Wild, wild life (or, NCAA Football, Week 14)

End state.

And then they played off.

Well, sort of.  Some of the games are just the last one of the season, and they don’t even decide the conference champion in all the FBS conferences.  Iowa State at Kansas State, for example:  seems like a waste of time.  Can’t they not, and say they did?

Tulsa, which beat Notre Dame last year, is 8-4 and done for the season, except for the Booger Bowl.  We’ll find out about the bowl action after this weekend’s festivities.

The game of the week is a tough call, but a strong argument can be made that it’s the Bedlam match-up in Stillwater.  That’s because Georgia is unlikely to beat LSU, of course.  Assuming LSU rolls, the BCS won’t change in a way that matters very much after this weekend.  The extreme unlikelihood of a shocker on the Bayou means the Sooners and Cowboys are basically playing for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and the Oklahoma bragging rights – but the game is almost always, well, Bedlam.  The Cowboys are giving 3, and the way the Sooners have been lounging around buffing their nails and answering their text messages during football games, it could easily be more.  It will be interesting to see how well prepared OSU is for the Bell Dozer.

The service academies have that one more game left to play, and will meet for it on the 10th in the usual spot.  Go NAVY!!!!!!  Congratulations to Chair Force on the Commander’s Trophy.

Competing strongly for game of the week is Virginia Tech’s rematch with Clemson for the ACC crown.  The maturing Thomas offense, featuring runners (including Thomas himself) who can keep gaining positive yardage while carrying at least two defensive backs, looks to do much better against the Tigers this time around.  The Hokies have the respect of the oddsquad, giving a frisky 7 at this hour. Discover Orange Bowl bound!

Nevada gives 20 hosting Idaho’s untidy Vandals in one of those “gee, they’re still playing?” games lying around this week.  The Wolf Pack should have no trouble with them, but we’ve said that before.  We’d like to see Nevada finish strong and get a Booger Bowl.

In the best of the rest, Houston will be hosting Southern Miss for the C-USA title game.  The Golden Eagles weren’t quite as dominating in the East division as Houston in the West, losing a couple of squeakers to low-performing Marshall and UAB.  We figure you can take whatever points the Cougars are offering.

The inaugural Big “10” title showdown features #15 Wisconsin at #13 Michigan State, and could definitely be a good game.  Ranking-wise, it’s also definitely the most evenly matched of the conference showdowns.

We shouldn’t neglect the Friday action, however.  Not that we’re expecting much from UCLA at Oregon, with a fired Rick Neuheisel on the sidelines to coach one last game (unless he also coaches whatever Booger Bowl the 6-6 Bruins may go to?).  And everybody feeling icky, like they just discovered a bug in their soda.  The Ducks shouldn’t have a lot of difficulty winning their spot in the Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio.

Thursday-football enthusiasts can catch West Virginia at South Florida tomorrow.  There don’t seem to have been any miscellaneous Midwestern match-ups lurking early in the week, but danged if there isn’t one on Friday night.  Ohio at Northern Illinois.

With the BCS basically shaped up, it can be hard to find inspiring news.  But we are excited to report that the Mean Green of North Texas is actually giving points – yes, giving points – in their season-ender hosting the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee.  The oddsbubbas have the 4-7 Mean Green giving 5 to a 2-9 Blue Raider squad.  They’ll be burning the town down in Denton.

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  1. Bobs press conference:Nauseating.
    Pretend Reporter Lapdog: Coach, does it bother you, after all your success over the years, that people are critical of you this year.
    Different Lapdog: Coach, don’t you think this year will be a success if you win a part of the Big 12 Championship?
    Lapdog:Coaching is really hard isn’t it?
    Lapdog: It is really unfair to have to go to Stillwater 2 years in a row isn’t it.
    Lapdog: How is your new house coach?

    I turned it off before they got to Bobs feelings.

    OU Football: Beta Males on Parade

  2. (Will comment a bit more extensively later) but for now OC is confused. Huh?!?!?

    That is, however, the case. The Bengali Feline Occupants of the Bayou need not roll and need not even win to reach the BCSCG. Their resume is quite demonstrably more impressive than any other 1 loss team.

    The spot OSU would be competing for is Bama’s. Sadly, I don’t fancy their chances even with a big win over OU. I will hope fur such a win though because OU has been ickily flat and uninspired all year while OSU has been a spirited if flawed competitor. They deserve to win even if their chances of replacing the Red Elephants are somewhat less than very slim.

    1. Actually, I wasn’t confused about whose spot OSU might be competing for. But Alabama’s done playing for the season. The only thing that could even potentially produce a BCS tizzy — one that would marginally allow OSU to compete for ‘Bama’s spot — is an LSU loss on Saturday.

      Basically, an LSU loss is the only remaining possibility that MIGHT affect the BCSBG. But saying that doesn’t mean an LSU loss would put LSU out of the BCSBG.

      I don’t fancy OSU’s chances even if that happens. If the BCS has any integrity, I think it has to put LSU and Alabama in the BCSBG, even if neither is the SEC champ.

      A playoff system, by contrast, would never ask the question who “should” go to the championship game. It would just decide who WOULD. It would give us a different kind of champion, like the Super Bowl.

      1. Integrity shmintagrity, OC. Actually you make the anti-playoff point quite succinctly. Is there any doubt these are the two best teams in college football this year? Do we really need a playoff to ascertain that?

        Consider the very close Arky win over TAMU, a TAMU which finished 6-6 in the Big 12 (10?) and barely lost to OSU. Everyone one is else is just as close and miles behind the top 2. Consider also the physical character and the depth at Bama and (especially) LSU. Is there any doubt they’d be the two survivors of howsoever many rounds of the playoff?

        The only thing a playoff would accomplish is to further diminish the significance of the regular season. Indeed, the very fact of a rematch diminishes the significance of the epic battle in Tuscaloosa.

        As it happens, at the moment I would be very happy to see a playoff for the simple reason that it would create the opportunity for a couple more weeks of fun, competitive college football. I’l look forward to some of the bowls and they usually yield a few good games but it would naturally be more interesting if such games had at least some conceptual significance. They are not, however, needed, and more so this year than most, to credibly identify the two best teams in college football.

        1. We do, happily, get a Va. Tech-Clemson rematch. While one may sympathize with the Bengali Felines Resident on the Bayou having to play Bama again, one need have no such sympathy for the Feckless, Fraudulent Felines from the Palmetto state.

          When it comes to these two they have turned out to resemble with remarkable precision exactly what we might have anticipated in August, if not February. Not only do we not need a playoff here, we hardly needed to play the season and indeed might have dispensed with summer camp and spring practice.

          They just said on the TV that OSU hadn’t beaten OU since Miles was the head coach. Hmm. This could be the year.

        2. Yeah, I’m kind of divided on this. I can see ways in which a playoff system would be annoying, but it would also keep meaningful games going through December.

          I won’t commit seppuku if the NCAA FBS goes to a playoff system at some point. But I’m not as offended by the BCS as a lot of folks are. Some years it’s downright stupid — usually when it’s not obvious who #1 is — and some years it meets expectations smartly.

          Hey, some years the obvious best team in the NFL wins the Super Bowl, and other years there’s a Super Bowl champ, but no one except the team’s own most demented fans would say the champ is really the best team in the whole league.

  3. In the For What Its Worth Department, Nevada’s #1 QB will not start against the Vandals. The super-senior (grad student) Lantrip will start. #1 Fajardo may play, but is still questionable with a sprained ankle.

    I have a hard time envisioning the Tigers letting the Bulldogs get close enough to get a sniff of winning. We’ll see.

  4. In nature’s match-up of tiger and bulldog, I wouldn’t bet against the bulldog. But of course, we’re talking about an unnatch’ral match-up on Saturday.

    It wasn’t clear from the worthless reporting we get in these parts who would start for the Pack during the Vandal Invasion. It does take some scoring to keep Nevada ahead of the opponent, when the Wolf Pack D decides to leave the building in the second half. Maybe they’ll eat their Wheaties this time.

    No way. South Florida just scored the go-ahead TD on a pick-6. 5 and change in the 4Q. Go Bulls! They were no good, but fun to follow, when I lived in Tampa.

  5. Alright everyone, let us return to yesteryear. Week twelve football posts.
    I wrote on the tablets: The game in Ames may not go OSU’s way. Bad weather/over confidence.
    I have enjoyed making fun of OU’s poor and embarrasing efforts against two lesser teams. I meant every word.
    The weather in Stillwater will be not so good. Everyone has wriiten OU off. Everyone has OSU projections for great bowls. ESPN is falling all over themselves to promote OSU. OSU feels very confident. It is their time. The are a team of Destiny. They are a program on the rise with lots of oil money flowing their way.
    OU is down. It is a broken team. Their will is weak. They have nothing to play for (except to stay out of the Alamo Bowl).
    Their best tailback and wide receiver are injured. The back up center was injured in practice this week.
    Weeden loves to throw picks. The OSU run game is poor. The OSU run defense is poor.
    I ask the same question I asked in week 12: Does anyone see a pattern here.
    OU may take their tutus off and come to play.

  6. I have been reserved in my commentary due to my deep respect for the bittersweet nature of Football Karma… and lest we be accused of excessive “Easternism” Nemesis’s usual rewards for hubris are hardly oriental thoughts or concepts.

    1. Hokies are looking good so far, they are guarding their language. Key players are wondering why they are favored over Clemson. They speak of work, consistency, of the reality that the 23-3 loss of a mere two months ago was embarassing and a function of their own lack of quality effort. Beamer’s coaching staff will walk into the Charlotte ACC Championship game with players fortified by humility and determination to avenge a loss. That makes for a quality effort on the field, and that is all any fan can really ask.

    It was a “No Expectations” season this year, for me. I honestly figured Tech for an 8-4 with no better than 9-3 regular season. I certainly didn’t think that the Hokies would be playing for the ACC championship. I love pleasant surprises but one contest remains and we shall see.

    2. There aren’t enough coin flips in the world to figure out some reasonable predictions on a large number of contests this weekend.

    Badgers and Sparty (a similar revenge match to Tech/Clemson)? Cowboys vs Sooners (I doubt this will be the Tech/UVa equivalent)? LSI vs Georgia (might even surprise folks- though I doubt it…) Even Army vs Navy on December 10 looks to be a toss-up this year with both teams having very disappointing seasons and not much talent separation between them as in past years.

    Well I did my Yahoo pick ’em chart and wore out a quarter doing it, too…

    Go Hokies!!!! Go Army! Beat Navy!!! (I don’t want to be calling the post cemetery asking for my folks grave stone to be checked for cracks…)

    Somebody find the good beer… it’s going to be a wild weekend leading up to the college football regular season finale in Landover on the 10th.


  7. I’m going to go way out on that creaky limb and say LSU will beat Georgia.

    Sadly, South Florida killed itself with penalties in the final minute of the game, handing WVU an easy FG to pull it out at, literally, the last second. I’m sure it all had meaning for someone. I was just warbling “Memories,” seeing a t-shirted December crowd in Ray-Jay Stadium, and being really happy that I wasn’t dodging the traffic on Dale Mabry.

  8. But you people seem to have overlooked what bids to be a premature yet glorious exit for Rick Neuheisel. Former Rose Bowl winning QB comes back to Alma Matter and while he enjoys less success than some might have hoped exits in blazing 69-63 upset of heavily favored home Ducks in inaugural Pac 10 (12? 16? 12?) Championship Game. Hooray!!!

    (Well, to be fair, OC doesn’t quite overlook it but does seem to give it somewhat scant attention).

  9. Watched a few minutes of the Oregon Arena Football Team and hapless UCLA.
    It appears to me the average height of the Ducks is 4′ 11″. I saw their movie many years ago. Their skill players were running the basic sweep play on a winding yellow surface.
    It is cold and raining here south of Kansas.

    1. Now that’s just mean. Dorothy and the Tin Man skipped way faster than a Duck.

      1. 2 to 4 inches of snow in Central and Western Oklahoma Sunday night/Monday morning. Eat your heart out SoCal. LOL!!!!!!!!!
        The Houston Corners and Safeties could play for Oregon. They make up for their size by being very slow. The big-tall-slow x basketball player for SMiss just outran all of them on a post.

  10. Not to worry, cavalier, it isn’t possible to overlook ANYTHING having to do with ex-Coach Neuheisel here in the California Southland. Some of us do prefer to give it scant attention, however.

    (Who would ever have guessed I’d kind of miss ol’ Pete Carroll, Sideline Hair-Groomer Extraordinaire? Don’t worry, I know he coached USC, and I know Lane Kiffin is there now. And I know it was Karl Dorrell at UCLA before Neuheisel, but unless you’re a Bruin fan, I bet you don’t remember that DeWayne Walker coached for a year between Dorrell and Neuheisel. What I’m SAYING is, Neuheisel and Kiffin have been a bit of a snooze. Imagine if Stoops and Gundy weren’t at least somewhat camera-ready, and had little personality. Carroll had the high-performing Hollywood “drama” shtick that permeates the air in LA down pat. Karl Dorrell, for his part, may not have been a great coach, but he had a Presence. Neuheisel and Kiffin — not so much. Kiffin has been doing a good job with the Trojans, however. He may just grow into the Presence thing.)

    Whatever the final score was, I feel sure O-Ducks prevailed. LaMichael James is, objectively, pretty darn fast.

    Hey, who saw Northern Illinois pull it out over Ohio with that final-seconds FG last night?

    On to the C-USA title game.

    1. You know, OC, the Pete Carroll act got kinda old (and it was a NATIONAL act) and it seemed best that he move on. The Lane Kiffin situation, however, appeared to be (and really) was, nepotism run amok to an embarrassing degree, especially with Daddy following him around everywhere coaching his defense.

      There’s nothing wrong with going into the family business. Its quite natural in fact, and perfectly fine to use connections one might have to try and get started. Still, Lane’s rapid promotion was ostentatious and shameless beyond imagination.

      And yet … he really has done a good job there. Playing with a (relatively – its still USC) short hand, he seems to have developed his players, motivated them to compete, called good games and has made them into a top 5 top team (essentially tie v. Stanford/ win over Ducks in Eugene) and a possible pre-season #1 (if Barkley comes back – I have mentioned that I find him progressively annoying).

      Houston just scored. That’s cure but they won’t be getting 70 today.

  11. Wow! Case Keenum staking his claim in a BIG way. And they say Houston hasn’t played anybody.

  12. Houston definitely not making the buster case. The slushy field is really kicking Cougar tail. For a real-grass team, they’re underperforming in that department.

    Lane Kiffin could stand to learn a few meaningless bromides for his press conferences and field interviews. He tends to kind of stand there like a post and look like he doesn’t quite understand why he’s being asked dumb questions. But hey, he can coach. The bromides will come with time.

    UConn. What is there to say? Oy.

    Whoa — block-6 for Southern Miss! Wow. The turf’s not the only thing kicking Cougar tail.

    I’m jealous of your snow, there, wreed. All we’ve had around here is wind and a mild chill. The wind never got too bad in my neck of the woods. All the big damage was further west. Pasadena, Altadena, La Canada-Flintridge. There are thousands of folks there still without power. 14 years since the last somewhat similar wind event.

    1. Sorry to hear about the wind. There are a number of homes in the OKC area (mostly east) that have earthquake damage.
      Wind damage in SoCal and earthquakes in OK?????????
      I would like to take this moment to say that I am sure the good folks in Lubbock are probably enjoying the expert commentary of Craig James at the Houston game. Perhaps ESPN could pay his little boy to sit on his knee. They could do a novelty act.

      1. Awwwww.

        Actually, SOCAL gets the Santa Ana winds something fierce. But it’s not like in Oklahoma, where the wind is never below 15 mph. 15 mph actually feels like “wind” here, whereas in OKC it’s just “the outdoors.”

        This Lampley kid will have a future on Sundays.

        1. The neighbors’ situation is very unfortunate but you’ll be fine. An Oklahoma native and all those years sailing the high sees.

          Very off topic but launching planes off a carrier in strong wind must be a neat trick.

          Apropos of which (and completely of topic – but re:recent George Will column) Huntsman would look acceptable if he had Romney’s foreign and defense policy.

          1. And now Baylor leads Texas 14-0.

            Actually, wind is only a problem for recovering aircraft on a carrier. Sometimes there’s not enough, and the carrier has to “make its own wind” by literally cranking it up however fast it takes to make 35 knots of wind against the landing direction.

            Now, the sea state (wave action) that a big wind can whip up — that’s a different story. The wind by itself isn’t a decisive factor, but a pitching deck can be a no-go for recovery if it gets to bucking too hard.

            Basically, anything above sea state 6 will definitely shut down flight ops. Sea state 4-5 can be dicey. It’s been a lot of years since we last had to worry too much about fighting an enemy in high seas, but back when we did — e.g., in the Norwegian Sea or the Northern Pacific — weather was a huge issue for bringing carrier power to bear.

            1. Fascinating stuff OC. Even in perfect weather for take of and landing getting a squadron launched and bringing it back must be a feat of remarkable sophistication requiring extraordinarily precise execution. When various weather infelicities start to interfere it becomes even more so, obviously.

  13. Houston COULD come back at this point, with 9 minutes left and only down 42-21.

    But it’s looking doubtful. It’s an interesting perspective on the career of Todd Graham. He left Houston for Tulsa, and then Tulsa for Pitt. Pitt didn’t bag the Big East this year, but after a rocky start, they did have a chance to — losing a squeaker to WVU — and beat Syracuse today, 33-20.

    UConn not totally out of it in Cincy. Down 35-27 with 5-some to go.

    1. The Georgia QB and his receivers (incl the TE) compliment each other quite well. Two missed throws on the run for touchdowns. Two dropped TD passes and the TE tries to catch the ball with his butt.
      LSU will start to open up a can on the Dawgs. The early razzle dazzle and testosterone didn’t work.
      Go Bears!

      1. I forgot. Tulsa Union beat Broken Arrow for the championship. Keeps it in the NE Oklahoma family a while longer.

  14. Nevada with the first strike on the Vandals.

    North Texas up 14-0 on Middle Tennessee.

    Georgia 3, LSU 0. If the Georgia receivers could catch, the ‘Dogs would be up by 10.

    1. Well, the Dawgs got a sniff but couldn’t hold on.

      Idaho let the Wolf Pack run wild. I guess Vandals don’t have much use for defense.

      And then there was one, as Houston tarnished its undefeated season.

      OK, it’s bedlam time.

  15. The thing about LSU (and Bama) is they do it with average or slightly sub average QBs. The QBs are just plug-ins. The D for both schools is no secret, but in the case of LSU: The O line is so dominate. They run block like it was 1962. They hit the corners with full grown men running down hill all day long. They blow through the tackles just for fun when they get bored.
    Take the QB from Baylor/Stanford/OU/OSU, just pick one. Freshmen to Seniors: 4 National Championships. No Sweat. Golf on Sundays.

    1. “…average or slightly sub average QBs…”. Being a bit generous aren’t we?

      The thing about LSU is that Mettenberger next year might actually end up being average and perhaps a bit better. With most of those guys coming back it could be quite a team.

  16. OSU making real bid for it. They’ll pick up some votes but I don’t think it’ll be enough. (Kinda feel sorry for the Sooner but to be honest am not as surprised as I would like to be).

    What, pray, is Clemson doing tying VaTech?

    MSU hanging in there very well. Leading, in fact.

    1. VT and Clemson tied at the half. Clemson just went up 17-10. Oops. Make that 24-10.

      Oklahoma probably ought to think about scoring a TD Sooner, rather than later.

  17. Hokies: get it together.

    Sooners: goe home. Come back when you want to play “football.”

  18. The defense was putting something into it in the first half. The offense was obviously out of step, and really missing Whaley and Broyles — something to help them mix it up and give the Cowboys too much to cover.

    Now the Sooner D seemst to have just given up.

  19. It’ll be a very tight fit for Bama if things don’t change. Honestly, though unless something drastic changes OSU has to be consensus # 3 in polls and the computers like them so …. Very unfortunate it has to be this way … would be better if undefeated OU/OSU were playing tight exciting game to face LSU.

  20. Well, interesting. OSU is a great team and they’re creaming the Sooners tonight. I think LSU would hand them their lunch, AND dinner, and a bag of movie popcorn for a late-night snack. I kind of think it will be better for ‘Bama to go to the BCSBG, and the Pokes to go to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

    Looking at the bowl selection order, if OSU goes Tostitos, K-State will get the AT&T Cotton Bowl, Baylor the Valero Alamo Bowl, and OU the Insight Bowl.

    Seriously. What are the Hokies DOING????

    1. You know, OC, POTUS is right, you are loosing you’re ambition.

      At this point there’s at least some thought (with which I completely agree) that LSU should get the AP title. Period. No one can match their resume and no one can have fewer losses. Alabama in particular can at best have a split including a loss at home. I think you’re absolutely right that its not likely to be close. OSU could with some skillful game planning and execution and some luck move out to 21-0 or so lead. They could then hold on for dear life. I don’t love their chances in that case but obviously they could have some chance.

      Incidentally, I think the SEC thing is completely bogus this year. Big 12 was much more competitive week to week and the above mentioned Arky escape at TAMU shows that bellow LSU and Bama they really don’t have very much.

      I still think Bama goes, but it’ll be much closer than we thought possible a few hours ago.

  21. I’m more surprised by VT. Unfortunately not a predictable but not quite chocking ending for OU this year, and while Clemson theoretically always had the talent to compete with and beat VT the magnitude of the victory is absolutely shocking.

    1. I watched as much of the game as I could stomach.

      1. Really bad play calling by the offensive team… pretty much the same game plan as the first game. Logan Thomas was totally intimidated by the Clemson front 4, and the offensive line was not really into the game that much at all. The 10-10 tie at half time was a killer. It would have been better to have gone in behind, then some adjustments would have been made.

      2. Second half – As the score indicates the Tech offense stopped working at all. Not sure why but when your play calling quarterback coach is a Clemson QB alum you might be having your scalp itch off your head wondering why things were so “STUPID”.

      3. The officiating in the game was insane and as things unfold, blatantly biased against Tech. There were just too many calls against Tech and too many non-calls for Clemson to do much else but wonder….

      But no excuses. Tech just up and lost to a team that had its number.

      Eat more Chicken I suppose…


      1. I couldn’t watch all the VT/Clemson game, either. Every game I started watching turned into a blowout.

        Don’t put too much blame on the officiating, TMF. I would say the biggest factor was that Clemson dominated at the line. I thought Tech tried to adjust for that by putting the QB farther back in the shotgun and trying to run more quick pass plays. Didn’t work. Clemson coverage was too good.

        I can’t analyze what happened to allow Clemson to go nuts on offense in the 2d half.

        First and second in the BCS don’t appear to be in jeopardy, although OSU can make some case for #2 based on trouncing OU. The rest of the BCS ladder will be shuffled, though.

        I don’t agree with the folks who don’t want to see another LSU/Bama matchup. I bet they don’t like 1-0 baseball games, either. The fact remains the game was close and exciting. Nobody else has been able to play LSU to a tie over 4 quarters.

  22. I didn’t think OU would lose this badly. I figured it would be more like a close game in the 4Q with scores in the 20s-30s, and OSU by 7 or 10.

    I definitely figured on the Hokies to beat Clemson though. The Tigers are just all over the Hokie receivers. Pretty good coverage, even here at the end of the game, with a 28-point advantage.

    NO. NOT another INT.

    I think I know how these games are going to turn out. ‘Night all.

    1. I called it pretty much as you did: VT to win, OSU to win by some reasonable margin.

      Yeah, nice win by the Wolf Pack with their 2d and 3d QBs running the show. They did manage to screw up the coin toss, however.

      I hope you at least enjoyed the Texas Toast that Baylor served up earlier in the day.

  23. Just a note of wrap up from Bizarro World:

    1. The heads of the sports media, especially the AP sports writers who so graciously ranked the Hokies at a much disrespected 17th (morons will be morons – just ask Tim -5th win in a row, Denver leading AFC West- Tebow). Virginia Tech isn’t eating Chicken this New Years. That’s for the Wahoos… This year Virginia Tech rated a little Sugar in New Orleans.

    2. Pet peeve with the increasingly self-important and difficult to listen to sports media types… The AP rankings count for absolutely ZERO and frankly the NCAA should insist that the official BCS (while the system exists as it is) rankings be used… Both the Coaches and Harris polls rated Tech at a respectable 11. The computers returned the complement. And the duct tape will just have to keep the sports writer heads from exploding. (not that there would be a ton of mess to clean up, anyway…)

    3. It is time for a real playoff system. Yes that would mean that Tech would be bounced out to an invitational exhibition bowl… but It is really time for a real playoff system over 3 weeks… maybe even 4… for 3 extra games.. shorten the season to 11 games… or something… but really the BCS breakdown is pretty obvious this year.

    I have my feelings about the ACC Championship game, but I am a Tech grad and can hardly be accused of being hugely neutral in the evaluation of the game and its effects. What is plain is that no team should lose 12 positions in a poll for a loss of a single playoff game from a rematch team. The drop to 11 was justified.

    The drop to 17 was the AP writers hating on Tech, because in general they hate Virginia Tech, disrespect Frank Beamer, and generally don’t like the entire Hokie Nation thing… it’s a medium sized school in a boring backwoods, mountain location. It’s players aren’t 4 and 5 star recruits bought and paid for with lavish and quietly covered up goodies… They are largely 4 and 3 and even 2 star kids at best… They just have great coaches, a great school/fan base to play for, and they more often than not outperform expectations.

    I am just an alumnus… but I can be proud of my team and my school. Frank Beamer took a bunch of heat in the first six years that he coached at Tech. It took a long time to slowly build from what was an above average 1AA program. Beamer stuck with it, developed walk-ons, unknown coaches, a stadium that was about half the current capacity, and a fan base that in the early 1980’s was disinterested and just not showing up to games.

    Did Tech deserve the Sugar Bowl? Did Michigan? I get the feeling that the Hokie Nation, built and nurtured by Frank Beamer and his teams of unknowns was a big part of the reason for Sugar instead of Chicken for New Years.

    It was a “no expectations” season. I thought that we’d be lucky to see the Chicken Bowl this year… 11-2 (11-1 regular and the Coastal Division Title…) was pretty darned amazing.

    🙂 TMF

  24. Booger Bowls for the crew.

    Well, non-Boogers first. OK-State gets the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl against Stanford. Go Cowboys!!!!

    VT, as Mighty says, gets the Allstate Sugar Bowl versus Michigan, which could be shabbier. (Not that we don’t totally understand the disappointment of losing twice to puke-making Clemson.)

    OK, NOW for the Booger Bowls:

    Tulsa gets the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, versus BYU on the 30th. This is TU’s second appearance in the BHAFB. Should be a good time.

    OU does indeed go to the Insight Bowl in Tempe, also on the 30th. The Sooners will meet a 7-5 Iowa, and frankly, they don’t even deserve that much.

    Of the service academies, only 7-5 Chair Force gets a bowl this year. The Falcons will meet Toledo in the Military Bowl Presented by Northrop Grumman, in D.C. on the 28th.

    Nevada will take on Southern Miss in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve. As TOC is apparently the last to know, C-USA has ceased its relationship with the Autozone Liberty Bowl, and its champion will be taking on the WAC #2. We’ll be standing with the Wolf Pack in this one, much as we appreciate what the Golden Eagles did for the cosmos in Houston on Saturday.

    Speaking of Houston, the Cougars will be in Dallas for the TicketCity Bowl on the 2nd, playing none other than the Nittally Lions of Penn State.

    We know you were waiting to hear who would play in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve. Nevada played in it last year; this year it will be a classic match-up of Illinois and UCLA.

    Meanwhile, those crazy kids from Iowa State achieved a 6-6 record and bought themselves a ticket to the New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. They’ll face Rutgers on the 30th, and we certainly have no heartburn with rooting for the Cyclones this go ’round.

    Oh, and Cal and Texas got a bowl. They’ll meet in San Diego on the 28th in the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl. As alert readers will have guessed, Cal and Texas haven’t played each other since 1970. Texas is up 4-0 in their game history.

    We would be remiss not to mention the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, which has been masquerading as the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl for the last couple of years. This marvelous bowl brings outlanders to the Blue Field of Death in Boise in December, which frankly is such a great idea that we think the federal government should fund the darn thing. This year’s iteration will see Ohio taking on Utah State on the 17th.

    There are a whole lot more Booger Bowls out there, but we’ll save some of the excitement for later.

    Stupid Dallas loses to Arizona in OT. Green Bay pulls it out over the Giants. Tebow & the ponies win another one — just barely, over a Viking squad even more ailing than usual. Saints show the Lions who’s the boss.

  25. After the game, Bob said the team was well prepared and ready to play OSU………………..
    That was the worst defeat OSU has handed OU since 1945………..
    Texas Tech and Baylor set all time records for yardage against OU……..
    The team is quiting on Bob on a regular basis……………….
    There is something going on besides injuries………………..
    The talent level (after the 1st team ) at many positions is very thin to say the least……………………………………….
    I guess Bob and his people will be asking for raises again this year……………………………………………………..
    OU is not losing hard fought games because the are out manned because of injuries, they are getting blown out……….
    Bob says he doesn’t care what the fans think. Pretty soon the fans aren’t going to care what Bob thinks.

  26. This just in from The National Wether Service: Concerning the 3 to 5 inches of snow forecast in Central Oklahoma: Nevermind.

  27. Bleeping Sooners.

    Sorry about the snow suspension in Central OK.

    A dome of high pressure has wandered over the California Southland. In summer, this means 110 degrees and 2% humidity. In December, it means lows below freezing, highs below 60, and 2% humidity.

    The OSU Cowboys have a lot of fans out there. A lot of non-Cowboy Nation folks feeling cheated that they didn’t get the BCS nod. I’ve been of two minds: there’s a sense in which the Pokes are just a tad one-dimensional on offense (or 2-D, I guess, ground and air), with Weeden, Blackmon, and Randle. A defense like LSU’s has a good shot at eating up that offense for breakfast and going back for seconds.

    But on the other hand, LSU’s offense really isn’t that good. It’s just not — who the heck have they played? When they played the other mind-blowing D in the SEC, they could barely post in single digits. I think Gundy’s right, and the Cowboy D could do better than folks might predict against LSU. They’d have 35 days to prepare for it (and for perfecting a strategy to neutralize Mathieu).

    And again, the LSU D is not invincible. Oregon scored 27 points on it. The Cowboys could score at least that many.

    Well, it’s done. The BCS — almost as bad as democracy. With the Churchill caveat trailing behind like a piece of toilet paper stuck on its shoe.

    1. I wanted OSU because 1) There is a persuasive if not dispositive case that they deserved it – more wins against above 500 teams (7-2) winners of the toughest top to bottom conference in college football 2)I want LSU to win and they have a MUCH better chance against OSU – besides having beaten Bama at Bama and 3) even if OSU were to win I’d be perfectly content with that whereas I won’t with a Bama win.

      OC errs in respect of the LSU offense. Obviously the QB position has been played only a couple of orders of magnitude better than POTUS has managed the economy (i.e. really badly). But they have a fantastic line and 4 RB who will play on Sundays including 1 with almost unlimited potential (Hilliard). No one has had, and OSU most certainly doesn’t have the Elephants … err … I men horses to ride those Tigers except, unfortunately, their opponent on January 9th. (The sundry maharajas and sahibs used to hunt tiger on elephants – who exactly was favored in those skirmishes anyway?).

      LSU would be heavily favored and it must be remembered that Oregon scored and gained a lot of yards in garbage time against reserves. That said, while it is by no means certain it is not at all inconceivable that OSU could have gotten out to say a 17- or 21-0 lead (Georgia could easily have done so). After that LSU would have taken over but let’s say TM7 makes returns of only 30-35 yards rather than 62 and 47. Let’s say LSU leads 27-21. The LSU depth on D pretty much guarantees OSU would have no chance whatsoever to sustain a 10 play drive but it is very easy to conceive that an explosive play or two might have yielded a late TD and then who knows.

      In any case I’m hoping for and expecting shootout in the Fiesta. (Dunno about the Eastern Med. Where exactly are those Carriers? I mean those are large bodies of water but its not exactly like finding a needle in a hay stack).

      1. USS G H W Bush is in the Atlantic, almost home. Virginian-Pilot says she’ll arrive on Saturday. The air wing flies off on Wednesday. Couple of days for a Tiger Cruise in there.

        USS John C Stennis is on the PG/Arabian Sea station. Stennis relieved Bush on station in early November and will be there for another 3+ months before returning to Bremerton, WA.

        USS Carl Vinson is in WESTPAC.

        Everyone else is in port or home waters.

        1. That sounds right. Does that mean no shootout with our Russian friends? And what sorts of games are we playing there anyway? OC is, as always, superbly informed and informative on various naval comings and goings. Will be following her commentary on this as on all other issues closely but, all the excitement at Debka not withstanding, and even keeping in mind Puti’s (boy has he got problems) enthusiasm for Bashar, hard to imagine any sort of actual exchange occurring in this context.

          1. Is Debka hyperventilating about something new now? I concluded a while back that “Debka” is Hebrew for “really high quality hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals.”

            Pootie-Poot’s electoral woes may indeed jeopardize Russian plans for Syria. I consider the possibility of blows between Russia and a Western nation there extremely low, but Western nations aren’t the only concern. If I were the Kremlin, I’d be working hard with Saudi Arabia to try and avert a Turkish fait accompli in Syria. A writer at Asia Times suggested some days back — purely speculating, from what I could tell — that the Saudis would prefer to back a military coup that removed Assad from power. All things being equal, that’s something Moscow could get behind, if the Russians were in on it. But again, he didn’t seem to have any hard facts.

            1. Of course OC is right and really its not so much “enthusiasm for Bashar” as for influence and a (badly needed) market for various military goodies. In that context a coup which yields a government through which they can exercise some of the former and one willing to buy the latter should suit their needs admirably.

  28. If OSU brings their A game, they will beat Stanford. OU will fumble around with Iowa. Book it.
    It is hot in Norman today! My radio melted.
    All crazy fan stuff aside, Jones/Broyles/Lewis and many others will be gone next year. Everyone would have lived with a rebuilding year if the team had panned out this year. I am afraid Bob has pretty much used up all his Green Stamps over the past several years. The whole laid back corp thing is going to get him fired next year if he doesn’t produce. The tide is against him because the talent level will drop.
    Coach Snyder has outperformed Bob with 20% of the talent. That has been noticed in detail around here.
    Lows below 60, gosh thats rough. The wind chill here is 19,except in Norman. The wind chill there is 160.

    1. College football generally is not as good when OU and Texas are down, and that appears to be the case for the next couple of years at least.

      That said, there should be enough talent next year to at least replicate KSU’s 10 win season (and in the case of the Sooners that should yield a BCS Bowl – KSU should have gotten one but that’s a separate story).

      If Stoops doesn’t produce a respectable performance next year though, he really deserves to get the hook. That said, maybe some people just can’t be lifers. Bud Wilkinson himself left rather early but perhaps his exit was well judged and his legacy remains sufficiently extensive and of course phenomenal.

  29. Sorry, I meant highs below 60. Still suffering trauma from the beat down. I am thinking of suing the Athletic Department.

    1. No press conference today. The Norman Transcript had a scathing article a few days ago about OU football. It looks like some of the lapdogs are slowly paddling toward shore.
      JE, what do you hear in Norman?

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