Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | February 4, 2012

Way Trivial

There are all kinds of Super Bowl trivia questions.  There are the typical, straightforward questions, like:

What player holds the record for most career fumbles in a Super Bowl?

a. Thurman Thomas

b. Jim Kelly

c. Terry Bradshaw

d. Roger Staubach

(For answers excepted as noted, see Best All Time’s Super Bowl trivia page and links.)

There are the game-peripherals questions, like:

Which city has hosted the most Super Bowls?

1. Pasadena, CA

2. Miami, FL

3. New Orleans, LA

4. San Diego, CA

… and:

What Native American language was Super Bowl XXX the first to be broadcast in?

a. Kutenai Jargon

b. Jargonized Powhatan

c. Navajo

d. Ocaneechi

There are the team-specific questions before a given Super Bowl, like:

Only one opposing quarterback has thrown for over 300 yards against the Giants in a Super Bowl, who was he?

(Answer here.)

… and:

Who scored the Patriots’ lone touchdown during their 46-10 loss to the Bears in Super Bowl XX?

(Answer here.)

And then there are the questions for which we here at TOC disclaim all responsibility:

What teams played in the first all-California Super Bowl?

a. Miami Dolphins

b. San Diego Chargers

c. New York Giants

d. Minnesota Vikings

There are also the deeply obscure trivia questions, usually based on game facts remembered only by the most die-hard of fans.  Here’s my offering:

When a Dallas Cowboy fan says “Mel Renfro’s hands did NOT touch that ball!” – which Super Bowl is he talking about, and what was the play?

(For extra credit: Which other officiating call – one related to a turnover – made a big difference to the game’s outcome and has long been disputed by Cowboy fans?)

So, football fans, what are your deeply obscure Super Bowl trivia questions?

We note, as the countdown to kickoff shrinks hourly, that the line on tomorrow’s game currently has the Patriots giving about 3.  Both teams are accustomed to playing in the cold and wet, and Indianapolis will oblige them tomorrow with clouds, possible precip, and a brisk lower-40s regime at kickoff.  We do note that the big-name receivers on both teams wear gloves rain or shine.  Lucas Oil Stadium – which is a great name for a rock band – has a retractable roof, so it may be that Bill Belichick won’t have to worry about his hoodie getting soaked and weighing down his noggin.  We understand the roof-no roof decision is made 90 minutes before game time.

We here at TOC urge everyone to remember that the Giants win often against overdogs.  Never count the Giants out?  Words to live by.



  1. One is tempted to answer question 1 with – “Mitt Romneycare”!

  2. Wowsers nice trivia. I got half of those wrong!
    Giants will win by at least 3.

  3. The Patriots seem really uninterested in this game. They flared up for a minute there, at the end of the 1Q, and then died down to a dull pfutt-pfutt again.

  4. Not sure I would have expected the outcome so far. Pats are all over the place. Their secondary coverage stinks on ice. They’re not pushing to make plays — more like check-in-the-block assignment football. “Hey, coach, I went where you told me to. Whaddaya want?”

    Not to take anything away from the Giants, of course.

    • Patriots secondary is generally atrocious and has been no better than subpar for years.

  5. Annoying Patriots suddenly up by 1 at the half.

  6. Go Giants! Have to score to win, guys.

  7. Manning to Nicks is definitely working today.

  8. Suddenly they’re both playing. Actual “effort” from the Pat corner.

  9. I liked it when Tom Landry wore a suit and fedora to coach games.

    The coaches who wear team polo shirts and jackets usually look pretty sharp.

    Belichick looks like the slimy P.E. coach who’s going to be fired next week.

    Coughlin’s in good trim.

    • what was the footgear situation?

      well-polished or no?

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