Biggest anti-Israel conference evah? Americans there; UN, Europe in official attendance; *UPDATE*

Braying for a piece of Jerusalem.

An “International Conference on Jerusalem” is being held 26-27 February in Doha, Qatar.  The conference was scheduled by the Arab League during its meeting in Sirte, Libya in 2010.  Its purpose is to combat the “Judaization of Jerusalem.”  In the words of the Global Muslim Brotherhood Report, which tracks Muslim Brotherhood activities, this month’s conference “represents an unprecedented coalition arrayed against Israel.”

This isn’t hyperbole.  The conference is unusually well advertised in English, being referred to in the media regularly as a “conference on Jerusalem,” rather than sparsely as a “conference on al-Quds,” the Arabic (and larger Islamic) term for Jerusalem.  Yousef al-Qaradawi, “spiritual leader” of the Muslim Brotherhood, has held a number of conferences on Jerusalem in the last decade, hosting them around the Arab world and flying largely under the radar in terms of his media posture with the West.  Researchers on the earlier Qaradawi conferences were more likely to find them under “al-Quds” than under “Jerusalem.”  But the February 2012 conference is simply billed – even in a number of Arab-world English-language media – as the “conference on Jerusalem.”

Yet that doesn’t fully convey the conference’s confident tone.  The conference is being given a higher profile than usual in English-language outlets, but the English transcriptions (such as the ones at the official conference website) don’t all provide the event’s full name:  “International Conference for the Defense of Occupied Jerusalem.”  Implied in this posture is a sense of momentum behind, and mainstreaming of, anti-Zionist themes.

US participation

This unabashed posture is certainly bolstered by the attendance of representatives from around the globe.  Thirteen of them are from the United States.  One, Kenneth R. Insley, Jr., bills himself as a consultant to the US State Department.  Mr. Insley’s Zoom Info profile describes him as the Director of Public Diplomacy for the Capital Communications Group, and a board member of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, Inc.  The Foundation’s Links page includes a number of virulently anti-Israel groups such as the Holy Land Trust and the Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem/Society. (Note: the Foundation’s website does not show Insley as a board member, but the last update is marked with a date of March 2008.)

CIF Watch was able to obtain Insley’s prepared remarks for the Jerusalem conference (which was originally scheduled for 2011 but was postponed by the Arab Spring).  Among other things, Insley warned (emphasis at CIF Watch):

It is now well understood by almost everyone that either Israel will cease to be a democratic state, or a Jewish one, because it can’t have both without the creation of a Palestinian state…or it will lead to Armageddon.

Read the whole thing.

Another associate of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation is attending the conference: Albert Mokhiber.  Mr. Mokhiber is listed only as an “attorney” on the conference roster, but he’s being modest: he is a former president and vice-chairman of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, or ADC.  (His daughter Leila currently serves as the ADC’s Outreach and Communications Coordinator.)  Mr. Mokhiber is also listed as a member of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation’s advisory board, at least as recently as 2008.

A notable recent victory of the ADC was, of course, partnering with the FBI to eliminate “discriminatory” and “inflammatory” items about Arabs and Muslims from the Bureau’s training material, a project that trashed 1,000 documents and presentations.  Among the other groups involved in the effort is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which, like ADC, has close links to anti-Israel organizations, including the terror group Hamas.  And sure enough, CAIR is represented at the anti-Israel Jerusalem conference this month by Mr. Nehad Awwad Hammad, CAIR’s national executive director.

The other Americans include many “usual suspects,” such as Alison Weir of the Council for the National Interest (please note: not Alison Weir the biographer and novelist) and Lara Friedman of Americans for Peace Now.

Religious participants

Sadly, one of the Americans is Bishop Georgi Panossian, Primate of the Armenian Orthodox Church.  At the conference from the various nations are four Catholic bishops, two patriarchs, an Anglican minister from the UK, and a representative of the Roman Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem, as well as attendees from Religions for Peace (including the American William F. Vendley).  The holocaust-denying, anti-Zionist rabbinical group Neturei Karta has six persons attending.  (*UPDATE*:  Challah Hu Akbar has remarkable conference video of Mahmoud Abbas and the emir of Qatar shaking hands with Rabbi Meir Hirsch of Neturei Karta.)  Of course, there is representation from Islam as well.

UN participants

Eight attendees are listed as representing the United Nations:

Amb. Mutlaq Majid Alqahtani, Chairman, UN General Assembly

Ms. Elpida Rouka, Chief, Regional Affairs Unit, UNESCO

Dr. Raymond Dolphin, UN Officer for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

Mr. Robert Serry, UN Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process

Mrs. Shifa Awni al Jayousi Abdeen, Program Officer, Office of the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process

Mr. Filippo Grandi, Commissioner General, UNRWA

Mrs. Maria Mohammedi, External Relations and Projects Officer, UNRWA

Mr. Peter Ford, Representative of the Commissioner General, UNRWA

European and other participants: Government officials

European nations are being represented by their officials as well as academics, activists, and media professionals.  Mr. Ranier Fsadni’s roster entry describes him as representing the European Commission, for which he served in the past as the operations director for the Euro-Arab Liaison Office.   Fsadni, a Maltese professor, is also advisor to the prime minister of Malta on Mediterranean and Maritime Affairs.  Finland has a member of parliament and an advisor to the Ministry of Education and Culture at the conference; France has her ambassador to the Holy See, Stanislas de Laboulaye there; Spain has a Mr. Jose Antonio Martin Pallin representing the Tribunal Supremo (Supreme Court); and Sweden has a member of parliament and two officials of the Center Party at the conference.

Turkey is also represented by a member of parliament, as well as a deputy prime minister (see below).  Former Australian prime minister Robert “Bob” Hawke, a Labor politician long described as an “emotional” friend of Israel, is at the conference.  The roster reflects one anti-Zionist Arab member of the Knesset in attendance, purportedly representing Israel; other reporting indicates there are at least four.

The largest delegations are, of course, from the Arab Muslim nations.  But the US, UK, Netherlands, and Sweden are heavily represented.  Other participants come from Canada, South Africa, Denmark, China, Russia, Australia, India, Germany, Iran, Pakistan, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

Oh, and Yousef al-Qaradawi is attending too.

Conference topics

The conferees have so far enjoyed a series of anti-Israel perorations, such as the one delivered by the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, in his conference-opener.   According to the website OnIslam, the emir asserted the following:

There is no Palestinian State without Al-Quds and there is no Al-Quds without Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay, in Doha for the conference (but not on the roster), had this to say:

“Without the liberation of Jerusalem, no real peace and stability can be achieved in the Middle East or farther afield…”

Atalay described Jerusalem as “a captive city in the hands of Israel,” saying that Israel’s policy is aimed at denying Jerusalem’s thousands-year-old history with Muslims, Christians and Palestinians. …

“Israel’s oppressive attempt is aimed at changing Jerusalem’s historic fabric by intimidating Palestinians. Turkey will not allow that.”

Mahmoud Abbas, long-superannuated head of the Palestinian Authority, delivered a speech Sunday morning in which he simply ignored facts and made up “history” to justify calling on Arabs to “fight the Judaization of Jerusalem.”  Abbas called Jerusalem “the cause of every Arab, Muslim, and Christian,” a grotesque but far from unusual attempt to establish a common interest between Muslims and Christians in seizing Jerusalem from the control of Israel.

Abbas’s themes have become well-worn in the campaign to erase the Jewish heritage of Israel and delegitimize the modern state.  Elder of Ziyon has a worthwhile takedown of Abbas’s conference remarks.  Challah Hu Akbar also calls out the theme of “Temple denial” in Abbas’s speech; that is, the denial that a Jewish temple has ever actually existed in Jerusalem.  (For numerous articles on the documentation of Jewish history in Israel, see Emet m’Tsiyon.  The Jewish Virtual Library’s Israel portal has comprehensive links.)

Sudden al-Aqsa Syndrome

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Report points out that this conference takes place in the wake of inflammatory statements made less than a week ago about the al-Aqsa mosque, by Hamas and al-Qaradawi.  Hamas accused Israel of seeking to “storm” the al-Aqsa mosque, and asserted the mosque’s need for “rescue” from the “occupation.”  Qaradawi followed up the Hamas statement with the announcement that al-Aqsa is a “red line” for Muslims, and urged Palestinians and other Arabs to rise up and liberate the mosque from the “Jewish occupation.”

The trend of sudden claims about peril to the mosque has been gathering steam for about two weeks.  The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Ahmad Hussein, who is not to be outdone in Temple denial, reportedly proclaimed earlier in February:

Arabs and Muslims must protect Al-Aqsa before it is ruined by the Jews. According to Hussein, Israel is trying to destroy Al-Aqsa in a variety of ways and that all the violations “cannot be summed up in words.”

And on 12 February, Xinhua relayed a Syrian news report that Israel’s Likud Party had called for Jews to storm the al-Aqsa mosque, citing what turned out to be false reports that Israeli right-wing websites were circulating posters inciting the attack.  The poster presented as evidence of the incitement campaign was an obvious fraud – and hilariously inaccurate, rendering “Manhigut Yehudit,” or the “Jewish Leadership” movement, incorrectly as “Manhigut HaLikud” – meaning “Likud Leadership,” which is not the movement’s name.  A number of websites are referring to this incident as a “prank” against Likud and Manhigut Yehudit leader Moshe Feiglin.

More on Sudden al-Aqsa Syndrome is here and here (Elder of Ziyon and Challah Hu Akbar are doing a superb job following this).  Meanwhile, two US congressmen were caught in a rock-throwing attack by Palestinian Arabs at the Temple Mount on the 24th – a repeat of an earlier attack on tourists on 19 February.  In each case, Arab anger at the “Jewish” threat to al-Aqsa is invoked.

Global March to Jerusalem

If you thought the only thing lacking was an activist plan to complicate the security situation, you were wrong.  A “Global March to Jerusalem” is being planned for 30 March, and is to involve foot marches (being organized by Hamas), a fly-in to Ben Gurion Airport, and – of course – a flotilla.  CIF Watch has this one cold; start here and work backward through comprehensive summaries of the usual-suspect activists behind the “march.”


We can hope the following: that the US State department will publicly repudiate the conference in Doha, as it has previously repudiated the anti-Semitic “Durban” conference series; that Ban Ki-Moon will rebuke the UN officials who claim to represent his organization at the conference, and state the UN’s fundamental interest in impartiality and the rule of law; that Christians around the world will make a point of rejecting the participation of Christian leaders in the Doha conference; and that Western governments will discipline their officials who are in attendance this week, and discourage their citizens from challenging Israel’s authority to secure her territory and enforce law and order on it.

I am hopeful that the State Department may at least distance itself from the conference, and that Christian leaders in many countries will reject the conference’s premise and the idea of Christian participation.  Perhaps the rest is not as unlikely as – regrettably – it seems to be.

J.E. Dyer’s articles have appeared at Hot Air’s Green Room, Commentary’s “contentions,Patheos, and The Weekly Standard online.


46 thoughts on “Biggest anti-Israel conference evah? Americans there; UN, Europe in official attendance; *UPDATE*”

  1. Dang, but those are some nasty people.

    Of course, the fact is that they’re correct about the Israelis pushing the Arabs out of Jerusalem. Doesn’t matter if you’re an Arab born and lived there all your life, you’re still getting pushed out.

    But it’s important to ignore that and stick to….dang, but those are some nasty people.

    1. “Of course, the fact is that they’re correct about the Israelis pushing the Arabs out of Jerusalem”

      Proof please! Otherwise you are merely a propagandist or a bigot or both. My understanding is that there are more Arabs in Jerusalem today than at any time in the historical past. Moreover, many are taking up residence in Jerusalem to prevent their becoming part of any future Palestinian state. Life is freer in Jewish Jerusalem.

      If you google Jerusalem and “arab population”, all links start with the increase of the Arab population compared to the Jewish population.

      1. bigot???? belay that bilge, buddy,,,,,,,,,,

        the Arabs are reproducing at a high rate but they are being squeezed out and squeezed together by both legal and economic means………

        I suggest for a start that you consult Meron Benvenisti, deputy mayor of Jerusalem under Teddy Kollek, and read City of Stone.

        “… long years of neglect and discrimination in East Jerusalem, pointing out that less than six percent of Kollek’s last budget proposal in 1992 was allocated to Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods.”

        go look at the process for obtaining permits to build anything and see that Arabs who apply for them simply don’t get them…. or wait a dozen years.

        and look past the numbers and look at the shrinkage of real estate owned by the Arab population and to the law that states that Arabs born and living in Jerusalem who go abroad for any
        length of time (i.e. to attend college abroad) don’t have the right to return to their homes in Jerusalem.

    2. BALOGNA! Israel is the only nation in our world with God given rights to land. The truth is still the truth even if ingorance florishes!

      1. oh, Neta, that’s just sooooooo…….

        may the God of real estate transactions
        bless your pointed little head and grant you your own private Idaho.

    3. God gave Jerusalem to the Israeli’s, in fact he gave all of Israel to the Jews, it all belongs to the Jews can’t you understand that. Try arguing with God about it, see what happens.
      The USA is going to collapse if it turns against Israel, better get ready.

      1. so does that mean that US Jews own the land every bit as much as the Israelis and that they can claim that they own a big portion of what’s currently called Israel?

        Will the God of real estate transactions support US Jews against the Israelis if them Izzies refuse to split the baby?

        Consult the Holy Deed Office and get back to us ASAP. I’m gonna put in a claim to the Mount of Olives.

  2. Fuster, did you know that there are many more Arabs in Jerusalem today than there were in 1967 when Israel captured the previously Jordanian-occupied parts of the city, reuniting them with the parts held by Israel before the Six Day War? Did you know that Arab mobs drove Jews out of various quarters of Jerusalem during the British mandatory period, 1920-1948? That Arab irregular forces drove Jews out of Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem in December 1947, a process continuing in various places up to the expulsion of Jews from the Old City’s Jewish Quarter at the end of May-beginning of June 1948?

    1. Oh, it is a lot worse than that. The Jordanians who threw the Jews out of Jerusalem were not irregulars, but soldiers in the Jordan Legion. They were under the command of serving active British officers who were kind enough to keep the Arabs from massacring the Jews.

      The British were and remain the worst antisemites because they see nothing strange about their hatred for people they have not met. Those elites who formulate policies antagonistic toward Jews have no need even to justify their positions. Their views are right, because everyone who is straight thinking knows that antisemitic policies are fully justified without explanation.

    2. yes Eli, I know the history and have ZERO love for the Palestinians and Jordanians and for all the other Arabs (and others) who have been unfailingly ugly in their treatment of Jews……

      I just don’t want the Israelis, having won the wars, to descend to that level of ugliness…..

      I was taught that we’re better than that.

      1. Only in the movies does the good guy win a fist fight, when the bad guy pulls out a knife. And you can’t win a knife fight, if the other guy pulls out a gun. The point being that if the other guy won’t fight ‘fair’, then neither can you if you want to have a chance of winning.

        Anyone who denies that Israel wants peace and that the Arabs want genocide is either not paying attention or is engaged in willful denial of the facts.

        The settlements and squeezing of the Arabs are an Israeli tactic to either force the Arabs to meaningful negotiations or face eventual expulsion.

        As realistically, what choice does Israel have? Eternal terrorist attacks for the next 1400 years? No country can survive without defensible borders. Gaza especially but the West Bank also are thorns in Israel’s side from which terrorist attacks are incessantly launched. Israel should have long ago (1967 and 1973 wars) annexed both and expelled every Arab. Pay them compensation and good riddance. The Sinai desert and Jordan River make perfect sense as defensible borders.

        As for Israel’s right to do so, again in a fight you have to fight by the other guys rules when they are more ruthless. Muslims fully support their right to armed conquest, so only hypocrisy allows them to deny that right to Israel. They’re sore losers, tell them to go pound sand.

  3. Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular are this moment’s version of America’s “contraceptive” controversy in the Arab/Muslim world. It’s important to the leading gangsters of the Levant that international attention be centered on the dubious claims of “Palestinians” on sites that the Israelis have either purchased or acquired through successful battle rather than on the increasingly visible subjugation of the “Arab street”. Don’t expect them to give up on this strategy, they don’t have many other options. Rather than expose themselves to outright military defeat and loss of influence, the Arab gangsters continue to employ the witless post-modern leftists of the West as their PR agencies to prop up their criminal enterprises that mask themselves as agencies of liberation. The Arabs are to be congratulated on their success in keeping their nearly meaningless struggle on the front pages of the paper almost every day.

    1. chuck, not everyone things that acquisition is legally certified by successful battle……and certainly not anyone in the US govt. in the last 80 years.

  4. jlevyellow, Eliyahu Ben Abraham — welcome, and my apologies for the delay in your first posts. There is a one-time “approval” to keep down the spam. Your comments will post automatically from now on.

    Thank you for inviting fuster to offer proof of the assertion that “Arabs are being pushed out of Jerusalem.” If this refers to something real and supposedly ongoing, it shouldn’t be hard to provide links.

    1. it isn’t hard… and thank you for being unfailingly a shill for overlooking any Israeli shortcomings.

      we need such useful ideologues to insure that a compromise that results in an actual peace that nobody likes but that most everybody can live with never happens.

      1. Fuster, you mean you lied about Arabs being kicked out of Jerusalem in order to further a peace that no one will like? You are the quintessential Leftist and the epitome of a Muslim ideological practitioner. Truth means nothing to you. Your motto must be “by any means necessary.” A perfect Alinskyite. No shame, no conscience, no humanity.

    2. and if you could clear my earlier comment from moderation, opticon, some small bits of proof will be on offer.
      it seems that two links are frowned upon.

  5. I can’t help to agree with the anti-Zionists on at least one of the themes in this conference; and that is their claim that Jerusalem is currently “occupied”. In fact, Jerusalem IS being occupied. By them.

    So, where I part company with them is when they try to state or imply that Jerusalem is being occupied by the Jews.

    Unless of course they are sticking to the strict literal interpretation of the word “occupied”.

    For instance: I certainly occupy my house. Therefore, my house is certainly occupied by me. I mean…that’s clear, isn’t it…?

    But, alas, they are giving it the political meaning with a twist of social implications as well. As in “Occupy Wall Street” which implies taking over by force and settling there without the right to do so. Which oddly enough is what the Arabs did to the Jews way back when, isn’t it…?

    Because, if we are to speak of “occupying” Jerusalem and we apply the term seriously we also have to remember that Jerusalem was indeed once “occupied” by the Muslims (in the currently used socio-political meaning of the word, by the way).

    So, let’s see…when the Arabs occupy something it is immediately and magically turned into something to which they have every right. When the Jews occupy it back they immediately become evil “occupiers” of a place that was originally theirs and was taken by force by somebody else who now terms them “occupiers”.


    Hmmm…That kind of explains how they can magically also lay claim to a country that never really existed as a country but they do so anyway just because a bunch of them were born in the region. Wait, that’s interesting…the Southerners tried that very same trick here in the US. It wasn’t allowed to happen, as we all know, but, regardless of that little historic fact, everybody thinks that after the Federal Government’s particular “Oh, no, you don’t” denial, the end results are absolutely great.


    1. “So, let’s see…when the Arabs occupy something it is immediately and magically turned into something to which they have every right. When the Jews occupy it back they immediately become evil “occupiers” of a place that was originally theirs and was taken by force by somebody else who now terms them “occupiers”. Okey-Dokey…”

      Ah…cultural and religious Islamic orthodoxy, otherwise known as hypocrisy. To paraphrase Shakespeare appropriately; a turd by any other name is still a turd.

      A case of lets play the game of “heads I win, tails you lose”…

  6. Dear Fuster,

    Why are you wasting your time. These are people who define robbery as “disputing” – but only when it’s the homes of untermenschen Arab Christians and Moslems that are being “disputed”? It’s completely different when its their own homes and property.

    Why are you arguing with people who dine a la carte on the 6th Commandment, and haven’t the moral sensibilities of a tomcat?


  7. I will make Jerusalem an inmoveable rock for all the natiions. All who try to move it will injure themselves. Zechariah 12: 3

    Hate to tell you this but it was written by the God of the bible about 4000 years ago. Gosh how did he know, maybe because he is God and there is no other.

  8. oh and by the way, why is Jerusalem not mentioned in the Koran one time if it’s so freaking important to all you muslems? You ever think about that, of course not. Is Jerusalem mentioned in the bible, of course hundreds of time, Im just saying…….

    1. it doesn’t matter a sparrow fart’s worth whether Jerusalem is mentioned in writing that are more than a thousand years old.
      Neither the descendants of Kublai Khan nor Samuel Coleridge acquired a right to live in Xanadu through poetic licensing.

      1. I can see why fuster might reject that line of thinking since it serves his argument not one sparrow’s fart either and, therefore, to him it just “doesn’t matter”.

        But this is an interesting topic and, so, I will try to expand on it somewhat.
        The anti-Zionists are always quick to note the smallest details when they provide them with cover or excuses to promote any or all of their anti-Zionist views. But, predictably, they never, ever acknowledge any blatant truth even if that truth hits them in that place from where sparrow’s farts emanate.

        NOTE: Do sparrows actually fart or is fuster making up things again…? Ahhh, never mind; I digress.

        But, as an example of truths that the anti-Zionists ignore: The Palestinians never got much acknowledgement from the Arabs when it was the Arabs that held the area. In fact, they were often mistreated and ignored by these their own “brothers”.

        But, when Israel was arrogantly created by the UN (or their predecessors the League of Nations), more as a way to solve an embarrassing crisis after WW II when nobody wanted the Jews, just as nobody wanted the “palestinians” either, Israel, in stark contrast from the Palestinians, started to work the desert. They eventually succeeded in turning sand into fruit and vegetables and they made the region worth much more than it was worth when they took it over with the UN’s blessing.

        And as soon as the real estate became fertile and rich, the claims of “It’s mine, it’s really mine” started.

        More territory was added by Israel after several wars initiated by the Arabs, not by the Israelis. Since these territories could not be taken back by force, the Arabs initiated a diplomatic and political campaign to have the UN, now even more firmly against Israel, return their now lost land. Every trick in the propaganda book has been used by the Arab street to achieve this goal. From threats to terror to claiming a non-existing nation to pictures of dead Arab babies after some retaliatory rocket attack or another. To the Arab street, as well as to the anti-Jew crowd, the Arab dead babies count, but the Jewish dead babies don’t.

        Now, even the Arabs that refused to recognize the Palestinians as a separate people when the territory was theirs, now claim to support this idea when the territory is not theirs anymore. Kind of like Obama’s “fairness” and sharing attitude with somebody else’s hard earned cash…

        So, to sum up…The Arabs want back the territory that they lost in battle after they attacked Israel and they want Israel to recognize a non-existing country that they themselves never recognized.

        And the UN, after their arrogance in awarding themselves the right to dispose of land that didn’t belong to them, forcing a situation that festers after all these years, now want to create another likewise situation in almost eerie accordance with the one they created after WW II.

        Will these idiots never learn? (NOTE: THAT was a rhetorical question).

        The great difference, of course, is that the nation of Israel did indeed exist before the decision was made to allow the “wandering Jews” to return to it once more (a fact that was actually used as one of the UN’s rationale to designate that basically worthless area as The New State of Israel after WW II) while the nation of “Palestine” never actually existed.

        So, we better be careful not to develop too much of Texas or Arizona’s desert and badlands or the UN might want to give it all to the never was nation of Aztlan.


  9. And it shall happen in that day that I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it.
    (Zec 12:3)

    It shall be in that day that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
    (Zec 12:9)

    Gods wrath will be swift!

    1. Welcome, Yaakov Siepman. The link at the word “attendance” in paragraph 4 has the conference roster. The name “Netherlands” appears 11 times, and a quick count shows 9 persons, several from the University of Amsterdam and one styling himself a retired ambassador.

      Mr. Robert Serry of the Netherlands attended on behalf of the United Nations. He is the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process. He was very clearly attending as a representative of the UN. Here is a link to his prepared address at the conference:

      Click to access un.pdf

  10. All the Israeli’s want to do is live in peace they’re not out to conquer the world, I have never heard a Jew tell me to convert or he would cut my throat like the Muslims do every where they go.
    The Jews are God’s chosen people like it or not, the muslim in the White House better learn that real quick, no that’s wrong he’s a muslim he only thinks one way just like all the other camel humpers.
    The people of the USA had better wake up and take this nation back and turn it into a Christian nation again. A God fearing Christian nation or we’ll end up like all of the muslim countries in the Middle East, destroyed.

    1. Screw that Christian nation noise, you RedNeck……Either you convert that nonsense into something sensible or it’s neck-mohel time for you.

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