Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | November 2, 2012

Pigskin follies – NCAA Football Week 10

We are excited to announce that the TOC Football Commentary Service resumes this week, after a hiatus due to (TOC’s) indisposition through the first half of the season.  Better late than never, we always say.

All right, so who would have expected Notre Dame to be up there in the nosebleed section of the BCS at this point?  Can LSU knock off Alabama?  Does Oklahoma State have a chance against Kansas State?  Will Oregon meet its Nemesis in the Coliseum on Saturday night?

These and other questions will entertain the sportsbabblers for the next 36 hours.  But here at TOC, we take things in order of importance.  The University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane will be at Arkansas Saturday for possibly its toughest game of the season.  The Razorbacks have been pathetic this year, but between the SEC and C-USA, you pretty much have to go with the SEC team.  Still, Tulsa did beat Notre Dame 28-27 in the two teams’ only meeting ever on 30 October 2010.  They should be able to ride that to any number of unexpected victories.  Arkansas is giving only 5 or so.

TU is 7-1, 5-0 conference, with the best record in C-USA, and perched atop the West Division.  They could use a bigger, more impenetrable defensive front line.  Just had to mention that.  But their offensive line has tightened up noticeably over the last 8 weeks.  The ranking won’t change even if they lose tomorrow, but still: Go Tulsa!!!

The Oklahoma Sooners are slinking up to Iowa State with their tails between their legs after a drubbing by Notre Dame last Saturday.  They’re favored by 13 over the Cyclones, about which we say: Big woop.  It won’t matter if they beat the Cyclones; with two losses, they’ve sealed their fate in the Big 12 this year.

Oklahoma State will be in Manhattan, Kansas to take on the hot-running K-State Wildcats, who clock in at #2 in the BCS.  The ‘Cats are only giving 7, although that’s probably a function of determination on the part of the OSU bettors.  (Don’t get in the way of Oklahoma fans and their football.)  We’ll be pulling hard for the Cowboys.  It would mean quite a BCS tumble for Kansas State to lose tomorrow.

We are saddened to report that Virginia Tech lost to Miami on Thursday night, and badly.  Just about the same score as the Sooners’ loss to Notre Dame.  Two of Miami’s TDs came after special-teams flubs by the Hokies, which in most years are pretty darn uncharacteristic.  Is Beamer losing his mojo?  The Hokies racked up more yards and plays than the Hurricanes, but lost 30-12 on sheer bad execution.  Although the ACC Coastal Division remains pretty open, VT has already played all three teams ranked above it.  Miami and North Carolina are the ones to watch in Coastal; Florida State is the bet for the conference title.

Navy hosts Florida Atlantic, which at 2-6 is pretty sucky this year.  Navy gives 16.  Army hosts Air Force for their annual bout, and if anyone thinks 1-7 Army’s going to win, he’s not letting on.

Nevada has the week off after a painful 48-31 loss to Air Force last week, which produced a big drop in the Wolf Pack’s standing in the tight-tight-tight Mountain West.  Nevada will host Fresno State on the 10th.

Meanwhile, the game of the week has to be #1 Alabama at #5 LSU.  Their rivalry doesn’t have a cutesy name, and as far as I know they don’t play for any bric-a-brac or garage trash to tote home with them.  But the real issue is that LSU just might have a hope of rearranging the BCS with a win.  Les Miles and Nick Saban, one more time.

Speaking of goofy trophies, Michigan and Minnesota will be playing for the Little Brown Jug on Saturday.  Western Michigan and Central Michigan, on the other hand, will be playing for the Golden Cannon, which is our kind of football-rivalry trophy.  Fresno State and Hawaii, we are happy to report, are playing for the Golden Screwdriver on Saturday night.

But a game of near-equal bigness will be Oklahoma State at #2 Kansas State.  Good sense says the Wildcats are too much for this year’s Pokes, with the latter’s offensive weaknesses and perennial defensive strategy of bending an awful lot.  But there’s always the chance – especially with the Cowboys.  #3 Notre Dame will host Pittsburgh, and most likely win.

Oregon, #4, heads for a showdown with USC, which slipped to #17 after the loss to Arizona last week.  On paper, the Ducks should have no trouble with this one.  But no PAC-12 game is ever a lock.  Ducks give 6.

Georgia, #6, shouldn’t have much trouble with Ole Miss.  For some reason, they don’t seem to be playing for a bucket, jug, or kitchen utensil of any kind.  Florida, #7, should be able to nurse its wounds hosting Missouri, whose first year in the SEC has been inauspicious.  The #8 Gamecocks (motto: The Other USC) have the week off, as do the #9 Seminoles, who will head to Blacksburg to take on Virginia Tech on Thursday the 8th.  Rounding out the BCS top 10, Louisville hosts Temple, making the second Owl squad that should lose tomorrow.

In other games of note, Texas will be at Texas Tech; don’t drive through Texas unless you absolutely have to.  New Mexico State will be at Auburn, and we wonder if they’ve ever played before.  Anyone?  TCU heads to West Virginia for another This-new-Big-12-is-so-weird game.  Stanford will be at Colorado (motto: “We take a pounding!”), and #11 Oregon State hosts Arizona State.

In the other ranks of college ball, TOC Div III favorite Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology – coming off a big win over long-time rival Mount St. Joseph last week – hosts the Ravens of Anderson College on Saturday at 1:30 Central.  The Fightin’ Engineers are 3-5, 3-3 conference.  Weather in Terre Haute, football perfect: 47F with showers at game time.

Also in Div III, the Captains of Christopher Newport University (Newport, VA) will host USA South conference rival Greensboro (The Pride) on Saturday night in POMOCO Stadium.  It’s homecoming for the 5-3 Captains, and they’ve got a good shot against 4-4 Greensboro.  50F and partly cloudy at game time.

Dipping into high school ball, we note that the Deer Creek Antlers of Edmond, OK will be playing their final game of the regular season at Bishop McGuinness, Friday night at 7:00 PM Central.  Bishop McGuinness, 10-0 and leading the district in 5A, beat Guthrie last week, the only team Deer Creek has lost to this season, so tonight’s game may not go so well.  But the 8-1-1 Antlers, ranked 6th statewide in 5A, could lock in a good playoff berth with a win.  Go Blue!



  1. What happened to the News? 😉 Christopher Newport reportedly received good news at roughly the location of the Mariner’s Museum… about some such thing. Well the big statue of the old English Privateer and adventurer is on the circle at J. Clyde Morris and Avenue of the Arts to commemorate it… or was the statue just here to serve as the focal point for the main entrance to the University? I dunno…

    But I will be there tomorrow evening with son #2 to watch the game. Division III NCAA football is a blast. The players aren’t superstars, the plays sometimes look a bit sandlot; but what you have is a team of young men who are playing the game because they LOVE playing the game!

    That counts for a great deal in my book. Pomoco Stadium will be rocking tonight, Blue Crew, Marching Captains, and probable fireworks. It will be fun. And who knows, maybe the Captains will win the USA South Conference Championship again this year?

    I am heart broken over my Hokies… Frank’s time is past. He spent one year more than he ever should have. It’s time for a change. A top to bottom refit is in order. Who knows maybe that dream 85,000 seat stadium out closer to I81 will be named Frank Beamer Field at Miles Stadium (‘Sally’ Miles being Tech’s first big football star and Frank being everything that Frank has been to the program and the school.) It’s time for that Head Coach Emeritus title, and a happy fruitful retirement, Coach. You done good; real good.


    • “will be rocking tonight” – Tomorrow night… sheesh… still gotta drive there and everything… 🙂

    • Yeah, the “News” is off in the ether somewhere, trying to find a way into my brain. For those who may not know what this discussion is about, it’s Newport NEWS, VA, not “Newport, VA.” Usually pronounced by the locals “Noo-p’t Noos.”

      Enjoy the game at POMOCO tonight. Sooner QB Landry Jones is bucking to be the next Tony Romo, averaging at least one interception per quarter. If not for the pick the Cyclones just bagged, it would still be 7-0 OU (or possibly 14-0). Instead it’s 7-3.

      At least I’m getting the game here. Great, one more pick for Jones just now. That one easn’t even a floater. Gonna have to start calling the Sooners the Laters.

      Arkansas 13, Tulsa 6. Reduced to following this one online.

  2. Did not realize you had been under the weather. Have been reading your blog all spring and summer, just too busy to spit.
    Oklahoma: Yes Bob has turned into Gary Gibbs. Switzer has been very circumspect about the program and supports Bob 100%, BUT even Barry came out two weeks ago and said the “D” was down on talent. The receivers from Fresno State and Penn State and Millard are the only reason the offense is not a joke. They can’t run a lick.
    West Virginia: Welcome to The Big 12. I think Texas and Baylor scored about 120 on them. Look for Mack to be kicked upstairs in a year or two.
    Kansas State and Notre Dame would be a toss up. Both teams much more physical than the OU entitled bunch.
    Iowa State could be a tight fit for OU. K-State held out for a 7 point win. Went down to the wire.
    Happy Football to everyone.

  3. Putnam City and North are both 6-4. We were at PC stadium last night for sons last home game (North Band). Yukon looked like a junior college team. Rolled North up easily.
    Jenks rolled up and over Putnam City on Thursday at Jenks. Both 6-4 teams are in play offs.

  4. In the good news category, Deer Creek beat Bishop McGuinness last night, 25-12. Positions the Antlers well for the 5A playoffs.

    Sadly, the Putnam City Big Glory days are in the past, at least for now. But I’m glad The Original and North are both in the playoffs, even if they bow out in the first round.

    Tulsa almost tied it up just now, but the kicker missed the PAT. Phooey. 13-12 Arkansas as the first half winds down.

    Iowa State gets another 3 off the pick on Landry. Sigh.

  5. Hey, how about that Army-Air Force game? Who’d-a thunk Army would be ahead 27-7 in the 3Q?

    Tulsa holding onto a precarious 15-13 lead over Arkansas.

  6. For those of you inclined to wagering (gentleman style, of course), Oregon has been a beast this season. They’ve covered the spread in every game so far. Curious to see how they’d fare against a powerhouse from the SEC.

    OK is doing about what you’d expect to Iowa St given what ND did to OK last week.

    For all you (state of) Texas fans, I was in your hood last weekend. Went to the Cowboys/Giants on Sunday. What a dramatic game. I was sitting amongst both Giants fans and Cowboys fans. It was entertaining to see the smack talk going both directions – especially on the Dez Bryant TD/non-TD at the end of the game. And what a stadium. It’s probably the best sports stadium I’ve ever been in.

    As a side note, I spent a little more time in Dallas than I intended. Sandy saw to it that my Monday flight to Boston wasn’t going to be. I didn’t get back home until early afternoon on Wednesday. I blame George W Bush for the storm. He actively sabotaged the planet during his 8 years and Mother Earth still hasn’t recovered.

  7. I personally blame George W. Bush for the fact that Tulsa just lost to Arkansas. Razorbacks didn’t cover, but a W’s a W, I guess. Tulsa hung with them for the whole game; Arkansas wasn’t in control until the final 90 seconds, when TU’s last bid to break the 19-15 score went south.

    Who saw Army 41, Air Force 21 coming? So it’s really down to The Game this year. 8 December.

    I envy you, RE. Nothing wrong with a stint in Texas. Hope things are OK back in Boston.

    And yeah, the worthless Sooners fiddled around for awhile and avoided just enough mistakes to keep from losing. I’ve never understood why Stoops goes into such a lackadaiscal lead-tending drill when there are still 5 mintues or more on the clock.

    • He is Gary Gibbs. His important time is on his new mansion. Pitt 20/ND 6 4th !

      • ND scores and misses the extra point! 20-12 Pitt. Out of here. Enjoy JE!!!!!!

    • As befuddled as you are J.E. by Stoops these days, I remember him fondly in 2000. I needed an OK victory in the title game to win the college bowl pool I was in. His Sooners knocked off Fla St 13-2 to win the national title. The thing that still sticks with me to this day was the tacking. It was flawless. I don’t think the Sooners missed a single tackle all game long. And Fla St was also stellar in the same category. It still is the best tackling game I’ve ever seen – college or pro.

  8. Okie St D looks sluggish

    • the kicker looks real good, though. 6 more field goals for the tie.

  9. Eau Neaux! The Tigers defense shut down the Tide in the second half, until they went into “prevent” mode to try to hold a three point lead with two minutes left. 21-17 Bama.

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