So gonna miss football

– Sob –

Enjoying this hilarious Pro Bowl, with all the trick plays and funny turnovers.  The AFC’s keeping up this year.  Barely.

Everybody see that VW commercial with all the yapping dogs?  I thought it needed more Maltese puppies.

One more weekend.

One thought on “So gonna miss football”

  1. Seconded… At least Eli and the G-Men saved the final event. A Left Coast, Lefter Coast dual was of little value to me. Although it would have been a potentially interesting encounter at the end of an SF vs NE game… Harbaugh leaping around and whooping it up… death grip handshake and big old back slap to Belichick… resulting in The Evil Emperor going all Darth Hoodie with the blue lightening bolts from the fingertips…

    The key to the game will be how hard the Giants’ defensive line can control and penetrate the A/B gap (In my defensive design I assign two gaps to the traditional A gap…A/B where A is to the left of the Center and B is to the right.) Those gaps are the where you have a chance to either get to Brady on a three step drop, or get up in his read/vision plane and cause him to check down… or better get the ball batted down.

    The key to killing Death Star is to kill that first read to the slot or tight end on the inside Slant/SLUGO/8-10yd out patterns on the hot read. Once Brady is checked down into the 2nd and 3rd read he becomes just what he is … an above average QB physically, with average read tactical skills.

    Eli just needs to be Eli. He still looks like a kid… but he’s turning out to be a slightly better QB than his brother… and a real leader on the field. If he keeps his cool, and gets some time… Cruz and Manningham are going to have some interesting stats to brag about.

    It’s going to be an all East Coast Game.. New York vs Boston.

    And then the deep mourning and countdown until the first week in August begins.


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