Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | January 21, 2012

And then there were four

Oddly enough, football and politics keep shooting out parallels.  Go figure.  In a Denver Broncos move, Rick “I want to be Tim Tebow” Perry bowed out of the GOP race this week.  (This wasn’t a given, as Perry doppelganger Nick Saban won the BCS championship.)

I’m going to miss Perry.  Can’t get interested in anyone else.  The California primary is smartly scheduled to be meaningless this year, since it doesn’t occur until 5 June.  South Carolina and Florida will give us a good indication of whether the candidate, presumably Romney, will be selected by then.

Miscellaneous notes on primaries/caucuses:  Nevada caucuses on 4 February.  Washington follows on 3 March.  Super Tuesday, 6 March, will see all of Virginia, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma heading to the polls.  Hawaii caucuses on 13 March, Texas votes on 3 April, New York and Pennsylvania on 24 April.  This is just a list of states we know TOC correspondents live in; your primary/caucus situation may vary.  (Feel free to mention it in the comments.)

My bet on who drops out next: Santorum.

Now on to the football.  In about 25 hours the Ravens will take the field against the Patriots.  The bottom-line question on this one: does anyone think the Ravens will win?  We note that Brady has been certified to play.  We also perceive in his career a sort of “opposite Samson effect,” in that when he keeps his hair short, the Patriots do better.  His hair has been short this year.  Just sayin’.

The NFC championship game has everyone excited, pitting the scrappy Giants against the equally scrappy 49ers.  Both have specialized this year in finding ways to win ugly.  Giants fans are hollering “Rematch!!” (assuming the Patriots win the AFC title), with visions of another underdog victory over New England in Indianapolis.  But they have to get past San Francisco first.  The Giants are accustomed to playing in the cold; we’ll see how the teams hold up under the soggy, bone-chilling conditions expected in San Fran on Sunday afternoon.  We here at TOC regard this one as a pick ‘em.  Anything could happen.

Now, here’s the question.  Why is Super Bowl XLVI being held in Indianapolis?  Nothing against Indianapolis; I can even say I’ve been there.  Drove through there years ago on the way from some place to another, and when the water pump on my funny old Granada failed, a garage in Indianapolis was able to replace it for me within 3 hours, and get me back on the road.  There was reasonably entertaining reading material in the lounge, and a 7-11 only half a block away.  I remember getting an egg-salad sandwich out of its refrigerator, and a pack of chocolate Zingers.  (I was much younger then.)

Indy is a hoot on Memorial Day weekend, or so I’m told.  On 5 February, however, it is likely to be showing another side of itself.  But I guess the days of holding Super Bowls in warm, sunny climes are past.  If it’s a New England-New York game, it will at least be pretty convenient for the fans.

Correspondent wreed has notified us that Brent Venables is headed to Clemson as the new defensive coordinator.  Wonder what the sense is in Oklahoma on how Mike Stoops will do as the Sooners’ new DC.

In other DC news, Tulsa has picked up Brent Guy, which is a coup for the small TU program.  Guy (whom OSU fans will remember as a Cowboy player) was DC at Boise State from 1998-2000 and the head coach at Utah State for 3 years.  A lot of TU’s name talent has left in the last two years, including highly productive QB G.J. Kinne, so the coaching staff has its work cut out for it in 2012.

We also note – better late than never – that former Tulsa head coach Todd Graham, who went to Pitt after the 2010 season, was recruited to the head coaching job at Arizona State last month.

Final admin note:  I’m resting my right shoulder at the moment, as it has been rather badly overstressed in the last couple of months, mainly by typing and mousing at the computer.  That’s the explanation for the low blogging productivity of late.  Have to keep computer time to a minimum.  The talking amongst yourselves is quite robust and interesting, however.  Power of the net.


  1. Perry is indeed gone. And the average IQ of the candidates has suddenly increased. This is, of course, pure coincidence.

    • let’s not mistake lack of intelligence for being well-spoken and well-educated.

      Gingrich is no more intelligent.

      • I conceed the point as to Gingrich. However, Romney is very bright, if not particularly articulate.

        As a human being, and whatever my misgivings as to flip-floppery and his character generally, Romney is far preferable to the equally flip-flopping but utterly morally and politically compromised Gingrich. The latter is (hopefully) unelectable. One shudders to think what might happen with this smart-ass, egotistical, martinette in the White House.

        • is that half marionette, half martinet?

          (chust choking, P)

          and if Gingrich manages to edge out Romney for the nomination, he’s got to have something special working for him.

          • Thank you for correcting my spelling and correctly re-assigning the gender of my martinet.

            And your reference to something special: Voodoo, perhaps?

  2. My take on what happened in Iowa

  3. I’ll miss the long silences though.

  4. Great. The one candidate I was having trouble finding negatives about is going to quit? So we’re down to the guy who stashes money in the Cayman Islands, the SOB (just listen to his ex-wife) and the fellow who thinks it was a really bad idea to go into Pakistan and whack bin Laden. Picking up on your prior thread, the Republicans aren’t punting this pooch, they are doing something unmentionable to it.

    SF can be a little chilly, but mainly that was Candlestick Park in June. The Giants aren’t going to suffer much from a little wetness, compared to NY/NJ. The Nine-nine-niners will have to beat them with defense.

    • Giants have faced not really tough defenses in their “run”.

      • except during practices.

        otherwise only Atlanta and the Jets have tougher defenses than the 49ers, who defend the run better than those Jets and slightly better than Atl, but are easier to pass against.

  5. I’ll see if I can get Miss Sharapova’s physio to work with you on that shoulder. She hasn’t had much trouble in Melbourne so far.

  6. Just shows most people can’t prepare themselves to run for president in a month. Mitt “Mr. Mitticulous” Romney had been preparing to run for years and had more than a few rough spots in 2008 and indeed is is something less than entirely smooth today. The Incumbent, Law Professor and Harvard Law MCL graduate though he may be, fastidiously protected by the press/debate moderators and treated very gingerly by his opponents started out very slowly and still leaves a lot to be desired as a candidate. Wes Clark, frequent public speaker of many current issues and West Point Valedictorian embarrassed himself. Though Rick Perry is a more talented natural politician than any of them and would almost certainly have been a much better president than (obviously the only plausible competition in this respect is Mitt) he was nowhere near ready to make this run.

    I had huge problems with Perry’s idiotic and hypocritical “Vulture Capitalism” comments (as did OC) and disagree completely with the proposition that Congress needs to spend less time in D.C. On the contrary, I think they need to spend as much time there as they can, first passing the Ryan Budget and accompanying implementing legislation, next dismanteling the huge excesses of the Leviathon and then keeping an eye on the regulatory monster as it plod forward. For all that, I’m not sure he wouldn’t be better than any of those left (with the possible exception of Santorum) and it is unfortunate that his run was as unsuccessful as it was.

    My reference above to most candidates not being able to run on the spur of the moment of course alludes to my preferred candidate who is not unfortunately in the race at this time, Paul Ryan. I certainly don’t know that he could adopt as quickly as possible to the specific peculiarities of a campaign, his encyclopedic knowledge of the most important issues facing the country, his ability to explain these issues in a lucid, temperate and yet forceful manner to the American people and his shrewdness in dealing with the press might still enable him to run a successful campaign should the occasion arise.

    Now we must hope to salvage something of this hideous football season with a Giants and Raven losses tomorrow.

    • I noticed the President being “fastidiously protected” by a discussion on Fox news the other night. And the obsequesiousness of the NY Post, the Washington Times, the rest of the Murdock empire, the blogosphere, and the new media is positively nauseating……

      Yeah. Right.

      Isn’t it about time that the whining, self-pitying fringe-right stopped blaming everyone else for the clear rejection of its agenda by the vast majority of the American people.

      We feel your pain. Now, get over it.

  7. On a separate and sad note, multiple sources report that Joe Paterno has died. At this time and in this context a much sadder end than one would have wished. R.I.P.

    • Multiple “reliable” sources associated with “reputable” news organizations may have reported it but the family says no. This instant communication thing sometime sometimes sucks.

  8. The Ravens have the third-best defense in the NFL, and the Patriots the 31st. The Ravens have played up to the competition all season. They’ve beaten the Brady-led Patriots in NE in the playoffs before.

    Why would anyone think they couldn’t win?

    • maybe because teams can’t win unless they score some points.

      however, I not only think they can win, but think that they have a decent shot to win and I hope that they do.

      The Giants have already beaten the Pats in a Super Bowl and it wold be far more interesting to see them play a team that kicked them around in one.

      • They’ve scored enough in 13 of 17 games to get them to the AFC championship, and they’re going against one of the league’s poorest defenses instead of Houston’s number #2 rated defense last week.

        It would be more interesting to see a rematch of the Harbaugh Bowl. Beating the Giants in the Super Bowl? Been there, done that, rather convincingly.

        • VERY convincingly, but the Ravens were better then and the Giants were far worse.

          what’s the deal with Flacco ? I saw him in his rookie year and thought that he would be first-rate.

          • There are a lot of people in Baltimore who want to know the same thing. Perhaps expectations? He’s good enough to win, just not Brady PManning level.

            • he sure didn’t disgrace himself today.

              (and it’s close to the time when you can amend that ending to ..Brady either Manning level.)


  10. Michigan votes Feb. 28. Nominally a “closed” primary, but actually anyone who wants can vote in it. The Republican State Committee insisted on doing it that way, to put the fix in for Romney.

  11. Joe Paterno is indeed gone. His death is a lot less tragic than one might have perceived had it happened before the Sandusky revelations.

    Well, I received a phone call earlier this morning but was away from my phone at the time. By the time I made a call back, it was too late. Otherwise I’d be going to the Patriots/Ravens game today!! At least I’ll be warm for the game. I think the Patriots will win. Baltimore just doesn’t seem to have it on the road like they do at home. As for SF/NYG. I’m inclined to go with the Giants, but that’s a very tepid prediction. I’d be more inclined to pick NYG if the weather wasn’t calling for a bunch of rain. I figure Eli and the passing game will suffer more than the SF offense because of inclement weather.

    • Sad to see Coach Paterno pass away so soon after he was unceremoniously relieved of his duties by Penn State. You knew his time would be short when they did this.

      State College police station now has a special form (the Paterno Report) for people to do what the Penn State Trustees apparently expected of JoePa. You fill out your name and address, then there is partially preprinted block that says:

      “I can’t swear to any of this because I wasn’t there and I didn’t see it, but somebody told me that . . . .”

  12. Thanks for the reporting plug!!!!! I got my PHD in Journalism from ITT Tech. Gosh, it took 6 weeks! I have to print my Diploma. They only sent an email.
    I am of course over qualified for the Daily Oklahoman. Who isn’t.
    Al Sharpton called and wanted my help, but I did not complete the Ebonics potion of de cool, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night.
    Somebody please explain football to Paul.
    Spring practice in about a month!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for OU to be overrated…………… Again

  13. that was a tough loss.

  14. The Ravens did hold New England to a relatively low winning score.

    Had a sneaking suspicion the Giants were going to pull it out. And pull it out they did. Took a Niner fumble, but by golly. Rematch.

  15. excellent football played by the 49ers front 7

    • Giants to take it all. Y.A Tittle, Del Shofner, Sam Huff, Frank Gifford ( with the stewardess), Jim Katcavvage, Roosevelt Greer, Alex Webster, Tom Landry, Andy Robustelli, Kyle Rote and others will be watching in one way or another.
      Giants, Redskins (Boston& Washington), Browns, Bears, Baltimore Colts, Eagles, Steelers are real NFL teams. The rest are just posers.

      • I’m with you wreed – Giants take it all. They seem like a more complete team and have, once again, gotten hot at the right time. If the Patriots win, I figure it will be thanks to their two TEs. I don’t think the Patriot’s D can contain the NYG WRs though.

      • not sure that the Giants are going to have an easy time with the Pats’ TEs and short passing game

        • Nancy Pelosi knows something about the Giants. She is picking the Pats.
          Best regards to you Fusterman.
          The game will be a tight fit for the winner. Brutal.

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