Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | December 7, 2011

Life is The Game (or, NCAA Football, Week 15)

What, you thought there was nothing to write about this week, with all the FBS slots decided and the regular season over?

Shows how wrong you were.  The annual game of the year, the game of games, the game all the other games only wish they could grow up to be – that is the game that looms before us on Saturday.

Navy.  Army.  Wait – at FedEx Field in Washington, D.C.?  Who thought that was a good idea?  Ugh.  Well, 2:30 PM EST.  Be there.

GO NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(BTW, the oddscritters have Navy giving 7, which sounds to me like a lot of optimism from Canoe Club fans.)

Meanwhile, the NCAA FBS, not content with its irredeemable BCS issues, has descended into an unseemly food fight over conference alignments.  This was expected, of course, and hinted at all throughout the season (not to mention during 2-a-days before the season), mainly because so many folks are being paid to jabber about it endlessly.  It appears that most of the teams we follow have what we might call a decided future, even if their conferences are collapsing around them.

Tulsa will reportedly be onboard for the C-USA merger with the Mountain West.  Houston, UCF, and SMU from C-USA are going to the Big East, as are Boise State and San Diego State from MWC.

OU and OSU will both stay in the Big 12, to which TCU is being added from MWC.  West Virginia is also slated to join the Big 12 from Big East, but there are reports of legal obstacles to be overcome, which we think is downright charming.

Navy has been rumored for a long time to be headed for the Big East, which frankly is going to be a mohunker super-conference if it gets everybody that’s supposedly headed its way.  That may or may not happen next year.  Not clear what will happen to the other independents (Army, BYU, Notre Dame).  Air Force will presumably stay in MWC.

Virginia Tech will stay in the ACC.  Like OU, OSU, and Texas in the Big 12, VT is one of the teams that make an “ACC” possible, even aside from giving the ACC an automatic BCS slot.

Nevada is supposed to go to the Mountain West, but rumors are flying that the Wolf Pack may get snapped up by the Big 12 in a 2-team expansion with Colorado State.

It’s all very distressing.  There is some actual football to set our minds on, however, with FCS, Div II, and Div III play.

The FCS semi-finals on Friday and Saturday, respectively, will feature Northern Iowa versus Montana, and Lehigh versus North Dakota State.

In the Div II semi-finals, Delta State and Pittsburgh State will duke it out on Saturday, along with Winston-Salem and Wayne State (MI).

The Div III semi-finals will be played on Saturday as well, with Wisconsin-Whitewater hosting St. Thomas (MN) and Wesley hosting Mt. Union.

The FCS championship game will be on 7 January at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX.  Division II and III will play their championship games on the 17th.

It’s a nice time of year, when Big Sports Broadcasting covers the little guys, because none of the big guys are playing.



  1. Colorado State and Nevada might make one team if combined.
    N. Iowa,Montana, and NDS have a very good history of really good football teams. Pittsburg State is a 1st class football factory.
    I guess Appalachian State has fallen to the OU level. Beautiful place in the mountains. They certainly hammered the Michigan Football program years ago.
    Navy by 14.
    Did I mention that the OU team is a bunch of powdered,sensitve,quiter,pansy boys. That would be the pansy type with the small blooms and pastel colors.

  2. The Arizona State offer/never mind was very smooth. I guess Mr. Steinberg should get something in writing before telling June “it’s a done deal. Houston coach was going to say yes to ASU, but the A&M job came open so ASU got the 1st never mind.
    Dallas morning news running poll to see if folks think SMU should boot Coach Jones.
    The ASU program is nothing much, neither is SMU.
    Shorthorn QB Giffords transferred to SMU. I bet this was pretty exciting for him.
    If I look out my south window, I can see June twisting in the wind.
    I bet Honolulu is nice this time of year. The job is open again.

  3. Using wreed’s latest as a segue, may I say that ESPN verges on worhless? I spent the last three days in Scottsdale, AZ. I knew that Nevada was playing ASU in B-Ball on Wednesday. I could not find a single report on ESPN on Wed night. They flashed the score for about 1 second at the bottom of the screen. They did cover Washington (whom the Pack beat last week) against Marquette, but I don’t know what two Western teams playing each other have to do to get ESPN’s attention these days.

    On football, Nevada lost two WAC games this year. Either MWC or Big 12 would lead to some embarassment. And, I guess I’m pretty old-fashioned, but some degree of physical proximity is usually required to build great college rivalries. The ADs and the conference execs seem to have forgotten that. Who else besides Nevada does UNLV have a rivalry with, for example? Who will be a rival for Boys Estate in the Big East? Ideally, rivalry games should be in conference.

    Maybe Navy -7 is too much for the first half, but given Army’s recent second half play, it may not be enough points.

  4. I’m really shocked that there isn’t any running commentary on this exciting Navy-Army game.

    Navy’s covering at the moment. We haven’t entered the second half yet, in which the Army policy of ceasing to play “football” will come into play.

    What a nasty field.

    • Okay. Army offensive game plan very very good. The Army fullback is almost un-stoppable. Army driving 7:00 4th. Methodical, brutal.
      My wife is watching the game. Her Mom and Dad both Naval Officers.

      • I still pick Navy to win.

  5. Big time stop on 4th down.

  6. Had the Army QB handed off to the Fback, he would still be running.

  7. It is nice to see two football teams playing and not one street punk on the field taunting and dancing.

  8. Holy crap, I don’t believe Army jumped!!!!!!!

  9. Army came to play, but they WERE sloppy. Congrats J.E.!!!!!!!!!

  10. That Army jump was a killer, but did you see Niumatalolo (Indian name: “Needs a Nickname”) jumping around afterward?

    I think the announcer was right: Navy did a long count with no real plan other than to draw Army offside. Hey, it worked.

    Navy Blue and Gold!

  11. Yeah, the ball was not going to move. The shift was nice though.

  12. Even the Dallas cowgirls got the blues

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