in the WAC?”) let Texas State (!) score 55 points on them. The Bulldogs still pulled it out with 62, but I bet THEY’RE out of anybody’s Top 25 today.

    Ferrum having lost to Maryville, Christopher Newport’s Captains are headed to the Div III tournament for USA South, in spite of a truly painful loss at home last night to Methodist. The Captains will take on a tough Mount Union in Ohio on Saturday. Good job on the season, Captains!

    • My Cal Cap has been in the closet since last year. Those darn Egg Heads.

  10. I note that the Dallas Cowcritters aren’t trying as hard as they usually do to lose today’s game. (Versus the also-struggling Iggles.)

    Pokes are ahead 31-17 with 2 and change to go. This seems to mean they might actually win this one. Although Philly is menacing on the Pokes’ goal line, and 2+ can be an eternity in Realball.

  11. Wow, that was one lame OT in the Rams-49ers game. I thought sure the Rams were going to battle through to a big victory. (Or maybe the San Fran squad would do what everyeone expected.) A tie?? Give me break.

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