And now a word from Mohammed Morsi

Interesting times.

In the “Stuff you can’t make up” category, here (short video) is a brief glimpse of one of the newly elected Egyptian leader’s campaign themes for his nation’s landmark election.

The key slogans from a Morsi rally on 5 June 2012 are the following (the Memri clips, posted at DiscloseTV, are from an Al Jazeera broadcast):

“Our capital shall be Jerusalem!”

“Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem!”

“Banish the sleep from the eyes of all Jews!”

“You lovers of martyrdom, you are all Hamas!”

“Jerusalem is our goal!”

Morsi, a long-time Muslim Brotherhood leader, had a pretty big crowd for this one.  I confess, I got a kick out of the head-shaved guy prancing around the stage with a microphone, singing jihadi slogans.  You have to watch closely to see what’s going on there.

Morsi has also stated that in Egypt, they don’t have child abuse, separated couples, cohabitation, or “sex with beatings.”  So he’s at least dealing from a full deck, and has reality in his sights.

I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing more from Morsi.  His post-election statement to Iranian media that he planned to “review” the peace accord with Israel must certainly be considered in light of his campaign themes and expressed beliefs.

The “race to Jerusalem” is having regional doors opened to it, with each victory for Islamists (first Tunisia, now Egypt, very likely Libya, once things fully shake out there, and possibly in Syria, especially if the US keeps funneling arms to the rebels through the Muslim Brotherhood).  Both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian mullahs have made it clear that they regard Jerusalem as a religious-strategic prize.  But they are competitors for the honor of winning the race to Jerusalem.  With each opportunity they perceive to close in on Israel’s capital, instability and peril will only increase for the entire region.

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25 thoughts on “And now a word from Mohammed Morsi”

  1. In the age of Al Jazeera can an Arab leader like Morsi convince relatively rational Egyptian military leaders that committing suicide in an invasion of Israel for his own aggrandizement makes sense? The Egyptians might hate the Israelis but they certainly have no love for the so-called Palestinians either. If there’s anything that Arabs like to do it’s wax poetic. They’ll talk lots about the expelling the Jews but when the chutes open it’s just going to be Qassam rockets not jet fighters or tanks.

    1. Morsi has no intention of invading Israel. Neither is he going to be bribed by US tax-dollars into continue co-operating with the Israelis in enforcing the Gaza siege – or in policing the Sinai for Israel’s benefit. I’d imagine as an elected leader he will be more responsive to public opinion in this regard. On the other hand, the military, who get their toys and perks courtesy of the US taxpayer, will probably try to subvert the policies of the elected politicians with the behind the scenes assistance of Uncle Sam.

      1. If there’s one thing that’s common to all Arab leaders it’s the happy acceptance of bribes. That’s really what the mid-east controversy is all about, modern-day sheiks and emirs extorting funds from deluded western politicians with phony promises to make their populations behave. They put the money in Swiss bank accounts or buy property in London or Miami as a retirement program. Of course, they can’t pull off this scam without firing up their uneducated, unemployed, ignorant subjects with anti-Semitic rhetoric. When anybody else uses this tactic it’s condemned, when the Arabs do it’s just normal. Maybe that’s true diversity, measuring the Arabs with a different scale than everyone else.

      2. Whether he’s merely strutting or whipping up popular support for the struggle with the military, it’s still more bed news that Morsi spouting, P.

  2. Saw the video. Demagogues and extremists leading their people to ruin. It’s a sad sight. All the more reason sober world leaders must not fail on Syria.

    Morsi, Saakashvilili, Papandreou, etc all American trained implants that have, (or will in the case of Morsi), ruined their native countries. Where do we find these guys?

  3. In his speech, Morsi says that he hates Jews, not Israelis. He hates Israelis because they are Jews, not vice versa.

  4. the capital of Egypt has always been Jerusalem.

    and we forgot to mention how we have to free the Blind Sheikh so that he can return to Egypt and resume his role as Minister of party Planning and Holiday Fireworks.

  5. Of course, the comments and the speech aren’t from Morsi, and the opticon is quoting crap from Iran that directly contradicts Morsi’s public statements because it suits her purpose and not because she would ever credit the Iranian media as offering truth, but at least she’s not just making shtuff up entirely.

  6. Whipping up hatred against people because of their religion? Demonising an entire religion? Who could do such a thing?

    Frank Gaffney could.

    Oh that the Lord would gi’e us…………….

    (Yeah, I know it’s a completely different thing when one of our own stirs up the hatred)

    1. 99 & 44/100 % of the US population has no idea who Frank Gaffney is. Frank Gaffney has never held an elected office. Comparing the influence of Frank Gaffney in the US to that of the newly-elected pasha in Egypt is an analogy of breathtaking stupidity.

    2. P, when it involves a (possible) head of state comparisons to Gaffney are flaming asininity.

      why offer such thing?

          1. “the capital of Egypt has always been Jerusalem”

            Upon what do you base that assertion? The Muslim Brotherhood’s proclamation that Jerusalem is the ‘rightful’ capital of Egypt is quite recent. What other Muslim society would agree that Egypt’s capital is Jerusalem?

            In the article you linked to, Rubin’s contentions are IMO faulty. That is because in order to reach his conclusions, he dismisses as irrelevant a multitude of behavior by the Chinese that contradicts his rationale. Such as China’s consistent behavior in the UN in blocking effective UN sanctions against Iran.

            He asserts that China’s government is no longer totalitarian, while ignoring its complete lack of political freedom. It’s prohibition against free speech. He ignores the unapologetic but unspoken racism that is endemic to Chinese culture.

            He ignores a multitude of evidence which contradicts his assertions in order to reach his desired conclusion.

            He makes the mistake of thinking that economic greed trumps ideology and then constructs a biased argument in support of that argument.

            I don’t ‘hate that argument’ I simply find it flawed.

            1. GB, I base that assertion in the belief that people who read this blog know how to read comments and understand what’s meant.
              please re-read the comment you’re questioning and see if many the light doesn’t go on.

        1. “this shower is not opposed to hatred per se – only hatred they don’t approve of.”

          In 1937, would pointing out what Hitler had publicly said and the clear implications of his positions have been ‘hate speech’?

          If not, then pointing out what Islamic fanatics say isn’t hate speech either. Nor is it ‘hate speech’ to point out that Islam’s holiest texts and its fundamental theological tenets fully support the Islamic fanatic’s POV.

          Nor is it hate speech to point out that those same theological tenets make reform impossible because reform requires revising Islam’s most foundational theological tenet; that the Qur’an is entirely composed of God’s direct words, the writing down of which was perfectly overseen by the archangel Gabriel.

          Rhetorical question; since when is speaking about easily verified facts, hate speech?

          Obviously the intellectual motivation is when advancing an agenda is of higher priority than acknowledging the truth.

          Denial and appeasement’s emotional motivation is always moral cowardice, that of “one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.

  7. MEMRI posted this vid of Morsi making a speech in the park and it’s all Obama’s fault for not loving America and being soft on Al Qaeda…

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