Posted by: theoptimisticconservative | December 1, 2011

“Here lies the man who wanted to destroy Israel”

A 200-proof irony has emerged from the explosion at the Bigdaneh missile base west of Tehran on 12 November.  The explosion killed at least 27 people, including Major General Hassan Tehrani Moqaddam, head of the IRGC’s Self-Sufficiency and Industrial Research Center, the state enterprise that develops new weapons and weapons manufacturing capabilities, including strategic missiles.

According to Iranian press, quoted at Iran Daily Brief, General Moqaddam’s will contained the request that his headstone be inscribed as follows: “Here lies the man who wanted to destroy Israel.”

An associate verified with a Farsi speaker that this is actually being reported in Iran.

For reasons I have written about here and here, I don’t think the recent series of explosions in Iran is the work of a foreign government.  If the explosions continue, the pattern of targeting may change that assessment – but based on what we know now, there is no pattern.

An assessment that Mossad or the CIA did not kill Moqaddam merely increases the irony of his proposed epitaph, however.  He probably intended his choice of inscription to crown a long, successful career.  Instead, it will serve as a warning.

(Tombstone image generated here.)

Update:   See Israel Matzav’s take on this story as well.

J.E. Dyer’s articles have appeared at Hot Air’s Green Room, Commentary’s “contentions,Patheos, and The Weekly Standard online.


  1. I *knew* I had seen that tombstone before! It was spozed to be Johnny Cochran’s inscribed with:


  2. Perhaps the request in the will failed to translate exactly into English?

  3. […] Israel.” Such a touching request cannot be denied. Here’s my version: See also J. E. Dyer and Israel Matzav. Related Posts8 November 2011 – Iran &#187 US Middle East Opinion &#187 […]

  4. If you had good enough intelligence to take out the commanding general with a bomb you would probably have good enough intelligence to take out a meeting of the best scientists. They would be both a better target and a softer one.

  5. Well, clearly he failed in his wish. Perhaps there’s a larger message for those wishing to destroy Israel? Taken in that light, his headstones ‘message’ deepens the irony.

  6. Moqaddam missed the boat. Israel died as a moral idea years ago – self-inflicted by an official policy of theft and ethnic discrimination.


    • Israel isn’t a moral idea, you’re quite right. It’s an actual nation….and you’re pretty much FOS saying that the wounds are self-inflicted.

      the wounds of the Palestinians are as much self-inflicted….maybe more so.

  7. Paulite: We keep seeing these gaudy accounts of theft of Palestinian property. Links please! The Israel supreme court has adjuciated hundreds of cases of contested property including cases in which the government is defendant, and has not had a problem deciding for Arab Muslims and Christians against Jews.
    And by the way, what happens if your “society” (like all societies) has members guilty of unavenged crimes. Does that justify mass annihilation?

    • Margo, the policy concerning residence in Jerusalem as applied to the Arabs is sufficient to make the case.

  8. The current international edition of Newsweek Magazine contains a revealing article detailing how the Israeli Courts knowingly turn a blind eye to torture and theft where the perpetrators are Israelis and the victims are Palestinians. You might also “google” “the price occupied territories”. This will provide lots of Israeli and other sources for the policy of the more extreme settler elements of burning the crops homes and places of worship of local Palestinians – knowing that the victims have no protection under the law of their occupier.

    And in answer to your question: Israeli settlers and military who commit crimes against Palestinians in the Occupied Territories do so with impunity. It justifies resistance by the victims against the perpetrators when the former have no legal recourse. That, of course, is what is happening.

  9. Paulite, you remind me of the dangerous, some would say, genocidal,
    foolishness, described therein

    • miggs, thinking that criticism of theft by Israelis equates to genocidal foolishness is not logically justifiable.

  10. No it is not just that, put it’s that ‘tunnel vision’ of Israel as bete noire, where
    there are many such suitable candidates,

  11. The indulgence and generosity with which Israelis have treated Palestinians whose society is permeated with the strongest possible inclinations to not only theft but genocide is notable.

    The legal and historical claims of Israel to the entirety of the land west of the Jordan are enormously powerful but of course pale in comparison to the strength of the moral claim created in part by their extremely humane treatment of Palestinians in view of the above inclinations. The latter have, of course, completely forfeited any moral claim they may have to the land by their ideology and behavior.

    And yet they can actually have most of the land and a real estate if only they an somehow manage to moderate their genocidal impulse. Good luck with that.

  12. cav~~~~the strongest possible inclinations to not only theft but genocide is notable.~~~~

    the strongest possible inclinations are the ones that result in the actuality of committing genocide …and the reality of it is that it’s Europeans and Africans that have done the deed in recent times…..not Palestinians.

  13. When the father of Palestinian nationalism (Haj Amin Husseini) who happened to be Circassian, like the original Mohammed Ali, was
    a willing ally of Hitler and Mussolini

    • and he died an ignored old man after he was ousted from leadership in the 1940s.

      He hasn’t a blessed thing to do with anything now any more than Jabotinsky does.

  14. […] lies the man who wanted to destroy Israel, but got blown to demon virgin paradise […]

  15. His late nephew would disagree with you, no to mention, the emnity the Sauds have had against Israel, for a very long time.

    • miggs, the emnity of the Saudis is enmity NOT a desire to commit genocide……

      you do remember, I’m sure, the name of the author of the Saudi peace plan…..

      let’s get it straight….the Arabs don’t like Israel, they don’t like it a whole big bunch,,,,,but they’re willing to live with it at this point.

      • This is typical of the mindset across the emirates;

        • miggs, perhaps you don’t have a real idea of what’s typical of the mindset over there.

          what’s typical of the mindset in Florida?

          • Belief in the sacred nature of Happy Hour.

  16. A fittng epitaph for Obama.

  17. The reality is that the umma, and it’s heretical Shiite subsidiary in Iran, needs the Israeli-Palestinian contretemps for its own unification under a succession of medieval despots. Israel has zero effect on Iran. It would be child’s play for the Muslim world to integrate every Palestinian into its supposedly charitable and accepting society but that would eliminate the point around which all Muslim leaders rally their ignorant subjects, a strategy that has kept them in power and allowed them to loot their own population. The “Arab spring” is simply the struggle of a competing group of banditti for the spoils of leadership. The average Swedish housewife has a more genuine but misquided concern for the plight of the Palestinians than any Arab sheik or Iranian mullah.

    • And, I suppose, by the same measure, it should be possible to integrate the Israelis back into Brooklyn and the other places they came from. Or is this yet another argument that can only be politely made if it’s against the Palestinians?

      • more Israelis have been born in Israel, Paul than in the US and Europe.

        • And more Palestinians have been born in Israel and the areas occupied by Israel than anywhere else (though they have a large diaspora whose family homes are in Israel but whose property has been expropriated by people from Brooklyn etc. because non-Jews do not enjoy equal rights or protection protection under Israeli “law”).

          But, the real issue is observance of the basic thread which runs through, and defines, Western Democracy – The idea of the rule of law, by which all people are subject to the same laws, regardless of race creed or color, and entitled to equal protection under it.

          • People at war against a democracy rarely enjoy equal protection of that society’s laws, Paul.
            Neither societies nor laws function that way.

            • Sorry, your completely wrong. In their insurgency against the United Kingdom the British never confiscated the property of Catholics. They never used battlefield weaponary against Catholic enclaves. They prosecuted Unionist extremists who attacked the property and persons of Catholics. They held their own military responsible under the law for any crimes against Catholics. At all times, Roman Catholics had full and equal protection under the law. In fact, the British actually dismantled the institutional against Catholics.
              But Britain is a democracy like the US. It is a civilized nation like the US with civilized values, and behaves accordingly. Ditto the Spanish in its dealings with the Basque insurgency. Israel is not a Western (or any other sort of) democracy. It doesn’t observe the rule of law. It is a ethnocracy/kleptocracy.

              In any case the Palestinians are not fighting for or against “democracy”. They are fighting to stop the theft of their property and the end of their occupation by a foreign power. Hopefully, after they have attained these things thay will opt for democratic government, but that’s their own business.

              Incidentally, I don’t subscribe to sending Israelis back to Brooklyn or Western Europe. They have every right to reside in Israel – as have the Moslems and Jews born there. However, I purchased my home with the produce of my labours (as I’m sure you did too). Many israelis (and not just the settlers) live in stolen property. I wonder do they ever reflect on the reasons they got their property so cheaply? And do they ever wonder what became of the rightful owners of their ill-gotten loot?

              • you’re not correct. the Catholics were discriminated against, the laws in Britain were changed to the detriment of suspects’ rights and the Brits also employed targeted assassinations.

                they worked with the Protestant paramilitary groups that waged extralegal war with the IRA.

                the crud about the Palestinians fighting against land theft is only partially true….and they bear most of the responsibility for the endless occupation….they blew it in 48, they blew in 2000.

                as long as the Pals let their goals exceed the shape of the situation and refuse to sign a peace deal that is less than satisfactory to them, the longer the situation will deteriorate

                the Palestinians are no longer in control of themselves and now CANT sign a peace deal in good faith. iran, through Hamas, has it blocked…..and the Israelis are approaching the point where the settlers will similarly be able to block a deal.

              • The British had allowed the Unionists in Northern Ireland to create “a Protestant State for a Protestant people” in which there was widespread discrimination against the catholic minority in the allocation of public jobs and public housing. The Nationalist insurgency grew out of that discrimination, but soon expanded to embrace the old dream of the Catholic Nationalists – a united Ireland. In combating this insurgency the British State also put an end to the discriminatory practices. They abrogated the strict rule of law by introducing internment for a period of 5 years, and also introduced the non-jury (Diplock) courts to try terrorist suspects. However, they applied the law equally against Unionist and IRA terrorists, and they also held their own troops responsible under the law for killings which contravened the rules of international law (As we do with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan). They did this againt the background of an insurgency that was more infinitly more effective than the hapless bunglers of Hamas (The IRA bombed several British cities, killed government ministers and on two occasions almost managed to massacre the british government).
                The British ultimately remade the Northern Irish state for the benefit of all its people. They didn’t steal the land of the Catholics – or connive with Loyalists in doing so. They didn’t institutionalize discrimination. They eradicated it. They didn’t use cluster weapons, attack helicopters, warplanes, tanks, and phosphorous against the Catholic areas that supported the insurgents. They didn’t bulldoze the Catholic enclaves and replace their populations with Loyalists. They ensured that Catholics and their property enjoyed equal protection under the law. As I said before, the Brits for all their faults are a Western Democracy and a civilized people.
                The Israelis never ever offered the Palestinians a viable state. In 2000 all they were offered is partial soverignty over Gaza and a part of the West Bank. The Israeli refused to give any timetable for the removal of their illegal settlements, and demanded permanent military occupation of the Jordan Valley and control over all the water resources of the West Bank. You bet they rejected Israel’s “generous” offer to be permanent third class citizens in their own country. At the moment they are understandably unwilling to participate in a bogus “peace” process while the Israelis string out talks forever while they get on with stealing the land that is supposed to be the raison d’etre of the peace negotiations. They have had quite enough of that nonsense.

  18. Gosh I missed all the good feelings and lets picnic together from the Arabs that surround Israel. I did go to bed early. It must have happened overnight.
    Those darn Jews. Lobbing missiles into civilian areas. Digging tunnels and planting IEDs. Calling for the destruction of all Arab states. Threatening to push the Arabs into the sea. Placing a puppet regime in Lebannon. Starting riots in Eqypt.
    What ARE we going to do with these people. They just will not die. And their manners while we try to annhilate them. Goodness they are so difficult and they seem to be making the Arabs look like 7th century backward pansies.
    I know lets make excuses for the Arabs’ social,economic,political and military failures and blame the Jews. Thats the ticket!!!!!!!

    • reed, the puppet regime in Lebanon is composed of Arabs, but they’re puppets of the very non-Arab Iranians.

      • The government of Lebanon was elected by the majority of the parliamentary representatives elected in the last general election. This election was overseen by EU invigilators and passed as fair. Just because you don’t like the policies of a government, or its alligences, doesn’t make it a “puppet regime”. By the same measure the Israeli regime is a puppet of the US (Some would say it’s the other way around!)

        • hezbollah won the election that they forced through subversion of previous governments and of Lebanese sovereignty. hezbollah, rather than the Lebanese state, is the premier military power within Lebanon….and that power, provided to a private party working against the interest of the state, is a gift of the Iranian Ayatollah.

          • It might be a gift to Iran, but it was a fair election.

  19. Just FYI–The majority of Israeli Jews are descended from Jewish populations indigenous to the Middle East. They would not be at home in Brooklyn. Oh, but maybe they should have a right of return to Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Arabia, Egypt, Syria, etc.

    • Middle Eastern origin Jews are 47% or a touch less

      • The only place with a majority of Shepardic Jews to my knowledge is France.

        • it’s gonna be quite a surprise to the French when they found out that they’re mostly Jews.

          • I don’t believe for one moment that you did not understand it as a reference to the Jewish part of France’s very diverse ethnic heritage.

  20. When the Zionists began to establish their presence in what is now Israel in the latter part of the 19th century, major portions of the area were bought, with genuine money, from the sheiks and emirs that controlled that property. Private property as we understand it today really didn’t exist there. Ownership of land and resources was addressed in the tribal framework that continues even now, much as it once did for the dispossessed American natives, both in the northern and southern hemispheres, and other small, powerless ethnic groups like the Basques, Lapps, Kurds Karens and so on that are forced to both join larger, dominant groups and subjugate themselves to their customs. The fact that the Israelis refuse to conform to the previous rules for powerless minorities rankles those with an affinity for the status quo. Too bad.

    • To bad for our servicemen who gave their lives in WWII to impose the same “status quo” (which is also a fundamental of US and Western Democracy).

      What mugs they were…….

  21. ~~~~Private property as we understand it today really didn’t exist there. Ownership of land and resources was addressed in the tribal framework that continues even now~~~~~

    chuck, not really true….see Ottoman Land Code of 1858.

  22. So many words and nicely turned phrases. Prima facie facts are:
    The Jews live on a very small strip of land.
    The have defended it against all comers.
    The have started and developed the only Democracy in the Middle East outside of Iraq.
    They started, developed, and have expanded a vibrant economy.
    Music, arts, and literature are world class.
    The Arab World slept for a 1000 years. Western Europeans discovered and developed the oil economy. Suddenly 7th century tribal cultures had a lot of money.
    The Arab World is descending into the darkness of Islamic Fundamentalism. It is much easier for masses of poor, uneducated, to live for the next world because the real world is so bad for them on many levels.
    Folks, when do the Arab Countries take responsibility for their own people?
    Envy is at the center of Arab culture. They are the true re-distributionist of the modern world. Take what others have made. Destroy what others have accomplished. Kill those that are different. Maintain poverty and ignorance.
    I think a culture that hates and fears women will no doubt hit the fast lane very soon. Handicapping 50% of the population is a sure path for expanding knowledge and wealth.
    Israel is an embarrassment and a painful, constant reminder of the failure of Arab culture to provide for their own people.
    By the by (just for fun) wealthy Palistinian landlords make boatloads of money renting land and buildings in the Palistinian “Camps”.

    • The Jews live on a very small strip of land.
      The have defended it against all comers.

      Occupy the (West) Bank!!!

      • An interesting discussion in the context of next to inevitable changes in Egypt that will shortly see Israel fighting again in the Sinai and taking it back to serve as a buffer. Hopefully the operation can be planned to induce the Gaza Strip population to flee into Egypt.

        • if by “shortly” you mean within our lifetimes, Sully, and if you mean fighting the Egyptian armed forces rather than the criminal gangs running around there, I’m booking bets.

          • 1000 on the IDF.

            • 1000 what?

              hits of ecstasy?

              let’s review the wager before setting the stakes… offer is that the Egyptian armed forces aren’t going to wage war against the IDF………

              • If they are Arab, I am shorting them. I am taking the under on any persons or groups representing the Arab World in direct conflict with the IDF, because it won’t last long.
                I am taking the over on pain,death and humiliation dished out by the IDF.
                In brief IDF by 5 TDs.
                The Israelis are Division I, the Arabs are Intramural.
                Do you take checks?

              • “If they are Arab, I am shorting them”

                only part of the IDF is Arab.

                but maybe you might want to review 1973 before giving 35 points against Egypt…….

                no checks…but will consider real estate and/or cattle.

              • I hope you’re right fuster; but I fear the comedy in Egypt will play out til a new Nasser type gets charge and needs a buildup against Israel as his excuse for the hard times that are going to continue and get worse as tourism dries up and aid gets cut. Eventually the Egyptians will believe they can take the IDF, or else the IDF will come to the conclusion that it’s better to strike first.

        • Shame on us for presiding over the prosecution of the nice Serbian leadership in the war crimes tribunal for doing exactly what you suggest for the Palestinians in Gaza.

          Poor Radovan is so misunderstood………

          • And his Boss lost his cushy New York apartment.

      • Coming to a theater near you.

  23. Sully~~~”…but I fear the comedy in Egypt will play out til a new Nasser type gets charge and needs a buildup against Israel as his excuse for the hard times…”

    last I heard, all the money and materials for the Egyptian military were coming from Uncle Sugar.
    makes it hard to figure on the “how” of the build-up or why the military would be dumb enough to be made to go to war against a military that would get every bit of Uncle Sugar’s largesse in going against them…and Egypt would never get even a replacement part thereafter.

    • Played right Uncle Sugar will continue to provide money for years while sources of funds in Iran and Saudi are lined up. For arms themselves the Russians have lots of production capacity and need funds. Not saying this will be easy, or that the army created will have a prayer against an alert IDF.

      • Sully, Iran isn’t going to be getting together with Egypt any time soon (the people of Egypt don’t have a good opinion of Iran)…. but the Saudis might join with Egypt if they can get them to help the GCC move against Iran.

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