Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | January 14, 2012


It’s not NCAA FBS football, but it’ll have to do.  The Saints kick off at San Francisco here in about 10 minutes, and of course the TEBOW Broncos will be at New England for the night game.

Sunday sees a game it’s really hard to get excited about between Houston and Baltimore.  Apologies to those who care, but man, those teams put us to sleep.  We see that Houston has scored a respectable average of 26 points per game won, but it really seems like less.  Maybe the Texans’ losing slide at the end of the season created a mental prejudice.  The 12-4 Ravens did beat Houston during the season, and presumably will be favored tomorrow, although of course they sat out the wild-card weekend.

The Sunday night game will see the Giants at Packers.  Green Bay obviously has the edge, but we never count the Giants out entirely.

Here’s an interesting factoid in preparation for tonight’s All-Tebow-all-the-time coverage.  One of my younger sisters, attempting to say the word football for the first time as a toddler, came out with “feebaw.”  Get it?  Tebow?  Feebaw?

All right, the human-interest coverage is going lame very quickly, and the insightful commentary has just about dried up.  Enjoy the games.  Gotta go feed the neighbors’ dogs.



  1. Tony Siragusa in a white shirt, tie and sports jacket is about as strange as NO having coughed up the ball four times in the first half.

  2. 49ers score to take the lead with 9 seconds left.

    did they leave too much time on the clock?

  3. “The only thing a prevent defense prevents does is prevent you from winning.” – John Madden

    Greg Williams made two defensive mistakes… on the second to last SF long field drive he played a prevent defense… Then he made adjustments… talked into his laminated sheet… lathered, rinsed and repeated for the final 1:34 seconds…

    The turnovers were the key… 17 points on turnovers is impossible for any offense to recover from.

    Saints do what I figured they would do, outdoors in the cool… lose..

    Giants vs Packers next up…tomorrow.

    Old NFL stuff… Packers have an average defense, and no running game. Giants are on a roll, and Tom Coughlin is a leftover old NFL style coach. If it becomes a shootout, the Belted One will win the day. If the Giants (who do have a defense) can clamp down on Rodgers… he’ll be left doing the “Discount Double Check” move for the commercial instead.

    For tonight’s fandangle… I’d love to see Darth Hoodie, his evil apprentice Darth Hair.. and Death Star go down to young Master Tebow… but sometimes evil wins in the end.


  4. the 49ers points from turnovers were mostly in the first half and yet it was only a 3pt lead.

    it was the 16 points not off turnovers that they gave up to the SF offense in the 4th that killed them.

  5. Fuster your knowledge of football is only rivaled by your knowledge of foreign policy and military order of battle….


    • keep blowing your own goat, MF

  6. The Ain’ts-Niners game was at least exciting, turnovers and all.

    The magic is definitely not kicking in for the Broncos, however. Just went to 35-7 with the half winding down. Denver not getting much leverage with the run. The Pats are hyper-prepared for them. And Brady can do stuff with 20, 30-yard throws that Tebow really can’t.

    So, to-do list for Broncs in the second half:

    1. Hold New England scoreless

    2. Score 29 points.

  7. so much for that list, but

    it wasn’t the Lions, twas the Pats that killed the Christian.

  8. Broncos not crossing off the items on the to-do list.

    It’s like the Bronco offensive line has simply collapsed. Tebow must be wondering if his name has changed to Jay Cutler. He’s been dumped behind the line 13 times so far and we’re still in the 3Q.

    Early on he was taking an awful lot of time in the pocket, but now he’s getting no protection at all.

  9. Broncos to-do list for 4Q:

    1. Hold the Pats scoreless

    2. Score 36 points

    Technically, the list hasn’t lengthened.

  10. Well, that didn’t go so well for the Ponies. Hilariously, after the thumping Patriot win, CBS showed us Tebow walking around on the field for a full 2 minutes after the clock wound down.

    Danged if they didn’t just cut to shots of Tebow trotting off the field during the interviews with Brady and Gronkowski.

  11. Yes, because Tebow is actually a genuinely nice person…

    One wonders if Tebow’s and Brady’s positions and teams were traded… I think the result would be much the same. Brady has little to do with running that offense other than saluting and throwing where he’s told to throw.

    Darth Hoodie, the Evil Emperor Belichick and his Death Star offense is difficult enough to beat, but when a defense fundamentally crushes an oppositions offensive line into bloody pulp… well then the results are completely predictable.

    The Super Bowl might very well be a rematch for Darth’s bunch.. Revenge is sweet?

    But right now it looks very much like we are looking at nothing much to watch or root for at all from the Fahvaag abode…

    The spectacle of the two most nauseatingly Marxist cities in the nation in the big Show. If that is the case, then I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl.

    But then maybe, just maybe The Man from Chico and the Cheese Eaters can up and beat his boyhood favorite. (If he can get past the jacked up Giants – who I do not think can deal with the 9’ers.)

    Two teams left… and they have to play each other.

    Hate it when the bad guys win. >:

  12. If I wasn’t completely ignorant of football, I would say that this is a pretty hard-fought game and that the Giants’ failure to run the ball is not a good sign.

  13. Well it is “Discount Double-Check” for the Man from Chico….

    Lemme see that old football rule of mine… Play every game full tilt until the end. To that we add the Indianapolis Corollary; one never “rests” anything ever under any circumstances, or one loses when it is critical. Resting stars shows lack of killer instinct, and rarely if ever is met with good news.

    I feared greatly that the Green Bay Packers had blown it in the last 4 games by losing, then playing half-heartedly, then “resting” its starters in the last game of the season. One wonders where the organization’s collective brain was parked when that decision was made, or did the fantasy of Payton Manning’s second Super Bowl ring… wait, there was none.. because the Jets beat them TWICE…

    So, the OTHER Manning puts one more notch in his “I told you so” and his squad of most excellent receivers, and the Giants’ now dominant D, waltz into frigid Lambo to eat some serious cheese.

    One team left to save the Super Bowl… can it be done?

    San Franciso vs New York…

    New England vs Baltimore

    On September 7, someone had said either NFC team would be where it is they’d have been laughed off their fantasy league.

    Chetriot/Crow match-up is not so much of a surprise.

    Next week we find out how many people will be watching the Puppy Bowl, and checking the Spring Training schedules.


  14. That was an ugly meltdown by the Cheese Stuffers. I figured the Giants always had a chance, but I thought it would be an exciting 4Q with MAYBE a narrow pull-out by the Giants.

    I have a perception that it’s bad juju for QBs to start hawking commercial products nationally during a hot season. Maybe it’s not, but I’m trying to think of a QB who went commercial and didn’t shortly thereafter have a comeuppance.

    Congrats to all who advanced to the next round.

  15. Jim McMahon

    • OK. What did he hawk nationally? I just don’t remember.

  16. Thanks, fuster. We needed that.

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