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TOC panel participation on 22 April 2012 in Los Angeles; *UPDATE* Livestreaming link

*UPDATE*  CJHSLA will be livestreaming this event.  It’s a first for one of the organization’s events, but it’s being handled by someone who knows what he’s doing, so it should go well.  Check here at the event start-time (7:00 PM PDT – 10:00 PM EDT – 9:00 PM CDT) for the streaming video.  “See” you all there.

TOC readers:  Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors LA is hosting a panel event on Sunday, 22 April at 7:00 PM at the Luxe Hotel Sunset in Los Angeles.  The panelists will include TOC, Professor Avi Bell, author/blogger Omri Ceren, and author/blogger Rick Richman, whom readers will remember from last fall’s similar event.  The topic this time is “The US, Iran, Israel, and the Bomb” – and it should be another lively evening of excellent presentations and in-depth discussion.

If you will be in the LA area and can make it, the Luxe Hotel is located here:

Luxe Hotel Sunset 11461 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90049

Our wonderful host, Doris Wise Montrose, always has the events recorded on video and posts them afterward, so if you can’t make it, check out the video when it’s available.  To register for the event, click on the event banner now posted on the right side of the TOC webpage.  That will take you to the CJHSLA registration site.

Here’s the official summary of the treat in store:

The Iranian nuclear crisis is coming to a head as some intelligence reports indicate that Iran’s nuclear program may be only months from the “point of no return.” Skyrocketing oil prices, new sanctions, another round of international negotiations, a wave of aborted Iranian terrorist attacks, harsh statements from the White House, and tense talks between President Obama and visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu all point to a new stage in the crisis. Understanding what happens next requires understanding the Middle East and Central Asia from the perspective of all the major actors: the U.S., Iran, and Israel. Our panelists – each an expert on a particular aspect of the situation – will discuss in turn the objectives and capabilities of the U.S., Iran, and Israel, how they relate to each other, what you can expect next, and how war might be averted.

Professor Avi Bell will discuss how the conflict and the calculations look from the viewpoint of the Israelis.

Professor Avi Bell holds multiple degrees from Harvard and the University of Chicago, clerked for the Supreme Court of Israel, and has taught courses on the laws of war and the legal aspects of the Arab-Israeli conflict. He is a professor at Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law as well as the University of San Diego Law School.

Omri Ceren will discuss how the effects of this administration’s past Middle East diplomacy and the toll it has taken on the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

Omri Ceren writes for Commentary Magazine’s Contentions blog and his own blog Mere Rhetoric. His articles and posts have appeared in domestic and international outlets, and his investigative journalism has been cited by the Associated Press, Reuters, the New York Times, CNN, the BBC, and dozens of other outlets.

J.E. Dyer (Ret. Cmdr) will discuss the military capabilities and political intentions of the Iranian regime.

J.E. Dyer is a retired Naval officer living in the Inland Empire. She has written for Hot Air, Commentary, The Weekly Standard, and her own blog, The Optimistic Conservative. She is writing a book on the Reagan strategy in the Cold War.

Rick Richman will discuss the White House’s threat perceptions of, and diplomatic approach to, the Iran portfolio.

Rick Richman edits “Jewish Current Issues.” His articles and posts have appeared in American Thinker, Commentary Magazine, Contentions, The Jewish Journal, The Jewish Press, The New York Sun, and Pajamas Media.

Hope to see you there!



  1. Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors? Now I’m really confused. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself told us that there never was such a thing as the Jewish Holocaust and heads of state don’t just up and lie about something like that, do they…?.

    Break a leg, Commander, and, remember, give ’em hell…


    • I guess that IS kind of in Mahmoud’s face, isn’t it. Huh.

  2. Good to see that you’re getting some of the exposure that you deserve, OC, but who’s representing the point of view of the Persian Empire? You guys won’t have anybody to argue with.

  3. Who on the panel will be espousing the views of Iran or the US?

    • I’m not in the least concerned as to who’ll be espousing the views of Iran – or of Israel, or any other foreign outfit, for that matter. One thing is certain, this front organization for the settler-extremists will not be too concerned about the interests, values, or views of the USA

      • What, exactly, are the “interests, values, or views of the USA”? Other than your own personal ones, that is? Since there are over 300 million residents in what is claimed to be the USA, all with unique interests, values, or views, how do you stir them together to produce a valid composite? Hopefully, you’re not implying that the 537 decision makers in DC are capable of making that evaluation. It’s pretty scary to consider that the likes of Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, et al are members of an elite that get to decide the collective I, V & V of people they’ve never even met.

        • the policy of the United States concerning some things in the area has been pretty consistent through the last couple of decades.

        • The interests of the US are a peace-settlement which would begin the process of ending this long-running conflict in accordance within the two-states format. This is the policy of this and previous democratically elected US administrations.

          The values of the US are democracy, the rule of law, and the other values (including non-discrimination on grounds of religion and equal protection of private property rights) enshrined in the Constitution.

          This aims of this front-organization have nothing to do with the eponymous children of holocaust survivors and much to do with frustrating any peace settlement which might put an end to the land-grab in the West Bank. I presume the people behind this outfit chose this name because they imagined it would insulate them against criticism of their real agenda. You know the racket – they jump up and down screeching deligitimation of Israel and anti-semitism when you point out that stealing the property of non-Jews is morally abhorrent to US values.

          • ” the rule of law, and the other values (including non-discrimination on grounds of religion and equal protection of private property rights) enshrined in the Constitution.”

            None of those values are present in even the most primitive form in the area controlled by the “Palestinians”. Since the Constitution is regularly flung down and danced upon by the democratically elected and appointed poseurs sworn to uphold it, it can’t much “enshrined” in it.

            • Quite right. Neither the Israelis nor Palestinians observe our values. But the Palestinians aren’t stealing the homes and farmland from the Israelis and their despicable settlers. The traffiuc is entirely in the other direction. It’s significant that your argument isn’t that Israel observes our values (which it manifestly doesn’t), but that it’s neighbours are just as bad.

              The Constitution is interpreted and upheld by our independent courts, impartially, and independently. This is part of the rule of law that US citizens enjoy, and which you only seem to accept when the outcome is favourable to your prejudices. Your moral relativism is only surpassed by those who bleat that robbery is something called “disputing” when the robbery is of Arab property and the robbers are Israelis.

              Pass the sick-bag.

              • To reiterate, at what date, if you are an American that owns property in the US, are you intending to deed that property over to the descendants of the Indians that once inhabited it?

                • And even then, how can one of our “despicable” American imperialists be sure to which Indian tribe to deed his property to? I mean, the Indians were, for the most part, fairly imperialistic themselves and would not think twice to kick some other weaker tribe out of a territory they needed.

                  Then there is that Mexico thingy…

                  And the question of whether the land should be returned just as it was found, basically a worthless desert, or if it should be returned with all the great improvements that have been made to it over a comparatively short period of time by a significantly more industrious, albeit more “despicable” settlers.

                  Besides, the territory being talked about was not taken from “Palestine” at all. It was taken from Jordan or some other actual, honest to goodness nation, which Palestine never was.

                  Hmmm, I wonder if the Palestinians ever made the same demands of the Jordanians, if they ever launched a bunch of rockets into Jordan to underline their nationalistic point of view and I also wonder what the Jordanian response could possibly have been…Oh, wait, I actually know the answer to that. Its “YES, they sure did”, “NO, they wouldn’t have dared” and, I believe the words used by the “despicable” Arabs to the downtrodden Pales were “AW, SHUT UP!”


  4. When’s the Boston edition of this event??

    • Tel Aviv.

  5. fascinating and brilliant. because land has been taken in the past, it’s cool if it happens now. Israel is entitled to all the Palestinian land it can hold…..and later on, the Palestinians will be equally welcome to take back all of the land that’s now Israel, not just Jerusalem and the West Bank, but Haifa and Tel Aviv and all.

    • The Palestinians and their Arab allies have tried to conquer Israel and failed. Neither your idea of fair play nor international law will dissuade them from trying again — only force will do that. The Palestinians are reduced to mostly ineffective but frequent acts of war against Israel, while they expect the rest of the world to protect them from retaliatory acts of war against them.

      • quite right, cv, that they’ve tried repeatedly and failed repeatedly….and that some wish to try some more.

        but my point is that if the Israelis are gonna steal Palestinian territory simply because they can, why shouldn’t the Pals do the same when and if THEY can?

        if the morality of it is “we do what we must for us and funk them ” then that’s the morality of it.

        as long as the Israelis want to follow the settlers down the path to amorality and rapacious occupation for eternity, then sooner or later it’s gonna become obvious to us that our sacrifices are not warranted and we’re better off disassociating from the likes of Lieberman and the Yesha Council sh1ts.

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